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Scripts, 1930-1996 (continued)
Submitted Scripts (non-Berle), 1930-1996 (continued)
BOX-FOLDER 112/7 Donald Quixote, undated
By Alan Woods and John Kohn
BOX-FOLDER 112/7 Door to Door, undated
By Peter Baloff and Dave Wollert
BOX-FOLDER 112/8-9 Double Trouble, 1959
By Hal Collins and Bob Cinader
BOX-FOLDER 113/1 Drink to Success, 1942
By Nicholas Milroy
Story, treatment, and song lyrics
BOX-FOLDER 113/2-3 Early to Bed, undated
By George Marion Jr.
BOX-FOLDER 113/4 ER - "Day One," 1994
By John Wells
BOX-FOLDER 113/5 Even a Clown Must Die, undated
By Marc B. Ray and Larry Alexander
BOX-FOLDER 113/6 Everyone Does It, undated
By Steve Dix
BOX-FOLDER 113/7 Everything Happens to Me, undated
By I. A. L. Diamond
BOX-FOLDER 113/8 A 40s Festival, 1985
By Paul Werth
BOX-FOLDER 113/9 F. Scott Fitzgerald's Tender Is the Night, 1960
By Ivan Moffat
BOX-FOLDER 113/10 Faces...Faces...Faces..., 1980
BOX-FOLDER 114/1 Finders Keepers, undated
By Arthur Hoffe and Charles Isenberg
BOX-FOLDER 114/2 The Fifth Season, 1961
By Arthur Hoffe
BOX-FOLDER 114/3 The First Nighter Show - "I'll Take the High Road," undated
By Marty Roth
BOX-FOLDER 114/4 First Time Out, 1983
By B. Jeffrey Madoff
Includes transmittal letter
BOX-FOLDER 114/5 Flightlines, undated
By Steve Dix
Includes transmittal letter
BOX-FOLDER 114/7 For Love or Money, 1981
By Roy Doliner
BOX-FOLDER 114/8 For Men Only, 1948
By Garson Kanin
BOX-FOLDER 114/9 Forbidden Laughter, undated
Forward and presentation
BOX-FOLDER 114/10 Foxhole in Manhattan, undated
By Allen Boreetz
BOX-FOLDER 114/11 Free and Easy, undated
By Roy Jordan and Irving Elman
BOX-FOLDER 114/12 From Nine to Five-thirty, 1950
By Munroe Howard
Includes transmittal letter
BOX-FOLDER 114/13 The Front Office, 1993
By David Cardiff and Ron Amick
BOX-FOLDER 114/14 Galactic Force, 1982
By Lynn Zeigler
Script idea
BOX-FOLDER 114/15 The Game of Love, undated
By Stanley Ralph Ross and Andrew S. Ross
BOX-FOLDER 115/1 Garrison's Gang, undated
By Dreben Stan
BOX-FOLDER 115/2 The General's Wife Was Married, undated
By Charles Webb and Julian Spector
BOX-FOLDER 115/3 Gift For Garrata, undated
By Michael Tremaine and Therese Schuman
BOX-FOLDER 115/4 The Girls Have Landed!, 1951
By Philip Rapp
BOX-FOLDER 115/5 God and Mr. Greenberg, undated
By Stan Dreben
BOX-FOLDER 115/6 God and Optimism, undated
By Joseph Taglia
BOX-FOLDER 115/7 Going, Going, Gone, undated
By Stanley Ralph Ross and David Niven Jr.
BOX-FOLDER 115/8 Golden Minutes of Entertainment, undated
By Paul Werth
BOX-FOLDER 115/9 Golden Moments of Show Business, 1989
By Paul Werth
BOX-FOLDER 115/10 Goldie and the Street People Cafe, 1980
By Lee Magid
BOX-FOLDER 115/11 The Good Life, 1952
By Michel Scott
BOX-FOLDER 115/12 Goodnight Beloved, undated
By Charlotte Kent
BOX-FOLDER 115/13-14 The Great Joke Robbery, 1982
By M. R. Stein
BOX-FOLDER 115/15 Group Therapy, undated
By Stanley Ralph Ross
BOX-FOLDER 115/16 Guardian Angel, undated
By Ray Singer and Dick Chevillat
BOX-FOLDER 115/17 The Guests Came Late, undated
By John Meehan Jr. and Claude Straud
BOX-FOLDER 115/18 Guys and Dolls, 1951
By Jo Swerling, Abe Burrows, and Frank Loesser
BOX-FOLDER 116/1 Heaven Help O'Hara, 1949, undated
By Fred Brady and Hans Jacoby
Includes transmittal letter
BOX-FOLDER 116/2 Hello My Name Is, undated
By Robert Fisher and Arthur Marx
BOX-FOLDER 116/3 Hereafter Laughter or Better Off Dead, 1947
By Leo Fuld and Guy Thomajan
BOX-FOLDER 116/4 High Spirits, undated
By Fred Thompson
BOX-FOLDER 116/5 His and His, 1962
By Ray Allen and Harvey Bullock
BOX-FOLDER 116/6 Honest To Pete, 1982
By Stephen Lord
Includes transmittal letter
BOX-FOLDER 116/7 Hope You Win!, undated
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