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Oscar Hammerstein II collection, 1847-2000

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BOX 108-115, 136 Personal Correspondence and Papers, 1881-1986
Materials that relate to Hammerstein's personal life and death, and to his family. Includes a diary and address book; family correspondence, including the letters from Oscar to his wife Dorothy; autobiographical narratives and notes; college programs; clippings and scrapbooks; financial and business papers; family documents; obituaries, tributes and memorials; and materials relating to Hammerstein's grandfather Oscar Hammerstein I, including biographical notes, and drafts for a screenplay he was writing on his grandfather's life. The William Hammerstein Materials series also contains personal correspondence to and from Oscar Hammerstein II.
Biographical Materials
BOX 108 "My trip abroad," 1913
Oscar Hammerstein II's travel diary.
BOX 108 Handwritten ledger, 1916-1924
Financial information about shows.
BOX 108 Hermes address book, undated
BOX-FOLDER 108/1-2 Autobiographical narratives and notes, 1952-1953
BOX-FOLDER 108/3 Handwritten notes on 65th birthday, 1960
BOX-FOLDER 108/4 Family tree
BOX-FOLDER 108/5 Handwritten notes on his grandparents and on life
Includes explanatory notes by Amy Asch.
BOX-FOLDER 108/6 Miscellaneous materials, 1917-1950
Includes drawings, draft cards, and membership cards.
Columbia University Materials
BOX-FOLDER 108/7 Programs and other materials, 1916-1917
BOX-FOLDER 108/8 Letter, clippings, and other materials, 1917, 1949-1950
BOX-FOLDER 108/9-10 Scrapbooks, 1917
Family Correspondence and Materials
BOX-FOLDER 109/1 Alice Hammerstein Mathias correspondence, 1933-1951
Includes clippings.
BOX-FOLDER 109/2 Annie B. Nimmo's autograph album, 1881
Inscribed to her from her sister.
BOX-FOLDER 109/3-4 Arthur Hammerstein materials, 1909-1952
Includes correspondence, clippings, promotional materials, and a photograph.
BOX-FOLDER 109/5-32 Dorothy Blanchard Hammerstein correspondence, 1928-1952, undated
Letters, notes, and cards from Oscar Hammerstein II to Dorothy.
BOX-FOLDER 110/1-2 Dorothy Blanchard Hammerstein correspondence and other materials, 1945-1953
Includes correspondence to and from Dorothy (excluding Oscar), invoices and bills, and social planning documents.
BOX-FOLDER 110/3 James Hammerstein correspondence, 1943-1952
Includes school papers and clippings.
BOX-FOLDER 110/4-6 Myra Finn "Mike" Hammerstein correspondence and estate materials, 1931-1977
BOX-FOLDER 110/7-8 Oscar Hammerstein II miscellaneous correspondence, 1904-1957
Items to and from Hammerstein.
BOX-FOLDER 110/9 Reggie Hammerstein correspondence and other materials, 1932-1958
BOX-FOLDER 110/10 William Hammerstein (Oscar's father) correspondence and other materials, 1894-1916, 1939
Includes his marriage certificates to Alice Nimmo (1894) and Annie Nimmo (1911), and a book containing clippings about his death.
BOX-FOLDER 110/11 Miscellaneous family correspondence and other materials, 1914-1919, 1943-1953
Farm Materials see also Visual Materials--Photographs of Highland Farm
BOX-FOLDER 111/1-3 Materials relating to the Hammerstein's Doylestown, Pennsylvania estate and property, 1949-1962
Financial Papers
BOX-FOLDER 111/4-6 Invoices, bills and financial statements, 1950-1952
Materials Relating to Illness and Death
BOX-FOLDER 111/7 Burial and memorial service, 1960-1961
BOX-FOLDER 111/8 Cancer research materials, 1960
BOX-FOLDER 111/9 Family correspondence, 1948, 1960
Includes Oscar Hammerstein's last letter, letters from doctors, letters to and from Dorothy, and copy of the Hammerstein's thank you card.
BOX-FOLDER 111/10-11, 112/1 Obituaries, tributes and memorials, 1960-1972
Includes clippings, correspondence, and planning documents for various memorial tributes.
BOX-FOLDER 111/12-13 BOX-FOLDER 136/4 Scrapbook, 1960-1961
Items removed and photocopied from a memorial scrapbook. Includes articles, clippings, obituaries, programs and readings from services, Authors' Guild bulletin, Columbia College alumni book, and Congressional Record entry on Hammerstein.
BOX-FOLDER 112/2 Will, 1960
BOX-FOLDER 112/3-114/3 Condolence letters, cards, and telegrams, 1960-1961
(21 folders)
Oscar Hammerstein I Materials
BOX-FOLDER 115/1 "As I Remember Papa, or the Oscar Hammerstein Story," by Stella Hammerstein, undated
BOX-FOLDER 115/2-4 Oscar Hammerstein I biography materials, 1932-1955
Includes correspondence, notes, and drafts.
BOX-FOLDER 136/5 Cartoon
BOX-FOLDER 115/5 Contracts, 1906-1908
BOX-FOLDER 115/6 Programs, clippings, librettos, 1904-1911
BOX-FOLDER 115/7-10 "Romance with Music: the Life of Oscar Hammerstein," 1951
(4 copies)
Includes correspondence.
