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David Diamond papers, 1915-2003

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Correspondence, 1928-2000 (continued)
BOX-FOLDER 72/2 Wilson, Phyllis and Elizabeth
see also Make me a captive, Lord
BOX-FOLDER 72/3 Wilson, Sandy
BOX-FOLDER 72/3 Wilson, Vickey
BOX-FOLDER 72/3 Wiman, Anna
BOX-FOLDER 72/3 The Wind Symphony of Southern New Jersey
BOX-FOLDER 72/3 Windham, Donald
BOX-FOLDER 72/3 Winkler, Peter
BOX-FOLDER 72/3 Winter, Hugo
BOX-FOLDER 72/3 Wisconsin Center for Theatre Research
BOX-FOLDER 72/3 Wise, Roland
BOX-FOLDER 72/3 Wiseman, Lance
BOX-FOLDER 72/3 Woessner, Frederick and Lise
BOX-FOLDER 72/3 Wojtasiewicz, Wojciech
BOX-FOLDER 72/3-4 Wolberg, Celia
see also Celia Rogers
BOX-FOLDER 72/4 Wolberg, Lewis
BOX-FOLDER 72/4 Wolberg, Mr. and Mrs. Max
BOX-FOLDER 72/4 Wolf, Mary
BOX-FOLDER 72/4 Wolfe, Thomas
BOX-FOLDER 72/4 Wolff, Christian
BOX-FOLDER 72/4 Wolff, Ethyl
BOX-FOLDER 72/5 Wolff, Helen
BOX-FOLDER 72/5 Wolkonsky, André and Elena
BOX-FOLDER 72/5 Wong, Julie
BOX-FOLDER 72/5 Wood, Audrey
BOX-FOLDER 72/5 Wood, Hugh
BOX-FOLDER 72/5 Wooddell, Glenn
BOX-FOLDER 72/5 Woodling, Gene
BOX-FOLDER 72/5 Woodring, Sally
BOX-FOLDER 72/5 Woods, Brian
BOX-FOLDER 72/5 Woods, Mark
BOX-FOLDER 72/5 Woollen, Russell
BOX-FOLDER 72/5 Worden, Elwyn and Arlene
BOX-FOLDER 72/5 Workman, Charles and Alexandra (and Harrison)
BOX-FOLDER 72/6 The World Bank
BOX-FOLDER 72/6 Wörner, Karl
BOX-FOLDER 72/6 Wottasiewicz, Wotciech
BOX-FOLDER 72/6 Wright, David C. F.
BOX-FOLDER 72/6 Wright, Helen
BOX-FOLDER 72/6 Wright, Stuart
BOX-FOLDER 72/6 Wührer, Friedrich
BOX-FOLDER 72/6 WXXI Public Broadcasting School
BOX-FOLDER 72/6 Wyeth, David
BOX-FOLDER 72/6 Wymond, William
BOX-FOLDER 72/6 Wyszynski, Richard
BOX-FOLDER 72/6 Xarhakos, Stavros
BOX-FOLDER 73/1 Xiang, Jin
BOX-FOLDER 73/1 Yablonskaya, Anna
BOX-FOLDER 73/1 The Yaddo Library
see also Ames, Elizabeth; Harnack, Curtis; Porter, Quincy and Lois
BOX-FOLDER 73/2 The Yale Review
BOX-FOLDER 73/2 Yale University
BOX-FOLDER 73/2 Yannell, Joseph
BOX-FOLDER 73/2 Yannotti, Sherry
BOX-FOLDER 73/2 Yarosh, Andrew
BOX-FOLDER 73/2 Yasser, Joseph
BOX-FOLDER 73/2 Yedidia, Ronn
BOX-FOLDER 73/2 Yee Ping, Stella
BOX-FOLDER 73/2 Yeend, Frances
BOX-FOLDER 73/2 Yoken, Mel
BOX-FOLDER 73/2 Yoken, Steve
BOX-FOLDER 73/2 Yorke, Helen
BOX-FOLDER 73/2 Young, Alison
BOX-FOLDER 73/3 Young Concert Artists, Inc.
