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Business Papers 1800-1900 (continued)
Music Catalogs/Advertisements, undated (continued)
People (continued)
BOX-FOLDER 506/13 Clough-Leighter, H.
BOX-FOLDER 506/14 Emery, Stephen.
BOX-FOLDER 506/15 Faelten, Carl and Reinhold.
BOX-FOLDER 506/16 Foote, Arthur.
BOX-FOLDER 506/17 Gurlitt, Cornelius.
BOX-FOLDER 506/18 Hanscom, E. W.
BOX-FOLDER 506/19 Lynes, Frank.
BOX-FOLDER 506/20 MacDowell, Edward A.
BOX-FOLDER 506/21 Martucci, Giuseppe.
BOX-FOLDER 506/22 Metcalf, John W.
BOX-FOLDER 506/23 Meyer, Ferdinand.
BOX-FOLDER 506/24 Orth, L. E.
BOX-FOLDER 506/25 Pfitzner, Heinrich.
BOX-FOLDER 506/26 Sims, Hattie Louise.
BOX-FOLDER 506/27 Spalding, Walter R.
BOX-FOLDER 506/28 Stasny, Carl.
BOX-FOLDER 506/29 Truette, Everett E.
BOX-FOLDER 507/1-7 Publishers/Editions
BOX-FOLDER 507/1 Edition Chanot.
BOX-FOLDER 507/2 P. L. Jung catalogs. Lists of music composed chiefly by Americans.
Contents: catalog (fall 1896) ; catalog (circa May 1899)
BOX-FOLDER 507/3 Alfred Lengnick & Company. Publications.
BOX-FOLDER 507/4 Litolff Edition. Various publications.
BOX-FOLDER 507/5 Patey & Willis, Publishers. Auction catalogs (2)
BOX-FOLDER 507/6 General interest: A. P. Schmidt publications.
BOX-FOLDER 507/7 General interest: Miscellaneous publishers - publications.
BOX 508-511 Iconography
BOX 508-510 Photographs
BOX-FOLDER 508/1 Allen, Charles.
BOX-FOLDER 508/2 Bancroft, Frederick W.
BOX-FOLDER 508/3 Barbour, Florence Newell.
BOX-FOLDER 508/4 Bartlett, Floy Little.
BOX-FOLDER 510/1 Bauer, Marion E.
BOX-FOLDER 508/5 Blum, Elias.
BOX-FOLDER 508/6 Bodenhoff, Harald.
BOX-FOLDER 508/7 Bohm, Carl.
BOX-FOLDER 508/8 Branscombe, Gena.
BOX-FOLDER 508/9 Britain, Radie.
BOX-FOLDER 508/10 Cady, Calvin B.
BOX-FOLDER 510/2 Certificate of award to Arthur P. Schmidt, Leipzig. II. Musik-Fachausstellung, June, 1909.
Fragile condition.
BOX-FOLDER 508/11 Clough-Leighter, Grace.
BOX-FOLDER 508/12 Clough-Leighter, H.
BOX-FOLDER 508/13 Cole, Rossetter G.
BOX-FOLDER 508/14 Connell, Adelina M.
BOX-FOLDER 508/15 Crosby, Harry?
BOX-FOLDER 508/16 Daniels, Mabel W.
BOX-FOLDER 508/17 Dennée, Charles.
BOX-FOLDER 508/18 Dicks, Ernest A.
BOX-FOLDER 510/3 Dunham, Henry M.
BOX-FOLDER 508/19 Eggeling, George.
BOX-FOLDER 508/20 Elson, Louis C.
BOX-FOLDER 510/4 Faelten, Carl.
BOX-FOLDER 508/21 Faelten, Marie.
BOX-FOLDER 510/5 Faelten, Reinhold.
BOX-FOLDER 508/22 Foote, Arthur.
BOX-FOLDER 510/6 Friml, Rudolf.
BOX-FOLDER 508/23 Ganz, Rudolf.
BOX-FOLDER 508/24 Grant-Schaefer, George Alfred.
BOX-FOLDER 510/7 Gurlitt, Cornelius.
BOX-FOLDER 508/25 Hanscom, E. W.
BOX-FOLDER 508/26 Henschel, George.
BOX-FOLDER 508/27 Huhn, Bruno.
BOX-FOLDER 510/8 Lang, Benjamin Johnson.
BOX-FOLDER 508/28 Liebling, Emil.
BOX-FOLDER 508/29 Lynes, Frank.
BOX-FOLDER 509/1-2 MacDowell, Edward.
BOX-FOLDER 509/3 Marston, George.
BOX-FOLDER 509/4 Metcalf, John.
BOX-FOLDER 509/5 Paine, John Knowles.
BOX-FOLDER 509/6 Porter, F. Addison.
BOX-FOLDER 509/7 Risher, Anna Priscilla.
BOX-FOLDER 509/8 Rogers, James H.
BOX-FOLDER 509/9 Schlesinger, Sebastian B.