BOX-FOLDER 115/11 Screenplay treatment
BOX-FOLDER 115/12 Miscellany, 1894-1929, 1970, 1975, 1986
Includes clippings and articles.
BOX 102-107, 137 Subject Files, 1933-1992
Primarily focuses on organizations, people, and topics of interest to Hammerstein. Includes correspondence, press releases, promotional materials, membership materials, memos, brochures, committee materials, clippings, agreements, reports, agendas, minutes, by-laws, notes, programs, photographs, scripts, production materials, and business and financial papers.
Arranged alphabetically by topic.
BOX-FOLDER 102/1 American National Theatre and Academy, 1951
BOX-FOLDER 102/2-4 American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP), 1951
BOX-FOLDER 102/5 American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) radio license, 1940
BOX-FOLDER 102/6 American Theatre Wing, 1951
American Theatre Wing Music War Committee
see Music War Committee
BOX-FOLDER 102/7-103/1 Authors' League of America, 1949
(5 folders)
BOX-FOLDER 103/2-7 Authors' League of America, 1950-1952
BOX-FOLDER 103/8 Children's books, 1944-1949
BOX-FOLDER 103/9 Citron, Stephen, 1988-1992
BOX-FOLDER 103/10 Freedom House, 1951
BOX-FOLDER 103/11 Gershwin memorial concert, 1949
BOX-FOLDER 104/1-5 George Gershwin Theatre Workshop, 1950-1952
BOX-FOLDER 104/6 Harbach, Otto, 1948-1957
BOX-FOLDER 104/7-105/2 Hollywood League Against Nazism, 1936-1937
(5 folders)
BOX-FOLDER 105/3-4 Lawrence, Gertrude, 1952-1953
Includes correspondence to and from G. Lawrence regarding her final illness and withdrawal from The King and I. Also includes bound volume "In Memoriam Gertrude Lawrence" containing clippings and inscribed "to Dorothy from Oscar."
BOX-FOLDER 105/5-9 Lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein (revue by William Hammerstein), 1965-1967
BOX-FOLDER 106/1 Music War Committee, 1943-1944
see also General Correspondence and Business Papers, 1944
BOX-FOLDER 106/2 National Conference of Christians and Jews, 1944-1949
BOX-FOLDER 106/3 Navy Day dinner, 1942
BOX-FOLDER 106/4 Romberg, Sigmund, 1933, 1951
BOX-FOLDER 106/5-7 Schmidt, Lars, 1950-1952
BOX-FOLDER 106/8-9, 137/1 Schwartz vs. BMI, 1952-1957
BOX-FOLDER 106/10 Songwriters' Protective Association, 1939
BOX-FOLDER 106/11 Songwriters' Protective Association, 1950-1952
BOX-FOLDER 106/12 "Tevye's Daughters," 1949-1950
BOX-FOLDER 106/13 Toast of the Town, "Oscar Hammerstein Story," 1951
BOX-FOLDER 107/1-3 United World Federalists, 1950-1959
BOX-FOLDER 107/4 University of Massachusetts, Spring Convocation, 1954
BOX-FOLDER 137/2-4 Welcome House, 1949-1959
Includes photographs.
BOX-FOLDER 107/5-9 Writers Board for World Government, 1950-1951
BOX-FOLDER 107/10 Writers Board for World Government, production of The Myth That Threatens the World, 1949
Script, with annotations
Arranged and directed by Oscar Hammerstein II.
BOX-FOLDER 107/11 Writers' War Board, 1944-1945
Includes a copy of Oscar Hammerstein II's satirical lyrics to "Ol' Man River" entitled "Ol' Man Author."
BOX-FOLDER 107/12 Yarmolinsky, Mr., 1953
BOX 141, 144, 146, 151, 153-157 Scrapbooks, 1920-1960
Paper albums contain clippings about Hammerstein's professional and personal life; reviews of non-Hammerstein plays; and theater programs (for works by others) with Hammerstein's handwritten synopses, criticisms and notes. The bound volumes document individual Hammerstein shows, and contain articles, clippings, photographs, programs, reviews, scores and sheet music, scripts, and screenplays.
Arranged in two series: Paper Albums and Bound Volumes. Arranged chronologically therein.
Paper Albums, 1920-1956
BOX 151 Scrapbook containing programs with Oscar Hammerstein II's handwritten synopses, criticisms and notes for several of the plays, 1920-1922
BOX 153-156 Scrapbooks containing newspaper reviews of plays, 1927-1930
BOX 146 Clippings about Oscar Hammerstein II's personal and professional life, 1929-1930
Includes clippings about the Hammerstein's 1929 wedding.
BOX 157 Press clippings about Oscar Hammerstein II shows, 1930s
BOX 144 Scrapbook of clippings on Oscar Hammerstein II shows, 1942, Aug.-Sept.
BOX 141 "Dorothy and Oscar Hammerstein record of Australian visit," 1956, Nov. 1-Dec. 8
Bound Volumes, 1920-1960
These are individual bound volumes.
Allegro, 1947
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