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Music 1800-1900 (continued)
Printed Music (continued)
BOX 293 Printed Music (Music Albums, alphabetical, by title)
BOX 293
Bell piano album. Book I
BOX 293
The eclipse violin album. Books I-II
BOX 293
The Guildhall School of Music. Examinations (pianoforte)
BOX 293
Infants' school marches
BOX 293
Preis marsch album, für klavier
BOX 293
Sonatina album
BOX 293
Trinity College of Music, London. Examination music. Intermediate Division, Group T. 20
BOX 293
Trinity College of Music, London. Examination music. Junior Division, Group Y. 25
BOX 293
Vespers: a collection of organ pieces for church use
BOX 294-295 Printed Music (Octavo Scores, alphabetical, by music publisher)
BOX-FOLDER 294/1 Allan & Company (Melbourne, Australia)
BOX-FOLDER 294/2-8 Banks & Son (York, England)
BOX-FOLDER 295/1 Bayley & Ferguson (London)
BOX-FOLDER 295/2 Boosey & Company (London)
BOX-FOLDER 295/3 J. & W. Chester, Ltd. (London)
BOX-FOLDER 295/4 Oliver Ditson Company (New York)
BOX-FOLDER 295/5 Elkin & Company (London)
BOX-FOLDER 295/6 H. W. Gray Company (New York)
BOX-FOLDER 295/7 W. Paxton & Company, Ltd. (London)
BOX-FOLDER 295/8 Warren & Phillips (London)
BOX-FOLDER 295/9 Unidentified fragment.
BOX 296-514 Business Papers 1800-1900
Includes correspondence, letterbooks, legal and financial files, music catalogs, promotional materials, stock books, publication and plate books, photographs, articles, books, and clippings.
Arranged in nine subseries: correspondence, letterbooks; legal files; financial records; publication records; music catalogs/advertisements; iconography; writings; and miscellany. Further arranged alphabetically and/or chronologically.
BOX 296-412 Correspondence, 1891-1952
BOX-FOLDER 296-379 Personal Correspondence, 1891-1952
BOX-FOLDER 296/1 Abbott, Eugenie B.
BOX-FOLDER 296/1 Abbott, Jane Bingham.
BOX-FOLDER 296/1 Abbott, Morton Graves.
BOX-FOLDER 296/1 Abbott, Ray W.
BOX-FOLDER 296/2 Abel, Frederic L.
BOX-FOLDER 296/2 Abernathy, Nora.
BOX-FOLDER 296/2 Abernathy, Edgar.
BOX-FOLDER 296/2 Abraham, William E.
BOX-FOLDER 296/2 Abrams, Leroy.
BOX-FOLDER 296/3 Acers, Victor B.
Achorn, Mrs. John Warren.
see: Business Papers: General Correspondence: Sawyer, Harriet P.
BOX-FOLDER 296/3 Ackley, Anne.
BOX-FOLDER 296/3 Ackley, Henry B.
BOX-FOLDER 296/3 Acton, Bonnie.
BOX-FOLDER 296/4 Adair, Helen F. M. (Mrs. W. A. Adair)
BOX-FOLDER 296/4 Adair, Loren W.
BOX-FOLDER 296/4 Adair, Margaret.
BOX-FOLDER 296/4 Adair, Mildred.
BOX-FOLDER 296/4 Adair, Z.
BOX-FOLDER 296/5 Adam, Joseph.
BOX-FOLDER 296/5 Adamcik, George J.
BOX-FOLDER 296/5 Adams, C.
BOX-FOLDER 296/5 Adams, Charles Frank.
BOX-FOLDER 296/6-7 Adams, Mrs. Crosby.
BOX-FOLDER 296/8 Adams, Doris C.
BOX-FOLDER 296/9-18 Adams, Ernest Harry.
BOX-FOLDER 296/19 Adams, G. Cotton.
BOX-FOLDER 296/19 Adams, Mrs. Jack.
BOX-FOLDER 296/19 Adams, Katharine.
BOX-FOLDER 296/19 Adams, O. D.
BOX-FOLDER 296/19 Adams, Robert D. W.
BOX-FOLDER 296/19 Adams, Stanley.
BOX-FOLDER 296/19 Adams, T.