BOX-FOLDER 509/10 Schmidt (Arthur P.) residence.
Exterior view.
BOX-FOLDER 509/11 Scott, Charles P.
BOX-FOLDER 509/12 Smith, Warren S.
BOX-FOLDER 509/13 Smith, Wilson G.
BOX-FOLDER 509/14 Stephens, Ward.
BOX-FOLDER 509/15 Stucker, Wilhelm.
BOX-FOLDER 509/16 Tapper, Thomas.
BOX-FOLDER 509/17 Terhune, Anice.
BOX-FOLDER 509/18 Terry, Robert Huntington.
BOX-FOLDER 509/19 Urack, Otto.
BOX-FOLDER 509/20 Volkert, Charles.
BOX-FOLDER 509/21 Watson, Mabel Madison.
BOX-FOLDER 509/22 Wolstenholme, William.
BOX-FOLDER 509/23 Unidentified photographs: Female.
BOX-FOLDER 509/24 Unidentified photographs: Male.
BOX-FOLDER 509/24 Unidentified photograph: Residence (interior living room/parlor)
circa 1900
BOX 511 Decorative Artwork Examples (Dekorative Vorbilder)
BOX-FOLDER 511/1 Dekorative Vorbilder. 22. Jahrgang.
BOX-FOLDER 511/2 Dekorative Vorbilder. 23. Jahrgang.
BOX-FOLDER 511/3 Dekorative Vorbilder. 24. Jahrgang.
BOX-FOLDER 511/4 Dekorative Vorbilder. 25. Jahrgang.
BOX-FOLDER 511/5 Dekorative Vorbilder. 26. Jahrgang.
BOX 512-513 Writings, 1898-1938 and undated
BOX 512 Manuscripts/Typescripts (some later published by A. P. Schmidt or others)
BOX-FOLDER 512/1 Barbour, Florence Newell. "Dance and play: Rhythmic dances for children."
Music by Newell; dances by Abbie Loveland Tuller.
BOX-FOLDER 512/2 Barbour, Florence Newell. "Inspiritional influence of the teacher."
BOX-FOLDER 512/3 Bartlett, Floy Little. "Historical song miniatures for children."
Contents: artwork, paste-ups, correspondence.
BOX-FOLDER 512/4-5 Faelten, Carl. "Faelten's teacher's manual for pianoforte course."
BOX-FOLDER 512/6-7 Harris, Cuthbert. "A short outline of musical history from ancient times to the present day."
BOX-FOLDER 512/8 Smith, William Storey. "The pianoforte works of Arthur Foote."
BOX 513 Printed Books/Pamphlets, 1898-1938 and undated
BOX 513 Barbour, Florence Newell.
All in a garden fair and other verse (Lyric book). [United States]: Florence Newell Barbour, 1912 .
Inscribed to Henry R. Austin by the author, May 1, 1912.
BOX 513 Bowles, Fred. G.
Lyric books. London: The Walter Scott Publishing Company, Ltd., undated .
Lyric books: A heart's melody ; Life, love, and song ; A little rosary of song (2 copies) ; Sunshine for shadow ; Thoughts have wings ; Under the yellow moon ; White birds of song.
BOX 513 Dennée, Charles.
Musical journeys with Charles Dennée. Brookline, Massachuetts: Brookline Chronicle Publishing Company, 1938 .
BOX 513 Faelten, Carl.
Fundamental hints to teachers of music. Boston: Arthur P. Schmidt, 1898 .
BOX 513 Foote, Arthur, and Walter R. Spalding.
Modern harmony in its theory and practice. Boston: Arthur P. Schmidt Company, 1905 .
Laid in: numerous past-ups, corrections and annotated notes.
BOX 513 Lindau, Carl.
Teresita, die weisse Sklavin. Operette in 3 Akten von Carl Lindau. Musik nach Motiven von Emil Waldteufel, arrangiert von Béla von Ujj. Braunschweig: Henry Litolff's Verlag, 1914 .
Libretti (3 copies)
BOX 513 Simpson, Harold.
Lyric books. London: Privately published, 1908-1909, 1911-1912 and undated .
Lyric books: Heart's desire ; Lyrics grave and gay ; The perfect tune and other lyrics ; Songs (82 pages) ; Songs (30 pages) ; Songs at sunset.
BOX 513 Tapper, Thomas.
From Palestrina to Grieg. Boston: Arthur P. Schmidt Company, 1929 .
BOX 513 Tiplady, Thomas.
The two stars: a dream of youth (Lyric book). London: G. B. Blanchard, undated .
BOX 513 Woolard, Samuel Francis.
The beauties of friendship. Wichita, Kansas: Goldsmith-Woolard Publishing Company, 1909 .
BOX 513 Woolard, Samuel Francis.
All that's love-ly. Wichita, Kansas: Goldsmith-Woolard Publishing Company, 1909 .
BOX 513 Woodhouse, George.
The new way to finger dexterity. London: Augener, Ltd., 1932 .
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