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Victoria Phillips collection, 1914-2011

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BOX 19-21 Subject Files, 1914-2009
Approximately 1,050 items
Research files of Victoria Phillips according to subject or topic. Most of the items are reproductions; some are printouts of online resources.
Arranged alphabetically by subject.
BOX-FOLDER 19/5-6 Communism in America, 1930-1934, and undated
140 items photocopied or printed
BOX-FOLDER 19/7 Dies, Martin, 1930-1940, 2007
29 prints and about 70 items bound in a comb binding
Largely archival research using Martin Dies Papers at Sam Houston Research Center
BOX-FOLDER 19/8 Dudley, Jane, undated
15 items
Program, chronology, speech excerpt, catalog records
BOX-FOLDER 19/9 Dudley-Maslow-Bales Trio, 1942-1953, 2002
77 items
Programs, promtional items, as well as articles from Dance Observer
BOX-FOLDER 20/1-3 Exhibition: Dance Is a Weapon, 2007-2008
12 items
Materials related to the 2007-2008 exhibition titled Dance Is a Weapon of the Centre national de la danse, curated by Victoria Phillips [credited as Victoria P. Geduld]
Items include: exhibition catalog, manuscript copy edits, research files, contract, notebook, spreadsheet
BOX-FOLDER 20/4 Gifford, Joseph, 1939-1964, 1993, 2009
18 printouts
BOX-FOLDER 20/5 Graham, Martha, 1914, 1929-1938, 1976, and undated
50 printouts in a comb binding
Martha Graham Dance Company costume archives photos
BOX-FOLDER 20/6 Hadassah, 2007
1 printout
Finding aid to Hadassah Papers, NYPL
BOX-FOLDER 20/7 Harlem Renaissance, undated
4 printouts
Online articles, accessed in 2007
BOX-FOLDER 20/8 Jackson, Molly, undated
1 article
Online article, accessed in 2007
BOX-FOLDER 20/9 McCarthy, Joseph Raymond, undated
2 items
Online items, accessed in 2007
BOX-FOLDER 20/10 Mussolini, Benito, undated
1 article
Online article, accessed in 2007
BOX-FOLDER 20/11 National Dance Congress, 1936
15 items
Includes Proceedings of the National Dance Congress, as well as assorted documents and correspondence
BOX-FOLDER 20/11, 21/1 New Dance Group, undated
145 individual items and 20 packets
Research materials and catalog records from NYPL holdings
BOX-FOLDER 24/3 New Dance Group, undated
1 program
Leaflet with performance program
BOX-FOLDER 21/2 Primus, Pearl, 1934-1947, 1979-1983, 1992-1994, 2006, and undated
46 items
Research materials, photo prints, articles, and catalog records from NYPL holdings
BOX-FOLDER 21/3 Programs, 1929, 1993
2 programs
Denishawn, New Dance Group gala
BOX-FOLDER 21/4 Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library, 1934-1947, 1979-1983, 1992-1994, 2006, and undated
Approximately 150 items in 3 comb bindings
Finding aids, catalog searches, and selected copies on the Great Depression, World War II, and the WPA
BOX-FOLDER 21/5 Siegmeister, Elie, undated
1 article
Online article, accessed in 2007
BOX-FOLDER 21/6 Tamiris, Helen, 1994, 2005
2 items
Excerpt of article by Pauline Tish in Dance Chronicle, announcement of NYC Hellenic Festival featuring Greek revival of early 20th century
BOX-FOLDER 21/7-8 Works Progress Administration (WPA), 1936-1938
Approximately 150 items
Audience survey reports
BOX 5-10 Publications, 1923-2010
Chapters, reprints, and complete issues as well as excerpts and fragments constitute an overview of literature for study of dance as a political entity. Of particular importance are copies from publications such as Daily Worker, New Masses, and Dance Observer. Some documents include annotations or highlighting. Most of these materials are reproductions, with the exception of the publications of Victoria Phillips.
