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Music, 1940s-1980s (continued)
Berle Shows and Appearances (continued)
BOX-FOLDER 205/1-10, 264/3-6 High time chaser -- Hula Berle
BOX-FOLDER 206/1-9, 264/7-10 I could have danced all night -- I love you truly / Tiger rag
BOX-FOLDER 207/1-10, 264/11 I married Joan -- In and out
BOX-FOLDER 208/1-7, 264/12-13, 270/1 International rag -- It was a very good year
BOX-FOLDER 209/1-13, 264/14-17 It's all right -- Johnny One Note reprise
BOX-FOLDER 201/1-10, 264/18-20, 270/2-4 Judy-Judy -- Killer Doyle ending
BOX-FOLDER 211/1-8, 265/1-4 The killer instinct -- Lana's dream
BOX-FOLDER 212/1-7, 265/5-6 Las Vegas -- Learning the blues play-off
BOX-FOLDER 213/1-9, 265/7-11 Let yourself go -- Love nest
BOX-FOLDER 214/1-12, 265/12-16 Love thy neighbor -- Marie play-on
BOX-FOLDER 215/1-13, 265/17-21, 270/5 Mary Kaye intro -- Milton Berle: S. S. Fairwind
BOX-FOLDER 216/1-6, 270/6 Milton Berle: The second time around -- Milty the butcher boy
BOX-FOLDER 217/1-6 Milty the butcher boy
BOX-FOLDER 218/1-10, 265/22-24, 270/7 Milty the butcher boy -- Muskrat
BOX-FOLDER 219/1-13, 265/26-30 My blue Heaven -- Near you opener
BOX-FOLDER 220/1-9, 265/31-33, 270/8 Near you play-off -- Night and day
BOX-FOLDER 221/1-9, 266/1-6 Nite club fanfare -- On a Sunday by the sea
BOX-FOLDER 222/1-4 On the road again -- Opening
BOX-FOLDER 223/1-5, 266/7 Opening -- Opening theme 2
BOX-FOLDER 224/1-12, 266/8-12, 270/9 Opening theme 3 -- Penthouse play-on
BOX-FOLDER 225/1-12, 266/13-18 Play-off act 5 -- Rockin' the cha-cha
BOX-FOLDER 226/1-4 Royal quartet medley no. 1 -- Royal quartet medley no. 2
BOX-FOLDER 227/1-8, 266/19-23, 271/1 Ruby Ruby intro -- Sammy Davis spot closing
BOX-FOLDER 228/1-10, 266/24-27, 271/2 Sandberg -- Short fanfare
BOX-FOLDER 229/1-10, 266/28-29, 271/3 Show business -- Sinatra spot
BOX-FOLDER 230/1-8, 266/30-31, 271/4 Skoo be doo -- Standard medley
BOX-FOLDER 231/1-8, 266/32-33 Standard medley -- Sue's play-on
BOX-FOLDER 232/1-10, 266/34-36, 267/1-2, 271/5 Sugar time play-off -- Taking a chance on love / Just turn me loose
BOX-FOLDER 233/1-8, 267/3-4, 271/6 Talullah -- Thanks a million
BOX-FOLDER 234/1-8, 267/5-6 That's entertainment -- Tip-toe music
BOX-FOLDER 235/1-5, 267/7 To all the girls I've loved before -- Tonight
BOX-FOLDER 236/1-10, 267/8-10 Tony Roberts intro -- Valentine spot
BOX-FOLDER 237/1-9, 267/11-13, 271/7 Warsaw concerto -- What makes a wave
BOX-FOLDER 238/1-9, 267/14-17 What makes a wave -- A woman in love
BOX-FOLDER 239/1-9, 267/18 The wonder of it all -- You go to my head sting
BOX-FOLDER 240/1-8, 267/19-23 You gotta enjoy joy -- You'll never get away from me tag
BOX-FOLDER 241/1-3 You're my everything play-on -- Zigeuner play-on
Music with Lyrics by Berle
Piano-vocal scores, lead sheets, and lyric sheets for works composed in collaboration with Berle. Includes miscellaneous lyric sheets and drafts without corresponding music.
Arranged alphabeticlly by title.
