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Herbert H. Coburn dance program collection, 1934-1988

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BOX 1-6 Programs, 1934-1988
Programs and playbills for performances attended by Dr. Herbert H. Coburn from 1934 to 1988. Genres of most performances are ballet or modern/postmodern dance, but traditional dance forms worldwide, mime and circus, and ice dancing are also represented.
Arranged chronologically, and alphabetized within the year by dance company corporate name or artist's last name. Ancillary items (such as cast-change notices or clippings related to a performance) are found in the folder with the corresponding performance program.
BOX 1 1934
BOX-FOLDER 1/1 Fokine Russian Ballet and the Philharmonic-Symphony Orchestra
BOX-FOLDER 1/2 Carola Goya
BOX-FOLDER 1/3 Doris Humphrey and Charles Weidman
BOX-FOLDER 1/4 Ted Shawn
BOX-FOLDER 1/5 Miriam Winslow and Her Dancers
BOX 1 1935
BOX-FOLDER 1/6 Sophia Delza
BOX-FOLDER 1/7 Dorsha
BOX-FOLDER 1/8 Vicente Escudero and Group and Shirley Temple
Radio City Music Hall
Shirley Temple and Lionel Barrymore in The Littlest Colonel also on this program
Includes newspaper clippings for both shows
BOX-FOLDER 1/9 Carola Goya
BOX-FOLDER 1/10 Martha Graham and Her Group
BOX-FOLDER 1/11 Mona Rani
BOX-FOLDER 1/12 Ted Shawn and His Ensemble of Men Dancers
BOX-FOLDER 1/13 [Helen] Tamiris and Her Group
BOX-FOLDER 1/14 Miriam Winslow and Her Dancers
BOX 1 1936
BOX-FOLDER 1/15 Agnes de Mille
BOX-FOLDER 1/16 Addison Fowler and Florenz Tamara
Includes newspaper clipping
BOX-FOLDER 1/17 Carola Goya
Includes newspaper clipping
BOX-FOLDER 1/18 [Doris] Humphrey, Weidman and Their Concert Group
Includes newspaper clippings
BOX-FOLDER 1/19 [Helen] Tamiris and Her Group
BOX-FOLDER 1/20 Charles Weidman Group
BOX 1 1937
BOX-FOLDER 1/21 Dance International
Performers include Ballet Caravan, Paul Haakon, Sandor-Sorel Ballet, Paul Draper, Patricia Bowman, Philadelphia Ballet Company
Includes newspaper clippings
BOX-FOLDER 1/22 Doris Humphrey, with Charles Weidman and Their Concert Group
BOX-FOLDER 1/23 Yeichi Nimura
BOX-FOLDER 1/24 Uday Shankar and His Hindu Ballet
Includes newspaper clippings
BOX-FOLDER 1/25 [Helen] Tamiris and Her Group
BOX 1 1938
BOX-FOLDER 1/26 Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo
Includes newspaper clippings
BOX-FOLDER 1/27 Dance International
Performers include Ruth St. Denis, Martha Graham, Humphrey-Weidman, [Helen] Tamiris, Hanya Holm
Includes newspaper clippings
BOX-FOLDER 1/28 Anna Sokolow and Dance Unit
BOX 1 1939
BOX-FOLDER 1/29 Argentinita
Includes newspaper clippings
BOX-FOLDER 1/30 [Vitale] Folkine Ballet
BOX-FOLDER 1/31 Graff Ballet [Grace and Kurt Graff]
BOX-FOLDER 1/32 Humphrey-Weidman and Company
BOX-FOLDER 1/33 Carmalita Maracci
Includes newspaper clippings
BOX-FOLDER 1/34 Tashamira
BOX 1 1940
BOX-FOLDER 1/35 Angna Enters
BOX-FOLDER 1/36 Martha Graham and Dance Group
BOX-FOLDER 1/37 Hanya Holm and Dance Company
BOX-FOLDER 1/38 Humphrey-Weidman-Limón
BOX-FOLDER 1/39 Dvora Lapson
BOX-FOLDER 1/40 Ted Shawn and His Men Dancers
Includes newspaper clippings
BOX-FOLDER 1/41 Helen Tamiris and Her Group
BOX 1 1941
BOX-FOLDER 1/42 Martha Graham and Dance Group
BOX-FOLDER 1/43 Humphrey-Weidman and Company
BOX-FOLDER 1/44 Jooss Ballet
BOX-FOLDER 1/45 Original Ballet Russe
Established as Les Ballets Russes de Monte Carlo in 1937, under the direction of Col. W. de Basil
BOX 1 1942
BOX-FOLDER 1/46 [American] Ballet Theatre
BOX-FOLDER 1/47 Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo
BOX-FOLDER 1/48 Martha Graham
BOX 1 1943
BOX-FOLDER 1/49 Carmen Amaya
BOX-FOLDER 1/50 [American] Ballet Theatre
BOX-FOLDER 1/51 Argentinita and Pilar López
BOX-FOLDER 1/52 Katherine Dunham Tropical Revue
BOX-FOLDER 1/53 Martha Graham and Company
BOX-FOLDER 1/54 Hanya Holm and Company
BOX-FOLDER 1/55 Helen Tamiris
BOX-FOLDER 1/56 Charles Weidman with Florence Lessing and Peter Hamilton
BOX 1 1944
BOX-FOLDER 1/57 [American] Ballet Theatre
BOX-FOLDER 1/58 Ballet International
BOX-FOLDER 1/59 Katherine Dunham Tropical Revue
BOX-FOLDER 1/60 Humphrey-Weidman and Company
BOX-FOLDER 1/61 Pauline Koner
BOX-FOLDER 1/62 Rosario and Antonio and Company
BOX-FOLDER 1/63 Sybil Shearer and Katherine Litz
BOX-FOLDER 1/64 Helen Tamiris
BOX 1 1945
BOX-FOLDER 1/65 [American] Ballet Theatre
BOX-FOLDER 1/66 Jane Dudley-Sophie Maslow-William Bales Dance Trio; Freda Flier and New Dance Group
BOX-FOLDER 1/67 Antonio Triana, Luisa Triana, Lola Montes and Company
BOX 1 1946
BOX-FOLDER 1/68 Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo
BOX-FOLDER 1/69 La Meri and Company
BOX-FOLDER 1/70 José Limón, Beatrice Seckler, Dorothy Bird
BOX-FOLDER 1/71 Pearl Primus and Group
Autograph by Primus dated 1993
BOX 1 1947
BOX-FOLDER 1/72 [American] Ballet Theatre
BOX-FOLDER 1/73 Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo
BOX-FOLDER 1/74 Pearl Primus and Claude Marchant
BOX 2 1948
BOX-FOLDER 2/1 Rom Gopal and His Hindu Ballet
BOX-FOLDER 2/2 Paris Opera Ballet
BOX 2 1949
BOX-FOLDER 2/3 [American] Ballet Theatre
BOX-FOLDER 2/4 Cho Taik Won and Troupe
BOX-FOLDER 2/5 Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo
BOX-FOLDER 2/6 Iva Kitchell
BOX 2 1950
BOX-FOLDER 2/7 [American] Ballet Theatre
BOX-FOLDER 2/8 Les Ballets de Paris de Roland Petit
Autograph by Roland Petit dated 1983
BOX-FOLDER 2/9 Jean Erdman
BOX-FOLDER 2/10 Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival
Spanish dance program featuring La Meri, Peter di Falco, Myra Kinch, Josefina Garcia, and others
BOX-FOLDER 2/11 San Francisco Ballet
BOX-FOLDER 2/12 Sujata and Asoka in Dances of India and Tibet
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