BOX-FOLDER 296/19 Adams, Thomas.
BOX-FOLDER 296/20 Adler, Myra A.
BOX-FOLDER 296/21 The Aeolian Company.
BOX-FOLDER 296/22 Agey, Buell.
BOX-FOLDER 296/22 Agnes Clare, Sister.
BOX-FOLDER 296/22 Agnew, Kathleen.
BOX-FOLDER 296/23 Agnew, Roy E.
BOX-FOLDER 296/24 Agnew, Sarah Thomas.
BOX-FOLDER 296/24 Ahlemann, Minnie.
BOX-FOLDER 296/24 Ahelli, P. O.
BOX-FOLDER 296/24 Ahrens, Carsten.
BOX-FOLDER 296/24 Aigouni, K. H.
BOX-FOLDER 296/24 Aiken, Clarissa (Mrs. Conrad Aiken)
BOX-FOLDER 296/25 Ailbout, Hans.
BOX-FOLDER 296/26 Akard, Nona G.
BOX-FOLDER 296/26 Akin, Anna Laurine.
BOX-FOLDER 296/26 Akin, Mabel.
BOX-FOLDER 296/27 Alan, C. N.
BOX-FOLDER 296/27 Alder, Lucy M.
BOX-FOLDER 296/27 Albert, Leon.
BOX-FOLDER 296/27 Albright, A.
BOX-FOLDER 296/27 Albright, Palmer.
BOX-FOLDER 296/27 Alco, Julian.
BOX-FOLDER 296/28 Alden, Blanche Ray.
BOX-FOLDER 296/29 Aldermann, W. E.
BOX-FOLDER 296/29 Aldrich, Clyde L.
BOX-FOLDER 296/29 Aldrich, Perley Dunn.
BOX-FOLDER 296/29 Alessandro, Victor.
BOX-FOLDER 296/30 Aletter, Wilhelm.
BOX-FOLDER 296/31 Alexander, Elsie S.
BOX-FOLDER 296/31 Alexander, Josef.
BOX-FOLDER 296/31 Alexander, Lucy A.
BOX-FOLDER 296/32 Alford, Harry L.
BOX-FOLDER 296/32 Alfring, W. H.
BOX-FOLDER 296/32 Aliton, Arthur.
BOX-FOLDER 296/32 Allan, Sue Fryer (Mrs. George Allan)
BOX-FOLDER 296/33 Allen, A. B.
BOX-FOLDER 296/33 Allen, Alice E.
BOX-FOLDER 296/33 Allen, Arthur.
BOX-FOLDER 296/33 Allen, Mrs. Charles G.
BOX-FOLDER 296/33 Allen, Creighton.
BOX-FOLDER 296/33 Allen, Elizabeth Mitchell.
BOX-FOLDER 296/33 Allen, Elva.
BOX-FOLDER 296/33 Allen, Gertrude E.
BOX-FOLDER 296/34 Allen, Guy C.
BOX-FOLDER 296/35 Allen, James S.
BOX-FOLDER 296/35 Allen, Mary S.
BOX-FOLDER 296/35 Allen, Paul E.
BOX-FOLDER 296/35 Allen, Paul Hastings.
BOX-FOLDER 296/35 Allen, Ruth.
BOX-FOLDER 296/35 Allen, Susan (Mrs. H. A. Allen)
BOX-FOLDER 296/35 Allen, Una L.
BOX-FOLDER 296/36 Alley, Nina Robbins.
BOX-FOLDER 296/36 Allhands, E. S.
BOX-FOLDER 296/36 Allison, Elliot S.
BOX-FOLDER 296/36 Allison, Forrest Marie.
BOX-FOLDER 296/36 Allison, Herman Thomas.
BOX-FOLDER 296/37 Alfred, A. LaRue.
BOX-FOLDER 296/38 Alls, Clara.
BOX-FOLDER 296/38 Aloysuis, Sister M.
BOX-FOLDER 296/38 Alpert, Jerry.
BOX-FOLDER 296/38 Alpiner, Arnold.
BOX-FOLDER 296/38 Alston, Grace I.
BOX-FOLDER 296/39 Althaus, Basil & Terese.
BOX-FOLDER 296/40 Altheimer, Bessie.
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