BOX-FOLDER 241/4 Adventure
By Milton Berle and Buddy Arnold
Lead sheets (3)
BOX-FOLDER 241/5 All I remember is you
By Milton Berle and Buddy Arnold
Lead sheets (2)
BOX-FOLDER 241/6 Always leave them laughing
By Milton Berle and Sammy Cahn
Piano-vocal scores (2)
BOX-FOLDER 241/7 Am I to blame?
By Milton Berle, Ted Fetter, and Solly Violinsky
Lead sheet
BOX-FOLDER 241/8 Berle kraft
By Milton Berle and Billy May
Lead sheet
BOX-FOLDER 241/9 By the Bay of Biscay
By Milton Berle, Milton Drake, and Joseph Meyer
Lead sheet
BOX-FOLDER 241/10 Can't stop now
By Milton Berle, George R. Brown, and Irving Actman
Lead sheets (2) and lyric sheets (3)
BOX-FOLDER 241/11 Carefree love
By Milton Berle and Buddy Arnold
Lead sheets (2) and lyric sheets (2)
BOX-FOLDER 241/12 Come back, amore mia
By Milton Berle and Bibby Kroll
Piano-vocal scores (2) and lead sheet
BOX-FOLDER 241/13 Cryin'est shoulder in town
By Milton Berle, Buddy Feyne, and Irving Miller
Lead sheet
BOX-FOLDER 241/14 Does anybody care?
By Milton Berle and Buddy Arnold
Piano-vocal score, lead sheet, and lyric sheet
BOX-FOLDER 241/15 Does your heart ever ask for me
By Milton Berle, Sam Ward, and Bernard Maltin
Piano-vocal score/lead sheet
BOX-FOLDER 241/16 Easy come, easy go
By Milton Berle, Jerry Seelen, and Lee Pockriss
Piano-vocal scores (2)
BOX-FOLDER 241/17 Everything is still the same
By Milton Berle and Sam H. Stept
Lead sheets (3)
BOX-FOLDER 241/18 Fill in the spaces
By Milton Berle, Gene Doyle, and Mack Kay
Lead sheet and lyric sheet
BOX-FOLDER 241/19 Foolishly
By Milton Berle and Bobby Kroll
Piano-vocal score and lyric sheet
BOX-FOLDER 241/20 For singles only
By Milton Berle and Fred Karger
Lead sheets (2)
BOX-FOLDER 241/21 For the first time in my life
By Milton Berle, Irving Gordon, and Irving Mills
Piano-vocal scores (2) and lyric sheets (3)
BOX-FOLDER 241/22 Give this broken heart a break
By Milton Berle, Buddy Feyne, Bert Pellish, and William S. Baker
Lead sheet
BOX-FOLDER 241/23 Gotta darn good reason now (for bein' good)
By Milton Berle, Leonard Wilson, and Doris Tauber
Piano-vocal scores (2) and parts
BOX-FOLDER 241/24 Happy Hanukah to you
By Milton Berle, Buddy Arnold, and Stephen Lord
Lead sheets (3), lyric sheet, and notes
BOX-FOLDER 241/25 He is there
By Milton Berle, George R. Brown, and Hal Borne
Piano-vocal scores (2) and lyric sheet
BOX-FOLDER 241/26 Here comes the girl
By Milton Berle, Harry Tobias, Charlie Tobias, and Henry H. Tobias
Piano-vocal scores (2)
BOX-FOLDER 241/27 Hold me in your arms
By Milton Berle, Buddy Arnold, Jay Burton, and Jack Gould
Lead sheet
BOX-FOLDER 241/28 Hop, hop, hop along to bed
By Milton Berle, Buddy Arnold, and Abner Silver
Lead sheets (2)
BOX-FOLDER 241/29 "I"
By Milton Berle, Buddy Arnold, and Robert Mellin
Piano-vocal scores (2) and lyric sheet
BOX-FOLDER 241/30 I had a feeling
By Milton Berle, Solly Violinsky, and Milton Ager
Piano-vocal scores (2)
BOX-FOLDER 241/31 I hate to say goodnight
By Milton Berle, Irving Gordon, and Irving Mills
Piano-vocal scores (2) and lyric sheets (3)
BOX-FOLDER 241/32 I once had a heart
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