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Music, 1931-2000 (continued)
Original Compositions, 1931-2000 (continued)
Let nothing disturb thee: for voice and piano (1945) (continued)
Text: St. Teresa of Avila
Dedication: Igor and Vera Stravinsky
BOX-FOLDER 181/11 The Levant girls-three portraits: three requests, for piano (1949)
BOX-FOLDER 181/12-13, 235/1 Life and death: for voice and piano (1969)
Text: Chidiock Tichborne
Dedication: Cyril Solomon
BOX-FOLDER 181/14 Life in the balance (film music, 1966)
BOX-FOLDER 181/15-17 Lift not the painted veil: for voice and piano (1946)
Text: Percy Shelley
Dedication: Sabina
BOX-FOLDER 181/18-182/4, 235/2-4 Lilac festival overture: for orchestra (1988-1989)
Sketches, scores, and parts
BOX-FOLDER 182/5-6 Lines for an old man: for voice and piano (1943)
Text: T. S. Eliot
Dedication: Carson McCullers
BOX-FOLDER 183/1-2 A little birthday tribute to Stella Adler: for piano (1981)
BOX-FOLDER 183/3-4 The little black boy: for voice and piano (undated)
Sketch and score
Text: William Blake
BOX-FOLDER 183/5 Little prelude for young pianists (1935)
Dedication: Darcia
BOX-FOLDER 183/6 Longing for Jerusalem: for chorus (1948)
Text: Judah Halevi; translation by Emma Lazarus
BOX-FOLDER 183/7-8 Love and time: song cycle for voice and piano (1968)
Text: Katie Louchheim
Dedication: Carolyn Reyer
BOX-FOLDER 183/9 Love is more: for voice and piano (1950)
Text: E. E. Cummings
Dedication: Marion Morehouse
BOX-FOLDER 183/10-13 A love song for Julian: for cello and piano (1998)
Scores and parts
Dedication: Julian Schwarz
BOX-FOLDER 183/14 A love song to Gabriella and Julian: for violin and piano (1996)
Score and part
Dedication: Gabriella and Julian Schwarz
BOX-FOLDER 183/15-16 The lover as mirror: for voice and piano (1944)
Text: Edward Stringham
Dedication: Jennie Tourel
BOX-FOLDER 183/18 Lullaby (undated)
Text: Leonie Adams
BOX-FOLDER 183/17 Lullaby for voice and piano (1958)
Text: James Agee
Dedication: James Agee
BOX-FOLDER 183/19, 235/5-6 The mad maid's song: for soprano, flute, and harpsichord (1937, revised 1953)
Sketch and scores
Text: Robert Herrick
Dedication: Marc Blitzstein
Earlier dedication: Ethel and Otto Leuning
BOX-FOLDER 183/20-21 Make me a captive, Lord: for chorus (1973)
Draft and score
Text: George Matheson
Dedication: Phyllis E. Wilson
BOX-FOLDER 183/22 The man behind the gun: CBS radio show (1942)
Sketch and score
BOX-FOLDER 183/23 Ma-Tovu: for chorus (1944)
BOX-FOLDER 183/24 Marot song for KAP's 80th birthday (1969)
Text: Clement Marot
Dedication: Katherine Anne Porter
BOX-FOLDER 183/25, 262/7 The martyr: for men's chorus and orchestra (1950, 1964)
Text: Herman Melville
Dedication: John F. Kennedy
BOX-FOLDER 183/26-27 Meditation on Kol Nidre: for piano (1991)
Dedication: Thomas Yehudah-David Tirino
BOX-FOLDER 183/28-30 The midnight meditation: a song cycle for voice and piano (1951)
Text: Elder Olson
Dedication: William Warfield
BOX-FOLDER 183/31-33 The millennium: for voice and piano (1960)
Draft and scores
Text: Isak Dinesen
Dedication: Hildegarde and Sibley Watson
BOX-FOLDER 184/1-5 Mirandolina: music comedy in four acts (1958)
Text: Pinkas Braun and Carlo Goldoni
Miscellaneous works
BOX-FOLDER 213/4 1935 February
Contents: Eight piano pieces for children; Scherzo for orchestra
BOX-FOLDER 213/5 1935 February
Contents: Prelude for chamber orchestra; Eight piano pieces for children
BOX-FOLDER 213/6 1935 March - May
Contents: Organ prelude; A silent prayer; Symphony no. 2
BOX-FOLDER 213/7 1935 June
Contents: Piano suite for children four-hands; Ballade for small orchestra
BOX-FOLDER 213/8 1935 Fall
Contents: Passacaglia for orchestra; Rhythmic notation; Variations on a theme by Erik Satie
BOX-FOLDER 213/9 1935 October - 1936 February
Contents: Themes
BOX-FOLDER 213/10 1936-1937
Contents: Crude themes; Exercises
BOX-FOLDER 213/11 1936-1937
Contents: Quartet; Quintet; String serenade; String trio; Variations
BOX-FOLDER 213/12 1937 March
Contents: Chaconne; Harpsichord concerto; Piano sonata; Quintet; Trio; Violin concerto
BOX-FOLDER 213/13 1937 July
Contents: Flute quintet; E. E. Cummings song; Two James Joyce madrigals for an a capella choir
BOX-FOLDER 213/14 1937 July - November
Contents: Flute quintet; Music for orchestra; String quartet
BOX-FOLDER 214/1 1938 November
Contents: Hamlet cues; Symphony no. 1
BOX-FOLDER 214/2 1938-1939
Contents: Fugue subject; Piano quartet
BOX-FOLDER 214/3 1940, 1984-1985
Contents: Epitaph (On the death of a young cavalry officer killed in the valley of Virginia); Flute concerto; He toned the spritely beam of morning; Piano concerto; Piano sonata; Symphony no. 3
BOX-FOLDER 214/4 1942-1945
Contents: Rounds; String quartet; Symphony no. 2; Symphony no. 3; The canticle of St. Teresa of Avila
BOX-FOLDER 214/5 1945
Contents: Let nothing disturb thee; Monody
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