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American / Century Play Company scripts and business papers, 1894-2006

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Scripts, 1894-1970 (continued)
BOX-FOLDER 128/4-5 Two girls wanted, 1926
BOX-FOLDER 128/6 The werewolf, undated
Unger, Gladys and Marcella Burke
BOX-FOLDER 128/7 Desperately yours, undated
Unger, Gladys and Kathleen Howard
BOX-FOLDER 128/8 Joan of Arkansas, undated
Unger, Gladys and Robert G. Lisman
BOX-FOLDER 129/1 Three weeks [musical], undated
Music by Karl Hojas; lyrics by J. Brennon
Unger, Gladys and Stuart Walker
BOX-FOLDER 129/2-3 The demi-reps, undated
Vachell, Horace Amesley
BOX-FOLDER 129/4 The case of Lady Camber, undated
Van Antwerp, John
BOX-FOLDER 129/5 The fireman's flame [musical], undated
Music by Richard Levine; lyrics by Ted Fetter
Van der Veer, Ethel
BOX-FOLDER 129/6 Four bits to Tonawanda, undated
BOX-FOLDER 129/7 The lay-figure, 1927
BOX-FOLDER 129/8 Shipping mother east, 1928
Van Druten, John
BOX-FOLDER 129/9-10, 130/1 The mermaids singing, undated
Van Sickle, Raymond
BOX-FOLDER 130/2-3 A slight case of jitters, undated
Varesi, Gilda and Dolly Byrne
BOX-FOLDER 130/4-7 Enter madame, 1924
Veiller, Bayard
BOX-FOLDER 131/1-2 The primrose path, undated
BOX-FOLDER 131/3 The trial of Mary Dugan, undated
BOX-FOLDER 131/4-5 Within the law, undated
Vollmer, Lulu
BOX-FOLDER 131/6 Sun-up, 1933
BOX-FOLDER 131/7 Trigger, undated
Walling, Gabriel R.
BOX-FOLDER 132/1-2 Rain on the dust, 1941
BOX-FOLDER 132/3 Three days to wait, 1941
BOX-FOLDER 132/4 World of their own, 1940
Walling, Roy
BOX-FOLDER 132/5 Another Mary, undated
BOX-FOLDER 133/1 The lonely carrot, undated
Walter, Eugene
BOX-FOLDER 133/2 Fine feathers, undated
BOX-FOLDER 133/3 Jealousy, 1932
BOX-FOLDER 133/4-5 The wolf, undated
Ware, Len
BOX-FOLDER 133/6 Singing an actor, 1894
Warwick, James
BOX-FOLDER 133/7, 134/1-4 Blind alley, 1936
Waters, Hadley
BOX-FOLDER 134/5 Matrimonial madness, undated
Watkins, Maurice
BOX-FOLDER 134/6-7 Chicago, undated
Watson, Evelyn
BOX-FOLDER 135/1 The mission of Letty, 1913
Webb, Kenneth
BOX-FOLDER 135/2-3 One of the family, 1925
BOX-FOLDER 135/4 Tambourine, undated
Webster, Benjamin
BOX-FOLDER 135/5 The golden farmer, or, The last crime, undated
Webster, Jean
BOX-FOLDER 135/6 Daddy long-legs, undated
Weiman, Rita
BOX-FOLDER 135/7-8 The acquittal, 1913
BOX-FOLDER 136/1 Last of the house of Robsart, 1940
Weitzenkorn, Louis
BOX-FOLDER 136/2 Ah, take the cash, undated
BOX-FOLDER 136/3-4 Five star final, 1930
Westervelt, Conrad
BOX-FOLDER 136/5-6 Not so fast, undated
BOX-FOLDER 137/1-5 Romancing 'round, undated
Scripts and sheet music
Westervelt, L. and John Clements
BOX-FOLDER 137/6 Sweet seventeen, undated
White, Grace
BOX-FOLDER 138/1-3 Tess of the storm country, undated
White, Kenneth
BOX-FOLDER 137/7-8 The visitor, 1944
Wiborg, Mary Hoyt and John Colton
BOX-FOLDER 138/4 The return of Attila, 1945
Wigan, Alfred
BOX-FOLDER 138/5 Model of a wife, undated
Wigan, Horace
BOX-FOLDER 138/6 The best way, undated
Wiggin Douglas, Kate
BOX-FOLDER 138/7 The bird's Christmas carol, 1942
Wilbur, Harriette
BOX-FOLDER 138/8 Apple blossoms, 1908
Willard, John
BOX-FOLDER 138/9 The cat and the canary, undated
Williams, Arthur
BOX-FOLDER 138/10 Funnibone's fix, undated
Williams, Tennessee
BOX-FOLDER 138/11-15 The glass menagerie, undated
BOX-FOLDER 138/16 Period of adjustment, undated
Williams, Thomas J.
BOX-FOLDER 138/17 A terrible tinker, undated
Wilmurt, Arthur
BOX-FOLDER 139/1 The guest room, 1934
Wilstach, Paul
BOX-FOLDER 139/2 Polly Primrose, undated
Winter, Keith
BOX-FOLDER 139/3-5, 140/1-2 The shinning hour, undated
Winton, Horace
BOX-FOLDER 140/3 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, undated
Wolfson, Victor
BOX-FOLDER 140/6 Excursion, undated
Wood, Henry
BOX-FOLDER 140/7 Mrs. East Lynne, undated
Wooler, I. P.
BOX-FOLDER 140/8 Sisterly service, undated
Wooll, Edward
BOX-FOLDER 140/9 Libel, undated
Woollcott, Alexander and George S. Kaufman
BOX-FOLDER 140/10 The dark tower, 1933
Young, Howard Irving
BOX-FOLDER 141/2 Hawk Island, 1929
BOX-FOLDER 141/3-4 Not Herbert, 1926
Young, Rita Johnson
BOX-FOLDER 141/5 Captain Kidd Jr., 1920
BOX-FOLDER 141/6 Glorious Betsy, undated
Zangwill, Israel
BOX-FOLDER 141/7 Merely Mary Ann, undated
Zediker, N.
BOX-FOLDER 141/8 My day and now-a days, 1886
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