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Grace McCrea papers relating to Denishawn, 1913-1969

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BOX 1-2, 4 Photographs, 1913-1951
The Photographs series includes many photographs of Denishawn dancers, Betty McCrea, Betty Horst (wife of Louis Horst), Anne Douglas, Irene Pryor, Betty Ross, and particularly Grace McCrea. Many of the photographs feature dancers in costume, but most of the performance works are not identified. Photographs of Ruth St. Denis and Ted Shawn show them in costume as well as informally. Martha Graham appears in the background with McCrea in two photographs for Pettigrew's Girl. Many of the photographs are inscribed, including notes from St. Denis and Shawn.
Arranged in two subseries: People and Performance Works. Within the subseries, subjects are arranged alphabetically. Unidentified subjects are placed at the end of each subseries.
BOX 1-2, 4 People, 1915-1951
BOX-FOLDER 1/1 Austin, Anna, 1916
1 photograph
Photographer: Bert's K.C., the studio of Burdette Emery Wetherwax in Kansas City, Missouri
Inscribed: Sept 23, 1916. With Best Wishes To Betty From Anna.
BOX-FOLDER 1/2 Biracree, Thelma, 1923
1 photograph
Inscribed: To: "Betty" Just loads of good luck to you my dear "Poppy Partner" "Thelma" 1923
BOX-FOLDER 1/3 Biracree, Thelma, with Grace McCrea and Betty Ross, circa 1924-1925
1 photograph
On verso: identification of subjects and location (Toronto)
Posed as the Three Graces
BOX-FOLDER 1/4 Brendel, Charlotte, with Grace McCrea and Irene Pryor, 1919
1 photograph
Photographer: Witzel Studio, Los Angeles
Inscribed by Grace McCrea to her parents
On verso: The "Pas de Trois" danced by Charlotte Brendell [Brendel], Irene Prior [Pryor], and Grace McCrea
BOX-FOLDER 4/1 Carmody Dancers, undated
2 photographs
Photographer: Nasib, New York
Stamp on verso: Carmody Dancers
4 dancers costumed for unidentified dances
Marjorie Carmody's troupe
BOX-FOLDER 1/5 Dickinson, Doris, undated
1 photograph
Photographer: Nasib, New York
Inscribed: My love to Betty one of us Doris Dickinson
BOX-FOLDER 1/6 Dickinson, Margaret, undated
1 portrait
Photographer: Smith Studio, Tacoma, Washington
Inscribed: Best Love to Betty from Margie
BOX-FOLDER 1/7 Fontaine, Evan-Burrows, undated
2 photographs
Photographer: Underwood & Underwood Studios
Oriental-like costumes for unidentified performance
Inscribed by Evan-Burrows Fontaine to Mrs. McCrea
BOX-FOLDER 1/8 Forbes, Earle, undated
1 studio portrait
Photographer unknown
Inscribed: To Gracie Memories come back always Earle
Forbes performed with Denishawn in the early years
BOX-FOLDER 1/9 Forman, Ada, 1916
1 photograph
Photographer: White Studios, New York
Inscribed: For Betty Mac May all good things come to her Ada Forman 1916
BOX-FOLDER 1/10 Horst, Betty, 1916
1 studio portrait
Photographer: Floyd Studio, New York
Inscribed: To Betty McCrea Sincerely Betty Horst. May 18 - 1916
BOX-FOLDER 1/11 Horst, Louis, 1916
1 studio portrait
Photographer: Floyd Studio, New York
Inscribed: To Betty McCrea Sincerely Louis Horst 1916
BOX-FOLDER 1/12 Joe Fanton & Co., undated
3 photographs
Photographer: Strand
BOX-FOLDER 1/13 Kerwin, [first name illegible], 1926
1 studio portrait
Photographer: National, New York
Inscribed: To Betty - with - well - you know! [illegible] Kerwin 1926
BOX-FOLDER 1/14 La Rue, Grace, 1917
1 studio portrait
Photographer: Apeda Studio, New York
Inscribed: To my dear friend, Betty. With best wishes and love, Grace La Rue '17
BOX-FOLDER 1/15 Manilla Brothers, undated
2 photographs
Photographer: Scott, Philadelphia
BOX-FOLDER 1/16 McCrea, Betty, 1916
5 photographs
One photo inscribed: To One who has given me so much help. My Dear Mother. Lovingly Betty 1916
Costumed for unknown work
BOX-FOLDER 1/17, 4/2 McCrea, Grace, 1919
2 studio portraits
Photographer: unknown
Inscribed to McCrea's parents
BOX-FOLDER 1/18 McCrea, Grace, [1921-1922]
2 publicity photographs
Photographer: Ira D. Schwarz
On verso: Grace McCrea in Fokine ballet, Get Together at Hippodrome
BOX-FOLDER 1/19-20 McCrea, Grace, 1924
2 headshots; 2 studio portraits
Photographer: Smith Studio, Tacoma
Costumed for unidentified work
BOX-FOLDER 1/21-22 McCrea, Grace, circa 1927
3 photographs
Photographer: James Hargis Connolly, Chicago
One print is inscribed to McCrea's parents
BOX-FOLDER 1/23 McCrea, Grace, 1920s?
1 photograph
Photographer: John W. Siefert, Los Angeles
Inscribed to McCrea's mother
BOX-FOLDER 1/24 McCrea, Grace, undated
2 photographs
Photographer: Nasib
BOX-FOLDER 1/25 McCrea, Grace, undated
1 photograph
Costumed in practice leotard
BOX-FOLDER 1/26 McCrea, Grace [?], undated
1 photograph
BOX-FOLDER 1/27 O'Hara, Tim, circa 1926
1 photograph
Inscribed: To Joe Manillo: - The only "Bass Singer" ever known to sing "My Wild Irish Rose" And Still Live! With my undying gratitude for having made Bearable this summer of 1926 Coast trip. Most Sincerely Yours Tim O'Hara.
BOX-FOLDER 1/28 Pemberton, Stafford, undated
2 photos
One inscribed to "Betty" McCrea, the other to her mother, Mrs. Weaver
BOX-FOLDER 1/29 Renault, Francis, 1921
1 photograph
Photographer: DeHaven Studio, Chicago
Inscribed: For Betty Ross, your friend Francis Renault 1921
BOX-FOLDER 1/30 Ross, Betty, circa 1922-1923
1 photograph
On verso: Betty Ross "Better times" New York Hippodrome Theater New York City, NY 1922-23 - R. H. Burnside Pro - Dillingham Enterprises
Headshot is cut out of photo
BOX-FOLDER 1/31 Ross, Betty, 1924
1 photograph
Photographer: Smith, Tacoma
On verso: Betty Ross Carmody Dancers - 1924-1925
Costumed for unidentified dance
BOX-FOLDER 1/32 Ross, Betty, 1924?
1 studio portrait
Photographer: Ira D. Schwarz, New York
Inscribed: To Joie May Your Hopes come true, Bringing Happiness that will be lasting Lovingly Betty [date illegible]
BOX-FOLDER 4/3 Ross, Betty, circa 1924-1925
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