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Herbert H. Coburn dance program collection, 1934-1988

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Programs, 1934-1988 (continued)
BOX 2 1951
BOX-FOLDER 2/13 New York City Ballet
BOX-FOLDER 2/14 Sadler's Wells Theatre Ballet
BOX 2 1952
BOX-FOLDER 2/15 [American] Ballet Theatre
BOX 2 1953
BOX-FOLDER 2/16 Paris Opera Ballet
BOX 2 1954
BOX-FOLDER 2/17 [American] Ballet Theatre
BOX-FOLDER 2/18 Wayne University Dance Workshop and Student Dance Group
BOX 2 1955
BOX-FOLDER 2/19 Vicente Escudero, Carmita Garcia, Maria Marquez and The Bailete
BOX-FOLDER 2/20 Sadler's Wells Ballet
BOX 2 1956
BOX-FOLDER 2/21 Azuma Kabuki Dancers and Musicians
BOX-FOLDER 2/22 Boston Conservatory of Music, Dance Department
BOX 2 1957
BOX-FOLDER 2/23 Boston Conservatory of Music, Dance Department
BOX-FOLDER 2/24 Boston Dance Theatre
BOX-FOLDER 2/25 Dancers of Bali with Mario and I Gusti Ngurah Raka
BOX-FOLDER 2/26 Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival
Featuring Matteo and Carlota Goya
BOX-FOLDER 2/27 Manhattan Magic
Featuring Maria Tallchief, Andre Eglevsky, Carmen Amaya, Geoffrey Holder
BOX-FOLDER 2/28 Royal Ballet
BOX 2 1958
BOX-FOLDER 2/29 American Ballet Theatre
BOX-FOLDER 2/30 Ballet-Théatre Français
BOX-FOLDER 2/31 Ballets: U.S.A.
Company founded by Jerome Robbins in 1958
BOX-FOLDER 2/32 Boston Conservatory of Music, Dance Department
BOX-FOLDER 2/33 José Greco and His Company of Spanish Dancers
BOX-FOLDER 2/34 Il Balletto Sovietico Caucasico
Spoleto, Italy
BOX-FOLDER 2/35 Inbal Dance Theatre of Israel
BOX-FOLDER 2/36 Moiseyev Dance Company
BOX 2 1959
BOX-FOLDER 2/37 Les Ballets Africains
BOX-FOLDER 2/38 Bayanihan
BOX-FOLDER 2/39 Boston Conservatory of Music, Dance Department
BOX-FOLDER 2/40 Polish State Folk Ballet Slesk
BOX 2 1960
BOX-FOLDER 2/41 Ballet Español Roberto Iglesias
BOX-FOLDER 2/42 Ballets Africains
BOX-FOLDER 2/43 Georgian State Dance Company
BOX-FOLDER 2/44 José Limón and Dance Company, with Pauline Koner
BOX-FOLDER 2/45 New York City Ballet
BOX 2 1961
BOX-FOLDER 2/46 Marlene Dietrich and Ballet Español Ximenez-Vargas
BOX-FOLDER 2/47 Leningrad Kirov Ballet
BOX-FOLDER 2/48 Moiseyev Dance Company
BOX-FOLDER 2/49 Royal Ballet
BOX-FOLDER 2/50 Washington Ballet with Maria Tallchief and Eric Bruhn
BOX 2 1962
BOX-FOLDER 2/51 American Ballet Theatre
BOX-FOLDER 2/52 Balasaraswati
BOX-FOLDER 2/53 Ceylon National Dancers
BOX-FOLDER 2/54 Leningrad Kirov Ballet
BOX-FOLDER 2/55 José Molina Bailes Españoles
BOX-FOLDER 2/56 New York City Ballet
BOX-FOLDER 2/57 Ukrainian Dance Company
BOX 2 1963
BOX-FOLDER 2/58 Ballet Folklorico of Mexico
BOX-FOLDER 2/59 Barong and Kris Dance
BOX-FOLDER 2/60 Bharatiya Kala Kendra Kathak Dancers and Musicians of North
BOX-FOLDER 2/61 Ketchak-Dance
BOX-FOLDER 2/62 Phakavali Dance and Music Institute
BOX-FOLDER 2/63 The Vision of Vasavadatta by Bhasa
Directed by Mrinalini Sarabhai
Production by Institute for Advanced Studies in the Theatre Arts, State University of New York
Coolidge Auditorium, Library of Congress
BOX-FOLDER 2/64 Washington Ballet
BOX 2 1964
BOX-FOLDER 2/65 Chilean National Ballet
BOX-FOLDER 2/66 Maly Theatre Dance Group
BOX-FOLDER 2/67 New York City Ballet
BOX 3 1965
BOX-FOLDER 3/1 Australian Ballet
Featuring Margot Fonteyn and Rudolf Nureyev
BOX-FOLDER 3/2 Feux Follets
BOX-FOLDER 3/3 Kirov Ballet
BOX-FOLDER 3/4 Moiseyev Dance Company
BOX-FOLDER 3/5 National Ballet of Canada
BOX-FOLDER 3/6 Paris Opera Ballet
BOX-FOLDER 3/7 Royal Ballet
BOX-FOLDER 3/8 Third International Dance Festival of Paris
BOX 3 1966
BOX-FOLDER 3/9 Paris Opera Ballet
BOX 3 1967
BOX-FOLDER 3/10 American Ballet Theatre
BOX-FOLDER 3/11 New York City Ballet
BOX-FOLDER 3/12 Rebekah Harkness Foundation Dance Festival
Featuring Lucas Hoving, Violette Verdy, Michael Maule, Eleo Pomare Dance Company
BOX-FOLDER 3/13 Royal Ballet
BOX 3 1968
BOX-FOLDER 3/14 Bolshoi Ballet
Includes newspaper clipping
BOX-FOLDER 3/15 Joffrey Ballet
BOX-FOLDER 3/16 New York City Ballet
BOX-FOLDER 3/17 Royal Ballet
BOX-FOLDER 3/18 Tamiris [Memorial Program]
Stage Directors and Choreographers Workshop Program
BOX-FOLDER 3/19 Ayako Uchiyama
Nihon Buyuo No Kai Japanese Dance Concert; Kabuki dancing, Kazue Mizuki method
BOX 3 1969
BOX-FOLDER 3/20 Festival of Dance
Featuring Merce Cunningham;Alvin Ailey; José Limón
BOX-FOLDER 3/21 Harkness Ballet
BOX-FOLDER 3/22 New York City Ballet
BOX-FOLDER 3/23 Royal Ballet
BOX 3 1970
BOX-FOLDER 3/24 Juilliard School, Juilliard Dance Division
BOX-FOLDER 3/25 New York City Ballet
BOX-FOLDER 3/26 New York Dance Festival
Featuring Ballet Brio; Lar Lubovitch; Donald McKayle; Mura Dehn's Traditional Jazz
BOX-FOLDER 3/27 Royal Ballet
BOX 3 1971
BOX-FOLDER 3/28 Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre
BOX-FOLDER 3/29 Ballet of the 20th Century
Maurice Béjart, artistic director
BOX-FOLDER 3/30 Stuttgart Ballet
BOX 3 1972
BOX-FOLDER 3/31 American Dance Marathon '72
Inner City Repertory Dance / Donald McKayle; Cliff Keuter; Elizabeth Keen
BOX 4 1973
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