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American Ballet Theatre archive, 1940-2014

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Photographs, 1940-2009 (continued)
Individuals (continued)
BOX-FOLDER 21/22-24 Gregory, Cynthia
Photographer: Gregory Heisler, Martha Swope, and unknown
BOX-FOLDER 21/25 Guillem, Sylvie
BOX-FOLDER 21/26 Halliday, Lynne
Photographer: Tess Steinkolk
BOX-FOLDER 21/27 Harangozo, Gimi
BOX-FOLDER 21/28-30 Harvey, Cynthia
Photographer: Paul B. Goode, Roy Round, and unknown
BOX-FOLDER 21/31 Heathcote, Stephen
BOX-FOLDER 21/32-33 Hermann, Jane
Photographer: Jack Mitchell, Martha Swope
BOX-FOLDER 21/34 Herrera, Paloma
Photographer: Victor DeLiso
BOX-FOLDER 21/35 Hilaire, Laurent
BOX-FOLDER 21/36-38 Hill, Robert
Photographer: Paul B. Goode, Roy Round, Marty Sohl
BOX-FOLDER 21/39-40 Holder, Christian
Photographer: Bliokh, Roy Round
BOX-FOLDER 21/41 Hyde, Stephen
BOX-FOLDER 21/42 Hynd, Ronald
BOX-FOLDER 21/43-45 Jaffe, Susan
Photographer: Kenn Duncan, Gregory Heisler, Roy Round, Hollister Lowe
BOX-FOLDER 21/46 Jones, Susan
BOX-FOLDER 21/47-48 Joseph, Peter T.
Photographer: Nancy Ellison, and unknown
BOX-FOLDER 21/49 Kalinin, Vladislav
BOX-FOLDER 21/50 Katerndahl, Lucette
Photographer: Paul B. Goode
BOX-FOLDER 21/51-52 Kaye, Nora
Photographer: Maurice Seymour, Martha Swope, and unknown
BOX-FOLDER 21/53 Kelly, Paul
Photographer: Kelvin Murray
BOX-FOLDER 21/54 Kent, Julie
Photographer: Paul B. Goode
BOX-FOLDER 21/55 Kim, Willa
Photographer: Chong Gwon Park
BOX-FOLDER 21/56-58 Kirkland, Gelsey
Photographer: Kenn Duncan, Roy Round, Gregory Heisler
BOX-FOLDER 21/59 Koesun, Ruth Ann
BOX-FOLDER 21/60 Kojima, Naoya
Photographer: Hidemi Seto
BOX-FOLDER 21/61 Konobeyeva, Oksana
Photographer: Rosalie O'Connor
BOX-FOLDER 21/62-63 Kriza, John
Photographer: Jack Mitchell, and unknown
BOX-FOLDER 21/64 Kryche, Karen
Photographer: Jack Mitchell
BOX-FOLDER 21/65 Kudelka, James
Photographer: Cylla von Tiedmann
BOX-FOLDER 21/66 Kylián, Jiří
Photographer: Paul Huf
BOX-FOLDER 21/67 LaCroix, Christian
BOX-FOLDER 21/68-69 La Fosse, Robert
Photographer: Gilles Larrain, Jack Mitchell, and unknown
BOX-FOLDER 21/70 Lanchbery, John
Photographer: Anthony Crickmay
BOX-FOLDER 21/71 Lavoie, Serge
Photographer: David Street
BOX-FOLDER 21/72 Liceica, Anna
Photographer: Rosalie O'Connor
BOX-FOLDER 21/73 Lichine, David
BOX-FOLDER 21/74-76 Liepa, Andris
Photographer: Monroe Warshaw, Nina Alovert, and unknown
BOX-FOLDER 21/77 Lowski, Woytek
BOX-FOLDER 21/78 Lynn, Veronica
Photographer: Roy Round
BOX-FOLDER 22/1 Macdonald, Brian
Note: Photograph courtesy of Stratford Festival, Canada
BOX-FOLDER 22/2-4 MacMillan, Kenneth
Photographer: Anthony Crickmay, Martha Swope, and unknown
BOX-FOLDER 22/5 Mahler, Roni
Photographer: Maurice Seymour
BOX-FOLDER 22/6 Maillot, Jean-Christophe
Photographer: Torello
BOX-FOLDER 22/7 Makarova, Natalia
BOX-FOLDER 22/8-9 Malakhov, Vladimir
Photographer: Felipe Alcoceba, Hans Hajott
BOX-FOLDER 22/10-11 Markova, Alicia
Photographer: Maurice Seymour, and unknown
BOX-FOLDER 22/12 Marsalis, Wynton, 1993
Photographer: Richard Corman
BOX-FOLDER 22/13 Martinez, Enrique
Photographer: Walter E. Owen
BOX-FOLDER 22/14 Maynard, Parrish
Photographer: Roy Round
BOX-FOLDER 22/15 McFall, John
BOX-FOLDER 22/16 McHugh, Iona
BOX-FOLDER 22/17-19 McKenzie, Kevin
Photographer: Jack Mitchell, Martha Swope, and unknown
BOX-FOLDER 22/20-22 McKerrow, Amanda
Photographer: Gilles Larrain, Gregory Heisler, Martha Swope
BOX-FOLDER 22/23 Meehan, John
Photographer: Rosalie O'Connor
BOX-FOLDER 22/24-25 Messac, Megali
Photographer: Kenn Duncan, and unknown
BOX-FOLDER 22/26 Messel, Oliver
BOX-FOLDER 22/27 Mitchell, Janet
Photographer: Jack Mitchell
BOX-FOLDER 22/28 Molina, Carlos
Photographer: Rosalie O'Connor
BOX-FOLDER 22/29 Moore, Bonnie
Photographer: MIRA
BOX-FOLDER 22/30-31 Moore, Kathleen
Photographer: Martha Swope, Paul B. Goode
BOX-FOLDER 22/32-33 Morris, Mark
Photographer: Marc Royce, and unknown
BOX-FOLDER 22/34-35 Moylan, Mary Ellen
Photographer: Maurice Seymour, and unknown
BOX-FOLDER 22/36 Nickel, Paul
Photographer: Jack Mitchell
BOX-FOLDER 22/37 Notara, Darrell
Photographer: Maurice Seymour
BOX-FOLDER 22/38 Nureyev, Rudolf
Note: Includes Nureyev conducting
BOX-FOLDER 22/39 O'Connor, Rosalie
BOX-FOLDER 22/40 O'Day, Kevin
Photographer: Jack Mitchell
BOX-FOLDER 22/41 Orlando, Mariane
Photographer: Jack Mitchell
BOX-FOLDER 22/42-43 Orr, Terry
Photographer: Martha Swope, Kenn Duncan
BOX-FOLDER 22/44 Owen, Michael
Photographer: Martha Swope
BOX-FOLDER 22/45 Parkinson, Georgia
Photographer: Roy Round
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