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David Diamond papers, 1915-2003

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Writings, 1930-1991 (continued)
BOX-FOLDER 139/17 "Emotion, poetry and the art song," 1966-1975 , undated
BOX-FOLDER 139/18 Eulogy for Harry Weiss, undated
BOX-FOLDER 139/19 "Feruccio Busoni: in memoriam," undated
BOX-FOLDER 139/20 "Frederick Jacobi--a critical survey" for Modern Music March/April issue), 1937
BOX-FOLDER 139/21 "Fugue," undated
BOX-FOLDER 139/22 "God's autographs," undated
BOX-FOLDER 139/23 Hebrew handwriting practice notebook, undated
BOX-FOLDER 139/24 "Hokkus," undated
BOX-FOLDER 139/25 Igor Stravinsky articles, 1971 , undated
BOX-FOLDER 139/26 Igor Stravinsky: Danses concertantes, 1943
BOX-FOLDER 139/27 "Integration and integrity in contemporary American music," 1960
BOX-FOLDER 139/28 "Interview de David Diamond per André Brincourt," 1949
BOX-FOLDER 139/29 Interview of Darius Milhaud by David Diamond for "Le Figaro," 1972 , undated
BOX-FOLDER 139/30 "Interview question outline with Mr. David Diamond," 1949
BOX-FOLDER 140/1 Interview with Ev Grimes for Oral History American Music Series at Yale University, 1988-1989
BOX-FOLDER 140/2 Interview with Francis Crociata for The New York Times, 1975
BOX-FOLDER 140/3 Interviews: "Things I've said or wanted to say," undated
BOX-FOLDER 140/4 Jazz (Parts I, II, and III), 1952
BOX-FOLDER 140/5 "Il jazz," 1952
BOX-FOLDER 140/6 "Il jazz negli state uniti" (Lessons I, II, and III), 1952
BOX-FOLDER 140/7 "Justice for composers," 1945
BOX-FOLDER 140/8 Lecture I: The composer, undated
BOX-FOLDER 140/9 Lecture I: The composer-creative and interpretive aspects, undated
BOX-FOLDER 140/10 Lecture I: The creative-the composer, 1963
BOX-FOLDER 140/11 Lecture I: The creative-the composer (second draft), 1963
BOX-FOLDER 140/12 Lecture II: The interpretive-the performer (final), 1963
BOX-FOLDER 140/13 Lecture II: Performer (draft I), 1963
BOX-FOLDER 140/14 Lecture II: The performer-the interpretive (draft I), 1963
BOX-FOLDER 140/15 Lecture III: The evaluative-the critic (1st draft), undated
BOX-FOLDER 140/16 Lecture III: The evaluative-the critic (final draft), 1963
BOX-FOLDER 140/17 Lecture III-Slee, 1961
BOX-FOLDER 140/18 Lecture IV: The public (1st draft), undated
BOX-FOLDER 140/19 Lecture IV: The public (the receptive), undated
BOX-FOLDER 140/20 Lecture IV: The public (the receptive) (final version), 1963
BOX-FOLDER 140/21 Leon Kirchner: Duo for violin and piano, 1950
BOX-FOLDER 140/22 "Metamorphosen," 1941
BOX-FOLDER 140/23 "Michelangelo in music" (from La Nazione Sera), undated
BOX-FOLDER 140/24 Miscellaneous: writings by David Diamond, 1947-1980 , undated
BOX-FOLDER 140/25 Miscellaneous: writings by others, 1972-1993 , undated
Includes: Carol Adler; Milton Babbitt; Anita Bunis; Alan Gilbert; Sharmi Harper; Margaret Widdemer; unidentified
BOX-FOLDER 140/26 "Music chronicle," 1941
BOX-FOLDER 140/27 Music lecture notes, 1947-1948 , undated
BOX-FOLDER 141/1 "The music of David Diamond," 1978
BOX-FOLDER 141/2 My poems, 1930-1933
BOX-FOLDER 141/3 The New York Times: letter to the editor, 1941
BOX-FOLDER 141/4 "Notes for David Diamond's String quartet no. 4," 1951
BOX-FOLDER 141/5 Outline of "The varieties of musical experience": A series of four lectures, 1941
BOX-FOLDER 141/6 Paul Hindemith, undated
BOX-FOLDER 141/7 Peter Mennin commemorative tribute, undated
BOX-FOLDER 141/8 "Poetics of music," undated
BOX-FOLDER 141/9 Roger Sessions memoir, 1985
BOX-FOLDER 141/10 Roger Sessions: Symphony no. 2, 1950
BOX-FOLDER 141/11 Salzburg seminar, 1949
BOX-FOLDER 141/12 Samuel Adler, undated
BOX-FOLDER 141/13 "Samuel Barber," 1950
BOX-FOLDER 141/14 "Shefi and the Ma-Ayan," undated
BOX-FOLDER 141/15 The Slee lectures I: Integrity and integration in contemporary American music, 1961
BOX-FOLDER 141/16 The Slee lectures III: Beethoven and the twentieth century, 1961
BOX-FOLDER 141/17 "Sorgere d'un Arte Americana Musicale," 1952
BOX-FOLDER 141/18 "Sour grapes or How vengeful students vent their bile," 1987
Laid in: New York Times article "The Jailyard School"
BOX-FOLDER 141/19 "The spiritual force of the American art song," 1952
BOX-FOLDER 141/20 "Statue of Apollo," undated
BOX-FOLDER 141/21 Tribute to "Little Henry" and Etta Mae at the American Academy of Arts and Letters "Crucial encounters" dinner, 1972
BOX-FOLDER 141/22 "Two Parisian events" (for Modern Music November issue), 1936
BOX-FOLDER 141/23 "The unaccompanied sonatas and partitas of Bach," undated
BOX-FOLDER 141/24 "The varieties of musical experience" (outline), 1941
BOX-FOLDER 141/25 "The visual fear," 1970
BOX-FOLDER 141/26 Walter Piston: String quartet no. 2, undated
BOX-FOLDER 141/27 "What they saw," 1991
BOX 142-143 Libretti/Lyrics, 1940-1987
Chiefly texts, synopses of novels, and ballets that Diamond either scored or endeavored to do so. A large portion of these materials relate to the novels Billy Budd by Herman Melville and Wings of the dove by Henry James. Also included are texts for Diamond's opera, The noblest game, which was abandoned by the New York City Opera and has never been performed.
