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Laurindo Almeida papers, 1912-1995

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Music, 1940-1990s (continued)
Original Compositions (continued)
BOX-FOLDER 54/1 Guitariana two (from samba-jazz to classical)
Printed scores (includes paste-up) for guitar
Laid in: cassette jacket mock-ups
Contents: Berimbàu carioca; Cool cats keep coats on; Didi; Divertisement no. 1; Divertisement no. 2; Dusk in the valley; Garoto; Grande valsa; Having fun with the scales; The icy rain samba; Lenda Amazonica; More fun with the scales; Samba-choro for Liona; Samba da neve; Samba de blues; Samba of the arpeggios; Te amo; Soledad; Tremolo melancolico
BOX-FOLDER 8/9 Gypsy suite
Scores for guitar
Contents: Introduction; El gitano triste; La gitana enamorada; La fiesta; El casamiento
BOX-FOLDER 8/10 Gypsy suite (on popular motives)
Scores for guitar
Contents: Sevillana; Alegria; Farruca; Soleares in D minor; Buleria
BOX-FOLDER 8/11 The gypsy with fire in his shoes
Lyrics by Peggy Lee
Holograph score (unfinished) for voice and guitar ensemble; parts
BOX-FOLDER 8/12 Haiku music
By LA and Charles Dant
Score for lute, recorder, and string quartet; lute part
BOX-FOLDER 8/13 Having fun with the scales (brincando com as escalas)
see also Guitariana two
Other title: More fun with the scales
Scores (includes holograph) for guitar
BOX-FOLDER 8/14 He cares [Chevrolet commercial]
Holograph parts for organ, cavaquinho, and bass
Laid in: cue sheet; [1] p.
Holograph lead sheet/sketch
BOX-FOLDER 8/16 Huevos rancheros
Holograph score
BOX-FOLDER 8/17 The hyppie [sic] T shirt samba
Holograph sketch
BOX-FOLDER 8/18 I got sorrows chasing me
Lyrics by Joan Tratner
Lead sheet
BOX-FOLDER 8/19 The icy rain samba
see also Guitariana two
Score for guitar
BOX-FOLDER 8/20 Images
Lyrics by Minette Allton
Lead sheet
BOX-FOLDER 8/21 Improviso
Holograph sketch fragment
BOX-FOLDER 8/22 In the carioca hills
Lyrics by Jeanne Taylor
Lead sheets
BOX-FOLDER 8/23 Insomnia
see also Part books: No. 3
Printed scores for guitar
BOX-FOLDER 8/24 Invention in form of fugue
Holograph score for harmonica and guitar
BOX-FOLDER 8/25 Invention in two parts
Printed score for guitar
BOX-FOLDER 9/1 J. R. [i.e. Johnny Ringo]
Holograph lead sheets
Laid in: miscellaneous sketches, including "Caliope;" [2] p.
BOX-FOLDER 9/2 The jazz-samba and classic sonata
Holograph sketch for alto and C flute, guitar, bass, and drums
Laid in: holograph sketches for two versions of "Chôro"
BOX-FOLDER 9/3 Jazz-tuno at the mission
Holograph sketch
BOX-FOLDER 9/3 Jazz-tuno at the mission
Parts for guitar, bass, and drums
BOX-FOLDER 9/4 Johnny peddler (I got)
Earlier title: Aldeia da roupa branca
Music by LA and Ubirajara Nesdan; lyrics by Leo Brown
Score for voice and piano
BOX-FOLDER 56/3 Juarez Street walk
Score for guitar ensemble, horns, electric piano, bass, and drums
BOX-FOLDER 9/5 Juarez Street walk
Conductor's score; parts for guitars, cavaquinho, piano, bass, and drums
BOX-FOLDER 9/6 Lady Pearl
By LA and Pearl Kaufman
Lead sheet
BOX-FOLDER 9/7 Lament in tremolo form (for my pet dog "Rocky")
Piano scores
BOX-FOLDER 54/2 Lament in tremolo form (for my pet dog "Rocky")
Holograph score for guitar, saxophone, bass, and percussion
BOX-FOLDER 9/7 Lament in tremolo form (for my pet dog "Rocky")
Holograph parts for guitar, saxophone, and bass
BOX-FOLDER 9/8 Late last night (assim nasce o samba)
By LA and Leonard Feather
Scores for flute, guitar, bass, and drums
BOX-FOLDER 56/4 Latiniana
By LA and Dante Varela
Full score for piano and orchestra
BOX-FOLDER 9/9 Little ape (le petit singe)
Holograph score for guitar
BOX-FOLDER 9/10 Little church (minha igreginha)
Lead sheet
BOX-FOLDER 9/11 Little fly
Lyrics by Allan Aberbook
Holograph lead sheets
BOX-FOLDER 9/12 Little Lill
Lead sheet
BOX-FOLDER 9/13 Little temple
Holograph sketch
BOX-FOLDER 9/14 Lobiana
Score for cello and guitar; guitar part
BOX-FOLDER 9/14 Lobiana
Guitar part
Version for orchestra
BOX-FOLDER 54/3 Los Angeles aquarelle suite
see also Vistas de Los Angeles
Holograph score for guitar quintet
BOX-FOLDER 9/15 Los Angeles aquarelle suite
Printed score for guitar quartet; parts
BOX-FOLDER 9/16 Lost
Lyrics by Jerry Gladstone
Lead sheet
BOX-FOLDER 10/1 Love
Arranged by Oscar Castro Neves
Scores for guitar and orchestra; parts
BOX-FOLDER 10/2 Love, quiet love (amor, tranquilo amor)
Lyrics by Joan Tratner
Lead sheet
BOX-FOLDER 10/3 The loved one-bossa nova
Lyrics by Merrilyn Hammond
Lead sheet
BOX-FOLDER 10/4 Lua nova (moonlight samba)
By LA and Clare Fischer
Lead sheet
BOX-FOLDER 10/5 Main title
Lead sheet
For an unidentified film project
BOX-FOLDER 10/6 Malagueña pomposa
Holograph score for 5 guitars; parts
BOX-FOLDER 10/7 Malagueña pomposa
Scores for 2 guitars
BOX-FOLDER 10/8-9, 11/1-2 Maracaibo [film]
Miscellaneous scores (includes holograph inserts) for instrumental ensemble; parts
BOX-FOLDER 11/3 Maracaibo [film]
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