Young, Edward
see Koussevitzky Recordings Society
BOX-FOLDER 73/2 Young Israel
BOX-FOLDER 73/3 Young Men's Hebrew Association
BOX-FOLDER 73/3 Young, Stefan
BOX-FOLDER 73/3 Young, Wendy
BOX-FOLDER 73/3 Young-Bruehl, Elisabeth
BOX-FOLDER 73/3 Youra, Ametis
BOX-FOLDER 73/3 Youritzin, Victor
BOX-FOLDER 73/3 Yow, Camille
BOX-FOLDER 73/3 Yun, Youngmee
BOX-FOLDER 73/3 Yunker, Michael and Carol
BOX-FOLDER 73/3 Yurgrau, Ruth
BOX-FOLDER 73/3 Yuzefovich, Victor
BOX-FOLDER 73/3-4 Zarb, Nikos
BOX-FOLDER 73/5 Zehner, Margaret
BOX-FOLDER 73/5 Zeitlin, Zvi and Marianne
BOX-FOLDER 73/5 Zeller, Gary
BOX-FOLDER 73/5 Zemach, Chaim
BOX-FOLDER 73/5 Zeya, Brian
BOX-FOLDER 73/5 Zhang, James
BOX-FOLDER 73/5 Zinnemann, Fred
BOX-FOLDER 73/5 Zirato, Bruno
BOX-FOLDER 73/5 Zitterbart, Ralph
BOX-FOLDER 73/5 Zucker, Laurel
BOX-FOLDER 73/5 Zwen, Michael
BOX-FOLDER 73/5 Zwerin, Anne
BOX-FOLDER 73/5 Zwilich, Joseph and Ellen
BOX-FOLDER 73/5 Zyman, Samuel and Nancy
BOX 74-75 Unidentified
BOX 76R-87R Journals, 1939-2001
Leather-bound diaries that Diamond used to record his daily life experiences and philosophical musings. He consistently reflected on depression, financial woes, and enduring friendships with Leonard Bernstein, Aaron Copland, and Ciro Cuomo.
Journals are restricted and can only be served with permission from Samuel Elliott.
Bound journals and loose contents from these volumes are housed separately due to format limitations. Both are arranged chronologically.
Bound Journals
BOX 76R 1939-1948 (Restricted)
BOX 77R 1949-1954 (Restricted)
BOX 78R 1955-1961 (Restricted)
BOX 79R 1962-1967 (Restricted)
BOX 80R 1968-1975 (Restricted)
BOX 81R 1976-1983 (Restricted)
BOX 82R 1984-1991 (Restricted)
BOX 83R 1992-1999 (Restricted)
BOX 84R 2000-2001 (Restricted)
Loose Items from Journals
BOX-FOLDER 84/1R 1939-1948 (Restricted)
BOX-FOLDER 84/2R 1949-1952 (Restricted)
BOX-FOLDER 84/3R 1953-1958 (Restricted)
BOX-FOLDER 85/1R 1959-1963 (Restricted)
BOX-FOLDER 85/2R 1964-1966 (Restricted)
BOX-FOLDER 85/3R 1967-1971 (Restricted)
BOX-FOLDER 85/4R 1972-1974 (Restricted)
BOX-FOLDER 85/5R 1975-1976 (Restricted)
BOX-FOLDER 85/6R 1977-1979 (Restricted)
BOX-FOLDER 86/1R 1980-1982 (Restricted)
BOX-FOLDER 86/2R 1982-1983 (Restricted)
BOX-FOLDER 86/3R 1984-1985 (Restricted)
BOX-FOLDER 86/4R 1986-1988 (Restricted)
BOX-FOLDER 86/5R 1989-1990 (Restricted)
BOX-FOLDER 86/6R 1991-1993 (Restricted)
BOX-FOLDER 87/1R 1994-1996 (Restricted)
BOX-FOLDER 87/2R 1997-2001 (Restricted)
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