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Muriel Manings and William Korff papers, 1914-2007

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Programs, Playbills, and Flyers, 1932-2006 (continued)
BOX-FOLDER 3/25-26 New Dance Group gala, 1993
8 items
BOX-FOLDER 3/27 New Dance Group Studio, 1947-1948, 1971-1974
6 schedules
BOX-FOLDER 3/28-29 New York City Dance Theatre, 1949
7 programs
BOX-FOLDER 3/30 New York City Opera Company, 1951
1 excerpt
Note: Opera of The Dybbuk, choreographed by Sophie Maslow
BOX-FOLDER 3/31-34 Queensborough Community College, 1972-1990
56 items
Note: Includes Spring Dance Concerts, dance event calendars, dance workshops, QCC Celebrate Dance festival
BOX-FOLDER 3/35-38 Repertory Dancers of New Jersey, 1968-1970, and undated
6 items
BOX-FOLDER 3/39 Sandhog, 1954
2 programs
Note: Phoenix Theatre, choreographed by Sophie Maslow, with Muriel Manings among cast
BOX-FOLDER 3/40 Stage for Dancers, 1952
1 program
Note: Fred Berk program with multiple artists
BOX-FOLDER 3/41 The Drama Lab, 1951
2 flyers
Note: Youth educational programs directed by Muriel Manings, with William Korff among faculty
BOX-FOLDER 3/42 United Jewish People's Order [U.J.P.O.], 1949
1 program, 1 flyer
Note: Montreal
BOX-FOLDER 3/43 YMHA, 1941-1944
3 programs
Note: Includes Valerie Bettis, Pearl Primus, and others
BOX-FOLDER 3/44 Miscellany, 1989-1990, and undated
7 items
Note: Teaching schedules, concerts
BOX 5 Printed Matter, 1935-2006
Clippings, reviews, articles, essays, research materials, newsletters, and other publications related to Muriel Manings, William Korff, New Dance Group and associated artists, and other performing arts events or individuals.
Arranged as two subseries: Clippings and Articles. Clippings are generally arranged chronologically by decade. Where a specific performing arts group or event is of major significance to this collection, such as the Sandhog production or the New Dance Group gala, these can be found within the folders of their respective decades. Articles are organized alphabetically by author's last name, or, in a few instances, by title of the publication if that issue includes multiple relevant articles.
Clippings, 1935-2006
242 items
Newspaper and magazine clippings, some from original sources and a few are reprints of earlier publications. Especially plentiful are reviews of New Dance Group performances and the Dudley-Maslow-Bales Trio.
BOX-FOLDER 5/1 1930s
BOX-FOLDER 5/2-4 1940s
BOX-FOLDER 5/5-8 1950s
Note: Includes Sandhog and 1956 Chanukah Festival
BOX-FOLDER 5/9-10 1960s
Note: Includes earliest coverage of Repertory Dancers of New Jersey
BOX-FOLDER 5/11-13 1970s
Note: Includes Repertory Dancers of New Jersey
BOX-FOLDER 5/14-15 1980s
Note: Includes Martha Bowers company
BOX-FOLDER 5/16-18 1990s
Note: Includes New Dance Group gala
BOX-FOLDER 5/19 2000s
BOX-FOLDER 5/20 Undated
Articles, 1942-1995
BOX-FOLDER 5/21 American Dance Guild newsletter, 1993-1996
3 issues
BOX-FOLDER 5/22 Banes, Sally,
"Red shoes: The Workers' Dance League of the 1930s," 1984
1 article
Note: Published in The Village Voice
BOX-FOLDER 5/23 Fisher, Jennifer,
"History in motion," 1993
Full issue
Note: Published in Dance International
BOX-FOLDER 5/24 Gottlieb, Beatrice,
"Making of an institution," [1952]
Excerpt, 1 p.
Note: Published in Theatre Arts Magazine
BOX-FOLDER 5/25 Manor, Giora,
"Brother, can you spare a dance? Dances red, pink & naive in America in the thirties," 1985
Photocopied manuscript, 42 p.
BOX-FOLDER 5/26 Maskey, Jacqueline,
"The group," 1965
Reprint, 2 copies; excerpt
Note: Published in Dance Magazine
BOX-FOLDER 5/27 Maximovna, Elena,
"Second generation modern," 1942
1 article
Note: Published in Dance Magazine
BOX-FOLDER 5/28 "The movement is political," 1984
7 articles, 16 p.
Note: Section on dance for social change published in The Village Voice
BOX-FOLDER 5/29 Newhall, Mary Anne,
"Strange heroes: The role of the New Dance Group in American political dance," 1995
Photocopied manuscript, 39 p.; annotated excerpt, 5 p.
Note: Draft copy; no illustrations
BOX-FOLDER 5/30 Prickett, Stacey,
"From Workers' Dance to New Dance," 1989
1 article
Note: Published in Dance Research
BOX-FOLDER 5/31 Siegel, Marcia B.,
"The people spoke," 1993
1 article
Note: Published in The Hudson Review
BOX 6 Subject Files, 1932-2006
Topical files assembled by Manings on specific subjects, names, or organizations.
Arranged alphabetically by name or organization or last name of individual.
BOX-FOLDER 6/24-25 American Dance Guild, 1992-1996
14 items
Note: Includes proposals for New Dance Group gala and recordings
BOX-FOLDER 6/26 American Dance Legacy Institute, 1993-2006, and undated
25 items
BOX-FOLDER 6/27 Anthony, Mary, 1997, and undated
6 items
BOX-FOLDER 6/28-29 Dudley, Jane, 1974, 1990, 2001, and undated
14 items
Note: Includes detailed plans and designs for her choreography titled Proverbs
BOX-FOLDER 6/30 Hadassah, 1995, and undated
2 items
BOX-FOLDER 6/31 Maslow, Sophie, 1996, 2006
6 items
BOX-FOLDER 6/32 Merry-Go-Rounders, circa 1970
1 item
Note: Participants list by year
BOX-FOLDER 6/33 National Museum of Dance, 2005-2006
8 items
BOX-FOLDER 6/34-41 New Dance Group, 1932-1945, 1965-1970s, 1992-1993, and undated
46 items
Note: Governance, personnel lists, gala publicity and other New Dance Group records
BOX-FOLDER 6/42-43 Primus, Pearl, 1944-1950, 1995-1998, and undated
14 items
Note: Writings by and about Primus

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