Arranged alphabetically by title.
BOX-FOLDER 142/1 "All for love," text by John Dryden, undated
BOX-FOLDER 143/10 "Althea,"--Grace Zaring Stone, 1961-1963 , undated
Synopsis and correspondence
BOX-FOLDER 142/2 "Billy Budd," text by Herman Melville, undated
Manuscript notes
BOX-FOLDER 142/3 "Billy Budd," text by Herman Melville, undated
Typescript synopsis
BOX-FOLDER 142/4 "The changeling," by Thomas Middleton and William Rowley, undated
BOX-FOLDER 142/5 "The changeling," by Lyn Hoffman, undated
Typescript synopsis
BOX-FOLDER 142/8 "The dream of Audubon," text by Glenway Wescott, undated
Typescript scenario, two copies
BOX-FOLDER 142/11 "The dream of Audubon," undated
Typescript cast, plan of dances, and synopsis
BOX-FOLDER 142/9 "Faust: a masque"--Elder Olson, 1967
Print libretto
BOX-FOLDER 143/7 "Frontispiece,"--Ben Shahn, undated
BOX-FOLDER 142/10 "Linda," text by Alex Gaby, 1967
Typescript synopsis
BOX-FOLDER 142/12 Miscellaneous, 1940-1941, 1976 , undated
BOX-FOLDER 142/13 Miscellaneous libretti, 1951, 1956 , undated
BOX-FOLDER 142/14 Miscellaneous poems by others, 1949-1964 , undated
BOX-FOLDER 142/15-143/3 "The noblest game," text by Katie Louchheim, 1971-1973 , undated
Libretto, synopses, and notes
BOX-FOLDER 143/4 "One-act television opera," text by David Diamond, undated
Typescript synopsis
BOX-FOLDER 142/6 "Requiem"--Christopher Davis, 1967
Poem and correspondence
BOX-FOLDER 142/7 "Requiem"--Walter De La Mare, undated
Poems for possible cycle
BOX-FOLDER 143/5 "Seawrack," text by Albert Cook, undated
BOX-FOLDER 143/6 "A secular cantata," text by James Agee, 1975
BOX-FOLDER 143/8 "A song for hope," text by Elie Wiessel, 1987
BOX-FOLDER 143/9 "The stone eyes of Medusa: a ballet," text by Kimon Friar, undated
BOX-FOLDER 143/11-13 "Tom: a ballet" text by E. E. Cummings, undated
BOX-FOLDER 143/14 An untitled opera in one act, text by Edward Lind, 1960 , undated
Libretto, biography, and score fragment
BOX-FOLDER 143/15-20 "The wings of the dove," text by David Diamond, 1953-1958
Drafts and notes
BOX 131-136 Financial Papers, 1938-2002
Income tax documents, royalty statements, commissions, donations, invoices, and city and county tax forms.
Arranged alphabetically by folder title.
BOX-FOLDER 144/1 92nd Street Young Men’s & Women’s Hebrew Association, 1986-1997
BOX-FOLDER 144/2 Air Force District of Washington, 1990
BOX-FOLDER 144/3 American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters, 1982
BOX-FOLDER 144/4 American Federation of Musicians, 1998
BOX-FOLDER 144/5 American Jewish Tercentenary Committee Commission, 1954-1955
BOX-FOLDER 144/6-8 American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers: royalty checks and receipts, 1946-1973
BOX-FOLDER 144/9 American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers: royalty statements, 1949-2002
BOX-FOLDER 144/10 Apollo Music Services, 1987-1994
BOX-FOLDER 144/11 Arrow Music Press, Inc., 1938-1956
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