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Music, 1931-2000 (continued)
Original Compositions, 1931-2000 (continued)
Chaconne for violin and piano (1947-1948) (continued)
Dedication: Jean Westbrook
BOX-FOLDER 164/32-33, 227/2 Chamber symphony: for clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, viola and piano (1935-1936)
Score and parts
Dedication: Aaron Copland
BOX-FOLDER 164/35-36 Chatterton: for voice and piano (1946)
Drafts and score
Text: John Keats
Dedication: Alfred Kazin
Note: Part of projected cycle, Three songs: 1. Chatterton, 2. ?, 3. Sleep
BOX-FOLDER 164/37-38 The children of the poor: for voice and piano (1949-1950)
Text: Victor Hugo
BOX-FOLDER 165/1 Choricos: a threnody for chamber orchestra, op. 52 (1934)
Dedication: Dr. Frederick Herbert Adler
BOX-FOLDER 165/2 Christmas day music: for piano four-hands (1939)
Dedication: Roy and Johanna Harris
BOX-FOLDER 165/3 Christmas eve (1970)
Text: Muriel Rukeyser
BOX-FOLDER 165/4-7 Christmas tree: for voice and piano (1970)
Text: E. E. Cummings
Dedication: Hildegarde and Sibley Watson
BOX-FOLDER 258/7 Cinquains: for voice and chamber ensemble (1931)
BOX-FOLDER 165/8-10 Concert piece for flute and harp (1988-1989)
Sketches and scores
Dedication: Glorian Duo-Wendy Kerner, Harp and Donna Milanovich, Flute
BOX-FOLDER 165/11-16 Concert piece for guitar and string quartet (1991-1992)
Scores and parts
Dedication: Sharon Isbin
BOX-FOLDER 166/1-6, 227/3 Concert piece for horn and string trio (1978)
Scores and parts
Dedication: Dr. Arthur D. Hasler
BOX-FOLDER 166/7, 227/4 Concert piece for multiple french horns in six parts (1996-1997)
Dedication: Eastman French Horn Choir
BOX-FOLDER 227/5 Concert piece for orchestra (1939)
BOX-FOLDER 166/8-10, 227/6 Concert piece for solo cello (1993)
Sketch and scores
Dedication: Steven Honigberg
BOX-FOLDER 166/11 Concert piece for viola and piano (1994-1995)
Score and part
Dedication: Glenna A. Heath
BOX-FOLDER 166/12-17 Concert piece for violin and piano (1990)
Draft, scores, and parts
Dedication: Alyssa Park
BOX-FOLDER 167/1-4, 230/3 Concertino for piano and orchestra (1964-1965)
Sketches and scores
BOX-FOLDER 172/1-7 Concerto for cello and orchestra (1938)
Draft, scores, and parts
Note: Published for solo cello and piano reduction in 1968
BOX-FOLDER 167/5-6, 228/1 Concerto for chamber orchestra (1939-1940)
Sketch and score
Dedication: Cady Wells
BOX-FOLDER 167/7-170/5, 228/2-4, 258/5 Concerto for flute and orchestra (1984-1985)
Draft, scores, and parts
Commission: Murry Sidlin and the New Haven Symphony Orchestra
Dedication: Jean Pierre Rampal
BOX-FOLDER 171/1-3, 229/2-3, 260/3-261/1, 271 Concerto for four stringed instruments (1936, 1961)
Scores and parts
Dedication: Albert Roussel
Note: Submitted for the Elizabeth Sprague Coolidge Award, 1937; revised and published as Concerto for string quartet
BOX-FOLDER 171/4-6, 228/5-229/1 Concerto for piano and orchestra (1949-1950)
Draft and scores
Dedication: Hortense Monath
BOX-FOLDER 161/7 Concerto for small orchestra (1939)
Concerto for string quartet and orchestra (1936, 1961)
see Concerto for four stringed instruments
BOX-FOLDER 171/8-9 Concerto for two solo pianos (1942)
Draft and score
Dedication: Livingston Gearhart and Virginia Morley
Concerto for violin and orchestra no. 1 (1936)
see Violin concerto no. 1
BOX-FOLDER 172/8-9 Cradle song: for four-part men's chorus (1991)
BOX-FOLDER 172/10 A cycle of songs: for voice and piano (1959-1960)
Text: E. E. Cummings
BOX-FOLDER 172/11 Dance for bassoon and piano (undated)
BOX-FOLDER 172/12-13 Dance of liberation: stage music (1936)
BOX-FOLDER 172/14 David: an opera (1935)
Text: D. H. Lawrence
BOX-FOLDER 172/15-16 David weeps for Absalom: for voice and piano (1946)
Text: Samuel 19:1
BOX-FOLDER 172/17 David's syninx: for single treble instrument (1991)
Dedication: Jody
Dawn the Perspective: for voice and piano (undated)
see Be music, night
BOX-FOLDER 172/18 Death: for voice and chamber orchestra, op. 42 (1933)
Text: Maxwell Bodenheim
Dedication: Lazare Saminsky
BOX-FOLDER 173/1-4, 230/4-5 The death of Peter Whiffle: for baritone and small orchestra (1993)
Sketches and scores
Commission: Irene Diamond Foundation for Gerard Schwarz and the New York Chamber Symphony
Text: Carl Van Vechten
Dedication: Martin Bruns
BOX-FOLDER 173/5-175/4, 231/1 Diaphony: in two parts for two pianos, organ, timpani, and brass (1954-1955)
Sketches, scores, and parts
Dedication: Juilliard Foundation
BOX-FOLDER 175/5-6 Dirge: a choreographic poem for large orchestra (1935)
Sketch and score
Dedication: David Hochstein
BOX-FOLDER 175/7-176/3, 231/2-3 Divertimento for a precocious child pianist: for piano and small orchestra (1935)
Score and parts
Dedication: Henry Schubert and Winifred Lansing
BOX-FOLDER 176/4-5 Do I love you?: theme and variations for voice and piano (1968)
Text: Jack Larson
Dedication: Ned Rorem
BOX-FOLDER 176/6 A domestic cat: for voice and piano (1987)
Text: Edwin Denby
BOX-FOLDER 176/7-8 Don't cry: for voice and piano (1981)
Text: Marilyn Monroe
Dedication: Elisabeth Braden
BOX-FOLDER 176/9-13, 231/4-232/3 The dream of Audubon: ballet in three parts (1941)
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