Arranged alphabetically by author or publisher.
BOX-FOLDER 5 American Dance Festival, 1988-2007
BOX-FOLDER 5/1 ADF Timeline, 1934-2006, 2007
9 p.
From American Dance Festival website
BOX-FOLDER 5/2 The Black Tradition in American Dance, 1988
Photocopy of 29 p. booklet 40 p.
BOX-FOLDER 5/3 Modern Dance, Jazz Music and American Culture, [2000]
Booklet 58 p.
Co-published with the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts
BOX-FOLDER 5/4 Reflections on the Home of an Art Form, 1998
Booklet 40 p.
BOX-FOLDER 5/5 Anreus, Alejandro, Diana L. Linden, and Jonathan Weinmberg,
The Social and the Real: Politicalo Art of the 1930s in the Western Hemisphere, 2006
Excerpt 6 p.
Electronic journal, Penn State University Press
BOX-FOLDER 5/6 "Barbara Morgan: Inner Dialogues with the External World,"
Bennington College, Quadrille quarterly, circa 1988
17 p.
1971 interview reprinted by Barbara Morgan
BOX-FOLDER 5/7 Baril, Jacques,
La Danse moderne (d'Isadora Duncan à Twyla Tharp, 1977
31 p.
BOX-FOLDER 5/8 Betts, Anne,
"An Historical Study of the New Dance Group of New York City," 1945
1 document
Master's thesis, New York University
BOX-FOLDER 5/9 Bowit, John E., and Olga Matich, editors,
Laboratory of Dreams: The Russian Avant-garde and Cultural Experiment, 1996
BOX-FOLDER 5/10 Brinkley, Alan,
"Culture and Polticis in the Great Depression," 1998
22 p.
Baylor University Charles Edmondson Historical Lecture
BOX-FOLDER 5/11 BrooksSchmitz, Nancy,
"Catherine Littlefield and Anna Sokolow: Artists Reflecting Society of the 1930s," 1989
5 p.
In volume 1 of Dance: Selected current research
BOX-FOLDER 5/12 Buhle, Mari Jo,
Women and American Socialism, 1870-1920, 1981
Excerpts 6 p.
BOX-FOLDER 5/13 Campbell, Russell,
"Introduction" to Jump Cut: A Review of Contemporary Media special section, 1977
10 p.
On Film and Photo League radical cinema of the 1930s
BOX-FOLDER 5/14 Centre national de la danse,
Mieux voir la danse, 2007-2008 performance season, 2007
1 booklet
BOX-FOLDER 5/15-16 Communist Party USA,
Report of the Conference that Organized the Workers Cultural Federation of the New York District, 1931
2 photocopies
Second photocopy is bound with recent scholarly articles
BOX-FOLDER 5/17 Counterattack newsletter,
"Facts to Combat Communism," 1952
BOX-FOLDER 5/18 Counterattack,
Report of Communist Influence in Radio and Television, 1950
BOX-FOLDER 6/1 Cronon, William,
"The Trouble with Wilderness, or Getting Back to the Wrong Nature," 1996
1 article
BOX-FOLDER 6/2 Daily Worker [1932]
Prints from microfilm in comb binding
BOX-FOLDER 6/3-5 Dance Observer magazine, 1934-1935, 1938, 1943-1945, 1954
Photocopies bound and unbound
Includes two articles by Woody Guthrie
BOX-FOLDER 6/6 Davis, Elisa,
Transcending Boundaries? The Struggle of African-American Identity in the Works and Career of Donald McKayle from 1950 to 1973, 2007
1 manuscript
Senior thesis, Barnard College
BOX-FOLDER 6/7 Davis, John A.,
"The Influence of Africans on American Culture," 1964
11 p.
Published in the Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science
BOX-FOLDER 6/8 DeFrantz, Thomas F.,
"Composite Bodies of Dance: The Repertory of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater," 2005
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