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Oliver Smith papers, 1941-1987

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BOX 1-100 DF Design Materials, 1941-1987
This series contains a wide range of visual and textual materials for productions designed or produced by Smith: drop elevations, set renderings, scenic and prop details, ink and pencil sketches, sketchbooks, blueprints and technical drawings, fabric swatches, research materials, production schedules, and other miscellaneous items. The container list largely does not specify individual designs, as most renderings and scenic details have working titles that are very general and provide little context unless they are viewed first hand. Descriptions of individual items are, however, found in a supplemental print index that is available in person upon request. Contents of boxes are identified only for especially notable productions or those with significant quantities of design materials. Digital images of select renderings are indicated by their digital ID numbers.
Principal file formats: .tif, .psd.
Arranged alphabetically by production title, then chronologically therein.
Stage Shows and Films
BOX 95-96 84 Charing Cross Road, 1982
DF 84 Charing Cross Road, 1982
Digital ID: SmithOL_077
1 image
DF 110 in the Shade, 1963
Digital ID: SmithOL_192
Digital ID: SmithOL_193
Digital ID: SmithOL_194
17 images
DF 1491, 1969
Digital ID: SmithOL_093
Digital ID: SmithOL_094
17 images
Note: Opened at the Los Angeles Civic Light Opera and transferred to San Francisco
DF Afton Water, 1941?
Digital ID: SmithOL_001
1 image
Note: Possibly at Stetson University
DF Along Fifth Avenue, 1949
Digital ID: SmithOL_006
Digital ID: SmithOL_007
Digital ID: SmithOL_008
Digital ID: SmithOL_009
32 images
BOX 11 The Amazing Adele, 1955
DF The Amazing Adele, 1955
Digital ID: SmithOL_010
Digital ID: SmithOL_011
15 images
Note: Closed in Boston
DF Amnon V'Tamar, 1984
Digital ID: SmithOL_012
2 images
Note: For American Ballet Theatre
DF Bajour, 1964
Alternate title: The Great Bajour
Digital ID: SmithOL_013
Digital ID: SmithOL_014
Digital ID: SmithOL_015
13 images
DF Baker Street, 1965
Digital ID: SmithOL_006
Digital ID: SmithOL_016
Digital ID: SmithOL_017
Digital ID: SmithOL_018
14 images
DF The Band Wagon (film), 1953
Digital ID: SmithOL_019
1 image
DF Barefoot in the Park, 1963
Digital ID: SmithOL_015
Digital ID: SmithOL_018
2 images
DF Becket, 1960
Digital ID: SmithOL_015
Digital ID: SmithOL_018
2 images
DF Beekman Place, 1964
Digital ID: SmithOL_020
1 image
DF Beggar's Holiday , 1946
Digital ID: SmithOL_272
Digital ID: SmithOL_273
Digital ID: SmithOL_274
10 images
DF Ben Franklin in Paris, 1964
Digital ID: SmithOL_018
Digital ID: SmithOL_019
Digital ID: SmithOL_020
Digital ID: SmithOL_021
8 images
BOX 76-78 A Bequest to the Nation, 1970
Alternate title: A Mutual Pair
Note: Theater Royal, Haymarket, London
DF A Bequest to the Nation, 1970
Digital ID: SmithOL_022
1 image
BOX 59 Billion Dollar Baby, 1945
DF Billion Dollar Baby, 1945
Digital ID: SmithOL_023
6 images
DF Bless You All, 1950
Digital ID: SmithOL_018
Digital ID: SmithOL_022
3 images
DF Bonanza Bound, 1947
Digital ID: SmithOL_024
Digital ID: SmithOL_025
Digital ID: SmithOL_026
26 images
Note: Closed in Philadelphia
DF Brigadoon, 1947
Digital ID: SmithOL_002
Digital ID: SmithOL_027
Digital ID: SmithOL_028
Digital ID: SmithOL_029
Digital ID: SmithOL_030
25 images
BOX 33 Breakfast at Tiffany's, 1966
Alternate title: Holly Golightly
Note: Closed in previews
DF Breakfast at Tiffany's, 1966
Digital ID: SmithOL_006
Digital ID: SmithOL_277
2 images
DF Cactus Flower, 1965
Digital ID: SmithOL_031
1 image
BOX 80 Camelot, 1960
Drop elevations
BOX 81 Camelot, 1960
Drop elevation, scenic details
BOX 82-85 Camelot, 1960
Scenic details
BOX 86 Camelot, 1960
Set renderings, scenic details
BOX 87 Camelot, 1960
Set renderings, technical drawings
BOX 88 Camelot, 1960
Set renderings
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