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Photographs, circa 1890s-2000s (continued)
Personality File (continued)
Miscellaneous personalities (continued)
Group photographs without MR
Includes: Clifford Brown, Billy Eckstine, Dizzy Gillespie, Elvin Jones, Hank Jones, Thad Jones, George Morrow, Charlie Parker, Richie Powell, Sonny Rollins, Lucky Thompson
BOX-FOLDER 136/13 Miscellaneous personalities
Group photographs without MR
Includes: Billie Holiday, Charlie Parker, Tony Scott
BOX-FOLDER 103/2-7 Miscellaneous personalities
Composite photographs by Chuck Stewart, featuring nearly two hundred of the most noteworthy jazz performers of the twentieth century. Two to four images per item
BOX-FOLDER 104/1 Monk, Thelonious
BOX-FOLDER 104/2 Morente, Enrique
BOX-FOLDER 104/3 Norman, Jessye
BOX-FOLDER 34/2, 104/4 Olatunji, Michael [i.e. Babatunde Olatunji]
BOX-FOLDER 34/3 Parker Charlie
BOX-FOLDER 104/5 Parks, Gordon
BOX-FOLDER 104/6 Paudras, Francis
BOX-FOLDER 104/7 Perkinson, Coleridge-Taylor
BOX-FOLDER 104/8 Persip, Charli
BOX-FOLDER 104/9 Peterson, Oscar
BOX-FOLDER 104/10 Pettiford, Oscar
BOX-FOLDER 104/11 Phillips, Peter
BOX-FOLDER 34/4, 104/12 Pope, Odean
BOX-FOLDER 34/5, 104/13 Powell, Bud
BOX-FOLDER 104/14 Puente, Tito
BOX-FOLDER 104/15 Purdie, Bernard
BOX-FOLDER 104/16 Rich, Buddy
BOX-FOLDER 104/17 Ridley, Larry
BOX-FOLDER 104/18 Rivers, Sam
BOX-FOLDER 104/19 Robeson, Paul
BOX-FOLDER 104/20 Robinson, Sugar Ray
BOX-FOLDER 104/21 Russell, George
BOX-FOLDER 104/22 Rollins, Sonny
BOX-FOLDER 104/23 Schaap, Phil
BOX-FOLDER 34/6 Scott, Tony
BOX-FOLDER 104/24 Sharpe, Len "Boogsie"
BOX-FOLDER 104/25 Shaw, Woody
BOX-FOLDER 104/26 Shepp, Archie
BOX-FOLDER 104/27 Shihab, Sahib
BOX-FOLDER 34/7 Shiraki, Hideo
BOX-FOLDER 104/28 Silver, Horace
BOX-FOLDER 104/29 Singer, Harold [i.e. "Hal"]
BOX-FOLDER 104/30 Spaulding, James
BOX-FOLDER 104/31 Stitt, Sonny
BOX-FOLDER 34/8, 104/32 Taylor, Art
BOX-FOLDER 34/9, 104/33 Taylor, Cecil
BOX-FOLDER 104/34 Terry, Clark
BOX-FOLDER 104/35 Threadgill, Henry
BOX-FOLDER 104/36 Turre, Steve
BOX-FOLDER 34/10, 104/37-38 Uptown String Quartet
BOX-FOLDER 104/39 Valdés, Chucho
BOX-FOLDER 104/40 Waldron, Mal
BOX-FOLDER 104/41 Webster, Ben
BOX-FOLDER 104/42 Weston, Randy
BOX-FOLDER 104/43 Williams, John
BOX-FOLDER 104/44 Williams, Tony
BOX-FOLDER 104/45 Woods, Phil
BOX-FOLDER 104/46 Woodyard, Sam
BOX-FOLDER 104/47 Workman, Reggie
BOX-FOLDER 104/48 Young, Lester
Roach Family, circa 1890s-2000s
BOX-FOLDER 105/1-2 circa 1890s-circa 1920s
Chiefly unidentified family members or friends
BOX-FOLDER 34/11 circa 1940s?
Wedding photograph
BOX-FOLDER 105/3 1950s-1970s
Includes MR and A. Lincoln wedding
BOX-FOLDER 34/12 1970s?
