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Music, 1931-2000 (continued)
Original Compositions, 1931-2000 (continued)
To music: choral symphony for mixed chorus, tenor and bass-baritone solo, and orchestra (1967) (continued)
Dedication: Ann and Francis Thorne
BOX-FOLDER 207/3-5 To my muse: for voice and piano (1983)
Sketch and scores
Text: Barry Gifford
Dedication: Elisabeth Braden
BOX-FOLDER 207/6 To my son, Ted (1945)
Text: Natalie Zimmerman
BOX-FOLDER 207/7 Toccata-fugata (1967)
BOX-FOLDER 207/8 Together at the piano (undated)
BOX-FOLDER 207/10 The tomb of Melville: for voice and piano (1944-1949)
Text: Hart Crane
BOX-FOLDER 207/11-12, 257/1 Trio for violin, cello, and piano (1951)
Scores and parts
BOX-FOLDER 207/13-208/2 Trio for violin, clarinet, and piano (1993-1994)
Draft, scores, and parts
Commission: Library of Congress for the Verdehr Trio
BOX-FOLDER 208/3-7 Trio in G major for violin, viola, and cello (1937, revised 1968)
Dedication: M. Berezowsky, Moldavan, and Gottlieb of the Coolidge String Quartet
BOX-FOLDER 208/8 Triple concerto (1998)
Dedication: Vedehr Trio
BOX-FOLDER 208/9 Twenty-four preludes and fugues for piano (1939)
BOX-FOLDER 208/10-12 The twisted trinity: for voice and piano (1943)
Text: Carson McCullers
Dedication: Aaron Sapiro
BOX-FOLDER 208/13 The twisting of the rope: opera-ballet in one act (1939)
Text: W. B. Yeats
BOX-FOLDER 208/14 Two anthems for chorus (1955)
Text: David Diamond
Contents: To thee, O Lord; Why the fuss
BOX-FOLDER 163/21-164/6, 209/1 Two barcarolles for piano (1993)
Contents: No. 1 For Carole Rosenberger; No. 2 For Amelia Haygood
BOX-FOLDER 209/2 Two choruses for male a capella voices (1950)
Text: Herman Melville
BOX-FOLDER 209/3-4 Two elegies for voice and string quartet (1935)
Text: Christina Rossetti
Dedication: Minna Hager
Contents: Remember; When I am dead
BOX-FOLDER 209/5 Two Hebrew preludes: op. 68, for piano (1934)
BOX-FOLDER 209/6 Two pieces for violin and piano (1946)
Dedication: Tossy Spivakovsky
Contents: Canticle; Perpetual motion
BOX-FOLDER 209/7 Two songs for voice and piano (1969)
Text: Malcolm Cowley
Contents: The Mother; The first born
BOX-FOLDER 209/8-14 Two songs for voice and piano (1964)
Text: Theodore Roethke
Dedication: Dr. Harry Segal and Dr. Max Wiener
Contents: Prayer; My Papa's waltz
BOX-FOLDER 209/15, 257/2-3 Variations for small orchestra (1937)
Draft and scores
Dedication: Igor Stravinsky
BOX-FOLDER 209/16, 257/4 Variations on a theme by Erik Satie: for orchestra (1935-1936)
Sketch and score
Dedication: Roger Sessions/Virgil Thomson
BOX-FOLDER 209/17-19 Violin and piano chamber music for young people to play (1935)
Sketch, draft, and score
Dedication: Zunie
BOX-FOLDER 209/20-210/4, 229/4-230/1 Violin concerto no. 1 (1936)
Sketches, scores, and parts
Dedication: Nicolai Berezowsky
BOX-FOLDER 210/5-7, 230/2 Violin concerto no. 2 (1947)
Dedication: Dorotha Powers
BOX-FOLDER 211/1-2, 261/2-262/1 Violin concerto no. 3 (1967-1969)
BOX-FOLDER 211/3 Violin concerto no. 4 (1997)
Dedication: Tricia Park
BOX-FOLDER 211/4 Vista: for a capella chorus (1935)
Text: Alfred Kreymborg
BOX-FOLDER 211/5-8 Vocalises for soprano and viola (1935, 1956)
Draft and scores
Dedication: Virgil Thomson
BOX-FOLDER 211/9 Warning: for SATB chorus and tubular chimes (1970)
BOX-FOLDER 211/10-11 We two: a song cycle for voice and piano (1964)
Text: William Shakespeare
Dedication: Carolyn Reyer
BOX-FOLDER 211/12-13 Weeping women: a lake song for four-part women's a capella voices (1935)
Sketch and score
Text: Jean Starr Untermeyer
BOX-FOLDER 211/14 When we were lost: for voice and piano (1953)
Text: Carson McCullers
BOX-FOLDER 211/15 While Adam slept: for voice and piano (1945)
Dedication: Hildegarde Watson
BOX-FOLDER 258/6 White nocturne: for harp and string quartet (1933)
BOX-FOLDER 211/16-212/5, 257/5 Why?: a cantata for men's chorus, string orchestra, piano, and percussion (1991-1992)
Draft and scores
Text: William Blake
Dedication: Dennis Coleman
BOX-FOLDER 212/6-7 The wings of the dove: music drama in four acts (1953)
Sketch and score
Note: Based on a novel by Henry James
BOX-FOLDER 257/7-8 The world of Paul Klee: for orchestra (1956-1959)
Commission: The Rockefeller Foundation
BOX-FOLDER 212/8-10 Young Joseph: for women's chorus, piano, organ, or string orchestra (1944)
Sketch and scores
Text: Thomas Mann
Dedication: Sabina
BOX-FOLDER 213/1 Unidentified work for harpsichord and orchestra (undated)
Short score
BOX-FOLDER 213/2-3 Unidentified fragments and sketches
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