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Music, 1931-2000 (continued)
Original Compositions, 1931-2000 (continued)
BOX-FOLDER 199/5 Snake: for voice and piano (1965)
Text: D. H. Lawrence
Dedication: Vladimir Lakored
BOX-FOLDER 199/6-7 Somewhere: for voice and piano (1946)
see also The epitaph
Text: Logan Smith
Dedication: Helen Coates
BOX-FOLDER 199/8-9 Somewhere I have never travelled: for voice and orchestra (1938)
Text: E. E. Cummings
Dedication: Marion Morehouse
BOX-FOLDER 199/10-11, 248/4 Sonata for alto saxophone and piano (1983-1984)
Dedication: Laura Hunter
Commission: National Endowment for the Arts
BOX-FOLDER 199/12-19 Sonata for flute and piano (1986-1987)
Scores and parts
Dedication: Jean-Pierre Rampal
BOX-FOLDER 200/5-7 Sonata for unaccompanied cello (1956-1959)
Draft and scores
Dedication: Zara Nelsova
BOX-FOLDER 200/1 Sonata for unaccompanied viola (1964, 1988)
Dedication: Sol Greitzer
BOX-FOLDER 200/2-4 Sonata for unaccompanied violin (1954-1959)
Draft and scores
Dedication: Isaac Stern
BOX-FOLDER 200/8-11 Sonata in A minor for piano (1936)
Drafts and scores
Dedication: Celia Wolberg
BOX-FOLDER 200/15-16, 248/5 Sonata no. 1 for violin and piano (1943-1946)
Score and parts
Dedication: Joseph Szigeti
BOX-FOLDER 201/6-8, 248/6 Sonata no. 2 for cello and piano (1987)
Sketch, scores, and parts
Dedication: Irene
Commission: Aaron Diamond Foundation for the 1988 New York International Festival of the Arts
BOX-FOLDER 200/12-13 Sonata no. 2 for piano (1972)
Dedication: Francis Thorne
BOX-FOLDER 201/1-3 Sonata no. 2 for violin and piano (1952, 1962)
Dedication: Gian Francesco Malipiero
Note: Unfinished
BOX-FOLDER 201/4-5 Sonata no. 2 for violin and piano (1981)
Scores and part
Dedication: William Black and Robert McDuffie
BOX-FOLDER 200/14 Sonata no. 3 for piano (1972-1973)
Dedication: Rudolf Serkin
BOX-FOLDER 201/9-10 Sonatina for accordion (1963)
Sketch and score
Commission: American Accordionists Association
BOX-FOLDER 201/11 Sonatina for bassoon and piano (2000)
Dedication: Boris G?
BOX-FOLDER 201/18 Sonatina for cello and piano (1959)
BOX-FOLDER 201/12 Sonatina for piano four-hands (1983)
BOX-FOLDER 201/13, 248/7 Sonatina for piano and violin, op. 61 (1933-1934)
Violin part
Dedication: Effie Knauss (formerly dedicated to Bernard Rogers)
BOX-FOLDER 201/14-17 Sonatina for violin and piano (1937-1938)
Sketch and scores
Dedication: Israel Citkowitz (formerly dedicated to Joseph Szigeti and Nakita Mayoloff)
BOX-FOLDER 201/19-20 Sonatina no. 1 for piano (1935)
Draft and score
Dedication: Dorothy and Alfred Kreymborg
BOX-FOLDER 201/21-23 Sonatina no. 2 for piano (1987)
Draft and scores
Dedication: Mirian Conti
BOX-FOLDER 201/26 Song and dance for small orchestra (1935)
BOX-FOLDER 201/27-31 Song for bassoon and piano (1967)
Draft, scores, and parts
Dedication: Stephen Rothstein
BOX-FOLDER 202/1-203/4, 249/1-3 A song for hope: a cantata for eight solo voices and small orchestra (1986-1987)
Sketches, scores, and parts
Text: Elie Wiesel
BOX-FOLDER 203/5 Song for Sam: for voice and piano (1973)
Text: Jean Garrigue
BOX-FOLDER 203/6-7 Song for Shavouth: for two-part children's chorus and piano (1935)
Dedication: Mother and Father
Note: Includes Elsa Weihl correspondence
BOX-FOLDER 203/8 Song from "Is 5": for two sopranos, cellos, and double basses (1937)
Text: E. E. Cummings
BOX-FOLDER 201/24-25 Sonnets to Orpheus (1946)
Text: Rainer Maria Rilke
Dedication: Bohuslav and Charlotte Martinů
Contents: You, my friend; Even though the world keeps changing; Thou my sacred solitude
BOX-FOLDER 203/9 Sooner than you thought, I bet!: for clarinet (1980)
Dedication: Blake Ariel
BOX-FOLDER 203/10-11 Souvent j'ai dit à mon mari: for voice and piano (1943)
Text: Katherine Mansfield
Dedication: Darius, Madeleine, and Daniel Milhaud
BOX-FOLDER 203/12 The span of life: for voice and piano (1988)
Text: Robert Frost
Dedication: Ned Rorem
BOX-FOLDER 250/1 Strange victory (film music, 1948)
BOX-FOLDER 258/4 Suite for chamber orchestra, op. 59 (1934)
BOX-FOLDER 182/7-8 The sun and Richard Lippold (film music, 1965)
Score and parts
BOX-FOLDER 204/1 The swallow leaves her nest (1940, revised 1950)
Text: Thomas Lovell Beddoes
Dedication: Eva Gauthier
BOX-FOLDER 206/23-24, 256/4 A symphonic portrait of Shakespeare's Timon of Athens: for orchestra (1949)
Dedication: Louisville Orchestra
BOX-FOLDER 204/2 Symphony for chamber orchestra (1936-1937)
Dedication: Nadia Boulanger
BOX-FOLDER 204/3-4, 251/3 Symphony for organ (1987)
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