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Photographs, circa 1890s-2000s (continued)
Personality File
BOX-FOLDER 101/1 Abraham, F. Murray
BOX-FOLDER 101/2 Ailey, Alvin
BOX-FOLDER 101/3 Ali, Muhammed
BOX-FOLDER 101/4 Allen, Eddie
BOX-FOLDER 101/5 Angelou, Maya
BOX-FOLDER 101/6 MAPCASE FOLDER 23 Armstrong, Louis
BOX-FOLDER 101/7 Baker, Chet
BOX-FOLDER 101/8 Baker, Ginger
BOX-FOLDER 101/9 Baraka, Amiri
BOX-FOLDER 101/10 Bartz, Gary
BOX-FOLDER 101/11 Bauza, Mario
BOX-FOLDER 101/12 Belafonte, Harry
BOX-FOLDER 101/13 Bellson, Louie
BOX-FOLDER 101/14 Blackwell, Ed
BOX-FOLDER 101/15 Blakey, Art
BOX-FOLDER 33/7, 101/16 Braxton, Anthony
BOX-FOLDER 101/17 Bridgewater, Cecil
BOX-FOLDER 101/18 Bridgewater, Dee Dee
BOX-FOLDER 101/19 Brown, Clifford
BOX-FOLDER 101/20 Brown, Marian
BOX-FOLDER 101/21 Brown, Tyrone
BOX-FOLDER 101/22 Brubeck, Dave
BOX-FOLDER 101/23 Byas, Don
BOX-FOLDER 101/24 Carter, Jimmy
BOX-FOLDER 101/25 Charles, Ray
BOX-FOLDER 101/26 Churchill, Savannah
BOX-FOLDER 33/8, 101/27 Clarke, Kenny
BOX-FOLDER 104/49 Cole, Johnetta
BOX-FOLDER 101/28 Coleman, Ornette
BOX-FOLDER 33/9, 101/29 Cosby, Bill
BOX-FOLDER 33/10, 101/30 Crothers, Connie
BOX-FOLDER 101/31 Crouch, Stanley
BOX-FOLDER 101/32 Davies, Dennis Russell
BOX-FOLDER 101/33 Davis, Eddie "Lockjaw"
BOX-FOLDER 101/34 MAPCASE FOLDER 17 Davis, Miles
BOX-FOLDER 101/35 Davis, Ossie and Ruby Dee
BOX-FOLDER 33/11 Davis, Walter, Jr.
BOX-FOLDER 101/36 Dolphy, Eric
BOX-FOLDER 101/37 Dorham, Kenny
BOX-FOLDER 48/15 Ellington, Duke
BOX-FOLDER 101/38 Farmer, Art
BOX-FOLDER 101/39 Feather, Leonard
BOX-FOLDER 101/40 Garner, Erroll
BOX-FOLDER 101/41 Garvey, Marcus
BOX-FOLDER 33/12, 101/42 Gillespie, Dizzy
BOX-FOLDER 101/43 Gonzales, Babs
BOX-FOLDER 101/44 Gordon, Max
BOX-FOLDER 101/45 Grappelli, Stéphane
BOX-FOLDER 101/46 Griffin, Johnny
BOX-FOLDER 101/47 Hamilton, Chico
BOX-FOLDER 101/48 Hampton, Slide
BOX-FOLDER 48/16, 101/49 Harper, Billy
BOX-FOLDER 101/50 Harris, Joe
BOX-FOLDER 101/51 Hart, Billy
BOX-FOLDER 101/52 Hawkins, Coleman
BOX-FOLDER 101/53 Hayden, Jeffrey
BOX-FOLDER 101/54 Haynes, Roy
BOX-FOLDER 101/55 Heath, Jimmy
BOX-FOLDER 101/56 Henderson, Eddie
BOX-FOLDER 101/62 Holiday, Billie
BOX-FOLDER 101/57 Hubbard, Freddie
BOX-FOLDER 101/58 Humair, Daniel
BOX-FOLDER 101/59 Hutcherson, Bobby
BOX-FOLDER 101/60 Ibrahim, Abdullah
BOX-FOLDER 101/61 Irby, Sherman
BOX-FOLDER 102/1 Jackson, Laurence [i.e. "Baby Laurence"]
BOX-FOLDER 102/2 Jackson, Milt
BOX-FOLDER 102/3 Jennings, Peter
BOX-FOLDER 33/13 Jennings, Richard [i.e. "Prophet"]
BOX-FOLDER 102/4 Jones, Bill T.
