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Music, 1931-2000 (continued)
Original Compositions, 1931-2000 (continued)
Song for Shavouth: for two-part children's chorus and piano (1935) (continued)
Dedication: Mother and Father
Note: Includes Elsa Weihl correspondence
BOX-FOLDER 203/8 Song from "Is 5": for two sopranos, cellos, and double basses (1937)
Text: E. E. Cummings
BOX-FOLDER 201/24-25 Sonnets to Orpheus (1946)
Text: Rainer Maria Rilke
Dedication: Bohuslav and Charlotte Martinů
Contents: You, my friend; Even though the world keeps changing; Thou my sacred solitude
BOX-FOLDER 203/9 Sooner than you thought, I bet!: for clarinet (1980)
Dedication: Blake Ariel
BOX-FOLDER 203/10-11 Souvent j'ai dit à mon mari: for voice and piano (1943)
Text: Katherine Mansfield
Dedication: Darius, Madeleine, and Daniel Milhaud
BOX-FOLDER 203/12 The span of life: for voice and piano (1988)
Text: Robert Frost
Dedication: Ned Rorem
BOX-FOLDER 250/1 Strange victory (film music, 1948)
BOX-FOLDER 258/4 Suite for chamber orchestra, op. 59 (1934)
BOX-FOLDER 182/7-8 The sun and Richard Lippold (film music, 1965)
Score and parts
BOX-FOLDER 204/1 The swallow leaves her nest (1940, revised 1950)
Text: Thomas Lovell Beddoes
Dedication: Eva Gauthier
BOX-FOLDER 206/23-24, 256/4 A symphonic portrait of Shakespeare's Timon of Athens: for orchestra (1949)
Dedication: Louisville Orchestra
BOX-FOLDER 204/2 Symphony for chamber orchestra (1936-1937)
Dedication: Nadia Boulanger
BOX-FOLDER 204/3-4, 251/3 Symphony for organ (1987)
Dedication: Leonard Raver
BOX-FOLDER 204/5-6, 251/4 Symphony in one movement (1933)
Sketch and parts
BOX-FOLDER 251/6-252/3 Symphony no. 1 (1940-1941)
Sketches and scores
BOX-FOLDER 252/4-253/3 Symphony no. 2 (1942-1943)
Draft and scores
BOX-FOLDER 253/4-254/3, 258/8, 272 Symphony no. 3 (1945)
Scores and parts
BOX-FOLDER 254/4, 265/1-2 Symphony no. 4 (1945)
BOX-FOLDER 204/8, 265/3 Symphony no. 5 (1951, 1964)
BOX-FOLDER 204/9-10, 255/1 Symphony no. 6 (1951-1957)
Sketch and draft
BOX-FOLDER 266/1 Symphony no. 7 (1959)
BOX-FOLDER 205/1-3, 266/2 Symphony no. 8 (1960)
Sketches, draft and scores
Dedication: Aaron Copland
BOX-FOLDER 205/4-7, 255/2-3, 266/3-4, 273 Symphony no. 9 (1984-1985)
Sketches, scores, and parts
Text: Michelangelo Buonarroti
Dedication: Dimitri Mitropoulos
BOX-FOLDER 205/8, 258/3, 266/5-267/1 Symphony no. 10 (1987, 2000)
Sketches and score
Dedication: Gerard Schwarz
BOX-FOLDER 205/9-10, 267/2-268/1 Symphony no. 11 (1989-1991)
Fragments, draft, and scores
BOX-FOLDER 205/11, 269/1 Tantivy: for symphonic band (1988)
BOX-FOLDER 206/1 Ten dresses (1947)
Dedication: Shirley
BOX-FOLDER 206/2 Ten keyboard works (1946)
BOX-FOLDER 180/19, 206/3-4 Their wedding: for cello and harp (1986)
Scores and parts
Dedication: Bobby and Camille
BOX-FOLDER 206/5 Theme for improvisation (1979)
Dedication: Wojctiech
BOX-FOLDER 206/6-8 Then and now: eleven pieces for young pianists (1962)
Draft and scores
Dedication: Sabina Cuomo
BOX-FOLDER 206/9-10, 256/1 This certain night: for 8-part mixed a capella chorus (1970)
Draft and scores
Text: James Agee
Dedication: Francis Thorne
BOX-FOLDER 206/11-12 This is the garden: for mixed a capella chorus (1935)
Text: E. E. Cummings
Dedication: Marion and Estlin [E. E.] Cummings
BOX-FOLDER 206/13, 256/2-3 This sacred ground: a setting of Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address, for mixed chorus, children's chorus, baritone solo and orchestra (1962)
Dedication: Josef Krips
BOX-FOLDER 206/14-15 This world is not my home: for voice and piano (1946)
Dedication: James and Mia Agee
BOX-FOLDER 206/16-18 Three epitaphs: for voice and piano (1938)
Text: Sylvia Townsend Warner
Dedication: Hildegarde Watson
BOX-FOLDER 206/19 Three Hebrew chants, op. 67: for voice and piano (1934)
BOX-FOLDER 206/20 Three pieces for string quartet (1935)
Dedication: Martha Graham
BOX-FOLDER 206/21 Three young rats: canon for 4 voices (1946)
BOX-FOLDER 206/22 Threnody: for baritone speaking voice and piano (1935)
Text: Alfred Kreymborg
BOX-FOLDER 269/2 Threnody: for large orchestra (1935)
Dedication: David Hochstein
BOX-FOLDER 206/25-27 To Lucasta: on going to the wars, for voice and piano (1944)
Text: Richard Lovelace
Dedication: Irene Lee
BOX-FOLDER 207/1 To military progress: for voice and piano (undated)
Text: Marianne Moore
Note: "Sister Jane" on verso
BOX-FOLDER 207/2, 270/1-3 To music: choral symphony for mixed chorus, tenor and bass-baritone solo, and orchestra (1967)
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