BOX-FOLDER 105/4-8 1980s-1990s
BOX-FOLDER 34/13, 106/1-4 1990s
BOX-FOLDER 107/1-7 1990s?-2000s
Includes: Connie Crothers, Sonia Sanchez, Phil Schaap
BOX-FOLDER 107/8, 108/1-3 Miscellaneous and unidentified family members, 1950s-2000s
Chiefly individual and group photos of MR's children
BOX-FOLDER 48/17 Miscellaneous and unidentified family members, undated
Unidentified grandchild?
Photograph Albums, 1968-2001
BOX-FOLDER 109/1-9 1968, 1985-1992
Includes: Sayyd Abdul Al-Khabyyr, Art Blakey, Kenny Burrell, Jack DeJohnette, Leonard Feather, Abbey Lincoln, Tito Puente, Potato Valdes; "Sacred Drums"
BOX 49 1978, Waseda University, Tokyo
BOX 49 1980s?, Japan
BOX-FOLDER 110/1-7 1992-1993
Includes: Cecil Bridgewater; "To the Max!"
BOX-FOLDER 111/1-7 1993-1995
Includes: Toni Morrison; "We Insist!"
BOX-FOLDER 112/1-6 1995-1996
Includes: Ginger Baker, Amiri Baraka, Count Basie Orchestra, Jack DeJohnette, George Ferencz, Tony Williams
BOX-FOLDER 113/1-7 1997-1999, 1990s?
Includes: Stanley Turrentine, Randy Weston
BOX-FOLDER 48/18 1998, American Drummers Achievement Awards
Includes: Louie Bellson, Bill Cosby, Roy Haynes
BOX-FOLDER 114/1-7 1990s?
Includes: Michael Carvin, Bill Cosby, Stanley Crouch, Danny Glover, Red Holloway, Toni Morrison, Grady Tate, Reggie Workman
BOX-FOLDER 115/1-4 2000-2001
BOX-FOLDER 116/1-5 Miscellany
Artwork, buildings and locations, drum kits, miscellaneous and unidentified people, and other images
BOX-FOLDER 34/14-16 Miscellany
Unidentified people and MR iconography
BOX 135, 164-167 Resources on Jazz, Civil Rights, and African American Culture, 1950s-2000s
Printed materials and ephemera related to jazz performers, African American art and culture, and social advocacy groups engaged in any of the following issues: civil rights, African nationalism, human rights abuse and violence (especially in Africa), religious freedom, and other issues. Materials include articles and clippings, essays, programs, fliers, press kits, and other items.
Arranged alphabetically by subject.
BOX-FOLDER 163/34 African culture
BOX-FOLDER 163/35-37, 164/1-23 Civil Rights
BOX-FOLDER 135/1 Civil rights
Poster to stay execution of Mumia Abu-Jamal
BOX-FOLDER 165/1-5 Dance
Includes: Alvin Ailey
BOX-FOLDER 165/6-9 Education
BOX-FOLDER 165/10-13 Film
BOX-FOLDER 165/14-22, 166/1-25 Jazz
Includes: Connie Crothers, Ray Mantilla, Michael Olatunji, Cecil Taylor
BOX-FOLDER 135/2 Jazz
Posters and souvenir booklet for Mo' Better Blues (film by Spike Lee)
BOX-FOLDER 166/26-29, 167/1 Literature
Includes: Zora Neale Hurston
BOX-FOLDER 167/2-12 Music (non-jazz)
Includes: Boys Choir of Harlem, Juma Santos
BOX-FOLDER 167/13 Religion
BOX-FOLDER 167/14-16 Theater
BOX-FOLDER 167/17-18 Visual arts
BOX 167-170 Programs, 1962-2008
Chiefly programs for Roach's performances as soloist or member of the following groups: Max Roach Quartet, Max Roach Double Quartet, Max Roach Chorus and Orchestra, M'BOOM, So What Brass Quintet, Beijing Trio, and Uptown String Quartet.
Arranged chronologically by date.
BOX-FOLDER 167/19-31 1962-1979
BOX-FOLDER 168/1-17 1980-1993
BOX-FOLDER 169/1-16 1994-2002
BOX-FOLDER 170/1-5 2004-2008 and undated
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