BOX-FOLDER 102/5 Jones, Elvin
BOX-FOLDER 102/6 Jones, Jo [i.e. "Papa Jo Jones"]
BOX-FOLDER 33/14, 102/7 Jordan, Clifford
BOX-FOLDER 102/8 Keepnews, Orrin
BOX-FOLDER 102/9 Kirk, Rahsaan Roland
BOX-FOLDER 102/10 The Kuumba Singers
BOX-FOLDER 33/15 Kurahara, Koreyoshi
BOX-FOLDER 33/16 Lavallade, Carmen de
BOX-FOLDER 33/17, 102/11-12 Lincoln, Abbey
BOX-FOLDER 102/13 Makeba, Miriam
BOX-FOLDER 102/14 Matthews, Ronnie
BOX-FOLDER 102/15 Max Roach Chorus and Orchestra
BOX-FOLDER 102/16 Max Roach Double Quartet
BOX-FOLDER 102/17 Max Roach Quartet
Includes: Cecil Bridgewater, Tyrone Brown, Odean Pope
BOX-FOLDER 33/18, 102/18-19, 136/12 M'Boom
Includes: Roy Brooks, Joe Chambers, Omar Clay, Eli Fountain, Fred King, Ray Mantilla, Warren Smith, Freddie Waits
BOX-FOLDER 102/20 McLean, Jackie
BOX-FOLDER 102/21 Merritt, Jymie
BOX-FOLDER 102/22 Mingus, Charles
BOX-FOLDER 102/23 Miscellaneous personalities
Individuals, alone or with MR
Arranged alphabetically by last name
BOX-FOLDER 103/1 Miscellaneous personalities
Group photographs without MR
Includes: Maya Angelou, Amiri Baraka, Gary Bartz, Count Basie, Harry Belafonte, Louie Bellson, Joe Benjamin?, Bunny Briggs, Charlie Christian, Buck Clayton, Richie Cole, Stanley Cowell, Ted Curson, Miles Davis, Ossie Davis, Eric Dolphy, Kenny Dorham?, Roy Eldridge, Booker Ervin?, Buddy DeFranco, Steve Gadd, Dizzy Gillespie, Benny Goodman, Al Gray, Freddie Green, John Hammond, Slide Hampton, Johnny Hartman, Roy Haynes, Jimmy Heath, Milt Hinton, Billie Holiday, Laurence Jackson, Elvin Jones, Jo Jones, Ronnie Matthews, Jymie Merritt, Charles Mingus, Walter Page, Odean Pope, Bud Powell, Sun Ra, Sonny Rollins, Phil Schaap, Art Taylor, Cecil Taylor, Clark Terry, Stanley Turrentine?, Tommy Turrentine?, George Wein, Mary Lou Williams, Reggie Workman, Lester Young, and others
BOX-FOLDER 34/1 Miscellaneous personalities
Group photographs without MR
Includes: Clifford Brown, Billy Eckstine, Dizzy Gillespie, Elvin Jones, Hank Jones, Thad Jones, George Morrow, Charlie Parker, Richie Powell, Sonny Rollins, Lucky Thompson
BOX-FOLDER 136/13 MAPCASE FOLDER 8 Miscellaneous personalities
Group photographs without MR
Includes: Billie Holiday, Charlie Parker, Tony Scott
BOX-FOLDER 103/2-7 Miscellaneous personalities
Composite photographs by Chuck Stewart, featuring nearly two hundred of the most noteworthy jazz performers of the twentieth century. Two to four images per item
BOX-FOLDER 104/1 Monk, Thelonious
BOX-FOLDER 104/2 Morente, Enrique
BOX-FOLDER 104/3 Norman, Jessye
BOX-FOLDER 34/2, 104/4 Olatunji, Michael [i.e. Babatunde Olatunji]
BOX-FOLDER 34/3 Parker Charlie
BOX-FOLDER 104/5 Parks, Gordon
BOX-FOLDER 104/6 Paudras, Francis
BOX-FOLDER 104/7 Perkinson, Coleridge-Taylor
BOX-FOLDER 104/8 Persip, Charli
BOX-FOLDER 104/9 Peterson, Oscar
BOX-FOLDER 104/10 Pettiford, Oscar
BOX-FOLDER 104/11 Phillips, Peter
BOX-FOLDER 34/4, 104/12 Pope, Odean
BOX-FOLDER 34/5, 104/13 Powell, Bud
BOX-FOLDER 104/14 Puente, Tito
BOX-FOLDER 104/15 Purdie, Bernard
BOX-FOLDER 104/16 Rich, Buddy
BOX-FOLDER 104/17 Ridley, Larry
BOX-FOLDER 104/18 Rivers, Sam
BOX-FOLDER 104/19 Robeson, Paul
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