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BOX 4 Graham Dance Company Papers, 1966-1976
9 items
Papers on marketing, public relations, and internal company matters that relate to the Martha Graham Center for Contemporary Dance and the Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance.
Arranged chronologically.
BOX-FOLDER 4/21 Itinerary for Martha Graham Dance Company Tour, 1966
BOX-FOLDER 4/22 Press Release, 1966?
BOX-FOLDER 4/23 Budget for New York Season, 1974
BOX-FOLDER 4/24 Board of Trustees List, 1975
BOX-FOLDER 4/25 WNET Program Announcement, 1976
BOX-FOLDER 4/26 School History Blurb, undated
BOX-FOLDER 4/27 Company Thank-you Note, undated
BOX 4, 7 Programs, 1937-2004
26 items
Programs, promotional flyers, and brochures related to Martha Graham or her company.
Arranged chronologically.
BOX-FOLDER 4/28 Souvenir Program, 1937-1938
1 program
BOX-FOLDER 4/29 Souvenir Program, 1946-1947
1 program
Note: Annotated
BOX-FOLDER 4/30 Performance Program, 1948
2 programs
BOX-FOLDER 4/31-32 Souvenir Programs, 1949
2 programs
BOX-FOLDER 4/33 "25 Years of American Dance," 1951
Photocopy, 10 p.
Note: Article titled "A Quintet of Rebels" includes Martha Graham
Note: Original and revised editions available in Library of Congress general collection
BOX-FOLDER 7/1 Souvenir Program, 1952-1953?
1 program
BOX-FOLDER 4/34 Performance Flyer, circa 1963
1 flyer
BOX-FOLDER 4/35, 7/2 Souvenir Programs, circa 1965
3 programs
BOX-FOLDER 4/36 Performances at UCLA, 1966
2 items
BOX-FOLDER 4/37 WPAT Radio, Gaslight Revue Program Guide, 1967
1 brochure
Note: Schedule includes radio interview with Martha Graham
BOX-FOLDER 4/38 Barbara Morgan Photography Exhibition Brochure, 1972
1 flyer
Note: Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) exhibit included seven photographs of Martha Graham or her company
BOX-FOLDER 4/39-40 Honorary Events, 1973
2 programs
Note: Evensong and celebration honoring Martha Graham at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine and honorary event hosted by NYPL's Dance Division Friends of the Library
BOX-FOLDER 4/41 Summer Programs and Classes, 1973
2 flyers
BOX-FOLDER 4/42 50th Anniversary Gala Program, 1975
1 program
BOX-FOLDER 4/43-44 50th Anniversary Season, 1975-1976
2 souvenir programs; 2 flyers
BOX-FOLDER 4/45 Class Schedule Announcement, 1976
1 flyer
BOX-FOLDER 4/46 Calder Tribute, 1977
1 flyer
BOX-FOLDER 4/47 Performance Program, 2004
1 program
BOX 5, 7 Photographs, 1916-1975
169 items
Chiefly images that document Martha Graham and her dance company. Subjects and photographers for Choreographic Works are identified if known.
Arranged in three subseries. Choreographic Works are arranged alphabetically by title. Other subseries are organized chronologically.
Choreographic Works, 1916-1968
BOX-FOLDER 5/1-3 Acrobats of God, 1960, undated
12 black-and-white photographs
Subjects: Martha Graham, Mary Hinkson, Linda Hodes, Ethel Winter, Akiko Kanda, David Wood, and others
Photographers: Sam Falk, Ron Protas, Martha Swope
BOX-FOLDER 5/4 Alcestis, 1960
3 black-and-white photographs
Subjects: Martha Graham and others
Photographer: Martha Swope
BOX-FOLDER 5/5-6 Clytemnestra, 1958, undated
11 black-and-white photographs
Subjects: Martha Graham and others
Photographers: Martha Swope, unknown
BOX-FOLDER 5/7 Embattled Garden, 1958?
1 black-and-white photograph
Subjects: Paul Taylor, Mary Hinkson, Bertram Ross, and Matt Turney
Photographer: Martha Swope
BOX-FOLDER 5/8 Errand into the Maze, 1940s
4 contact sheets
Subjects: Martha Graham and other dancer
Photographer: unknown
Note: Possibly shot for Look Magazine after the premiere of Errand into the Maze
BOX-FOLDER 5/9 Night Journey, undated
1 black-and-white photograph
Subjects: Martha Graham and other dancer
Photographer: unknown
BOX-FOLDER 5/10 Phaedra, 1962
1 black-and-white photograph
Subjects: Martha Graham and Bertram Ross
Photographer: Martha Swope
BOX-FOLDER 5/11 Secular Games, circa 1962
1 black-and-white photograph
Subjects: Martha Graham Dance Company
Photographer: unknown
BOX-FOLDER 5/12 A Study in Lacquer, 1926
1 picture postcard
Photographer: Nickolas Muray
Note: Issued by the George Eastman Museum; postcard date for photograph is incorrect
BOX-FOLDER 5/13 A Time of Snow, 1968
1 black-and-white photograph
Photographer: Ron Protas
BOX-FOLDER 5/14 Martha Graham at Denishawn Company, circa 1916
2 photographs; notecard; 2 enlarged scans
Photographer: unknown
Note: Costumed for unidentified Denishawn work
Note: Folder includes notecard transmittal of photographs to Garber; enlargements are annotated by Garber
BOX-FOLDER 5/15 Unidentified work, undated
1 black-and-white photograph
Subjects: Martha Graham Dance Company
Photographer: Martha Swope
BOX-FOLDER 5/16 Unidentified work, undated
2 black-and-white photographs
Photographer: Ron Protas
BOX-FOLDER 7/3-4 Unidentified works, undated
5 photographs
Photographer: Walter Strate Studio
Martha Graham: Professional, 1951-1970s
Portraits of Martha Graham alone and with others; Graham with professional associates and friends at locations relating to performing arts, including receptions, galas, publicity events, and meetings
BOX-FOLDER 5/17 Martha Graham headshot, 1951
3 photographs
Photographer: Angus McBean
BOX-FOLDER 5/18 Martha Graham, with Helen Keller, Polly Thompson, Robert Helpmann, and Guthrie McClintock, circa 1954
1 black-and-white photograph
Note: Inscribed by Helen Keller
BOX-FOLDER 5/19 Martha Graham, with Sol Hurok, 1962
1 item
Note: At Metropolitan Opera
BOX-FOLDER 5/20 Martha Graham, with Agnes de Mille and Glen Tetley, 1966
1 photocopy of photograph
Note: Annotated by Garber
BOX-FOLDER 5/21 Martha Graham in makeup by Benjamin Garber, 1968
2 items
BOX-FOLDER 5/22 Martha Graham with company members, Benjamin Garber, and others, 1968?
6 black-and-white photographs
Subjects: Martha Graham, Mary Hinkson, Helen McGehee, Ron Protas, others
Photographer: unknown
Location: Mexico City
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