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American Ballet Theatre archive, 1940-2014

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Photographs, 1940-2009 (continued)
Individuals (continued)
BOX-FOLDER 22/46 Parsons, David
BOX-FOLDER 22/47 Peterson, Kirk
BOX-FOLDER 22/48 Paul, Mimi
BOX-FOLDER 22/49-50 Picone, Giuseppe
Photographer: Rosalie O'Connor, and unknown
BOX-FOLDER 22/51 Porter, Cole
Note: At piano
BOX-FOLDER 22/52 Possokhov, Yuri
Photographer: Marty Sohl
BOX-FOLDER 22/53 Radetsky, Sasha
Photographer: Rosalie O'Connor
BOX-FOLDER 22/54-56 Radojevic, Danilo
Photographer: Jack Mitchell, Gregory Heisler, and unknown
BOX-FOLDER 22/57 Rall, Tommy
BOX-FOLDER 22/58 Renvall, Johan
Photographer: Martha Swope
BOX-FOLDER 22/59-60 Richards, Dianne
Photographer: Jack Mitchell, and unknown
BOX-FOLDER 22/61 Richardson, David
Photographer: Shonna Valeska
BOX-FOLDER 22/62 Richardson, Desmond
Photographer: Jack Mitchell
BOX-FOLDER 22/63 Riggins, Lloyd
Photographer: Rigmor Mydtskov
BOX-FOLDER 22/64 Robbins, Jerome
Photographer: Jack Mitchell
BOX-FOLDER 22/65 Roberts, Keith
Photographer: Roy Round
BOX-FOLDER 22/66-67 Romanoff, Dimitri
Photographer: Jack Mitchell
BOX-FOLDER 22/68 Rose, Amy
Photographer: Gilles Larrain
BOX-FOLDER 22/69 Rowe, Paul
Photographer: Lisa Kohler
BOX-FOLDER 22/71-72 Ruzimatov, Faruk
Photographer: Martha Swope
Note: Russian and European publications spell the first name Farukh
BOX-FOLDER 23/1 Samaritani, Pierluigi
Photographer: Martha Swope
Note: Also known as Pier Luigi Samaritani
BOX-FOLDER 23/2 Saveliev, Gennadi
Photographer: Rosalie O'Connor
BOX-FOLDER 23/3 Scheepers, Martin
BOX-FOLDER 23/4 Selling, Caj
Photographer: Jack Mitchell
Note: Known as Caj Lottman in Israel
BOX-FOLDER 23/5 Selya, John
Photographer: MIRA
BOX-FOLDER 23/6-7 Serrano, Lupe
Photographer: Jack Mitchell, and unknown
BOX-FOLDER 23/8 Shelkanova, Ekaterina
BOX-FOLDER 23/9-10 Smith, Oliver
Photographer: Maurice Seymour, Martha Swope
BOX-FOLDER 23/11 Smuin, Michael
BOX-FOLDER 23/12 Snyder, Johanna
Photographer: Herbert Migdoll
BOX-FOLDER 23/13 Somes, Michael
Photographer: Alan Cunliffe
BOX-FOLDER 23/14 Spisto, Louis
Photographer: Rosalie O'Connor
BOX-FOLDER 23/15-17 Stiefel, Ethan
Photographer: Paul Kolnik, Barry Wetcher, and unknown
BOX-FOLDER 23/18-20 Stretton, Ross
Photographer: Gregory Heisler, Martha Swope, and unknown
BOX-FOLDER 23/21-22 Tallchief, Maria, circa 1962, and undated
Photographer: Jack Mitchell, and unknown
Note: One photo includes press release for 1962 performance
BOX-FOLDER 23/23-24 Taras, John
BOX-FOLDER 23/25 Tatlock, Anne M.
Photographer: Bachrach
BOX-FOLDER 23/26 Taylor, Paul
BOX-FOLDER 23/27-28 Tcherkassky, Marianna
Photographer: Kenn Duncan
BOX-FOLDER 23/29 Tetley, Glen
Photographer: Anthony Crickmay, and unknown
BOX-FOLDER 23/30-34 Tharp, Twyla
Photographer: Richard Avedon, Kenn Duncan / Speliotis Photography, Greg Gorman, and unknown
BOX-FOLDER 23/35 Thompson, Basil
Photographer: Jack Mitchell
BOX-FOLDER 23/36-38 Tippet, Clark
Photographer: Kenn Duncan, Gregory Heisler, Martha Swope
BOX-FOLDER 23/39 Torres, Ricardo
Photographer: Rosalie O'Connor
BOX-FOLDER 23/40-41 Tudor, Anthony
Photographer: Louis Peres, and unknown
BOX-FOLDER 23/42 Tupine, Oleg
Photographer: Constantine
BOX-FOLDER 23/43-45 Tuttle, Ashley
Photographer: Rosalie O'Connor, Roy Round, Marty Sohl
BOX-FOLDER 29/9-12 Unidentified individuals, 1940s?, 1999-2001
Photographers: Maurice Seymour, Rosalie O'Connor
BOX-FOLDER 23/46-47 Van Hamel, Martine
Photographer: Kenn Duncan, and unknown
BOX-FOLDER 23/48 Vasiliev, Vladimir
Photographer: Martha Swope
BOX-FOLDER 23/59 Verdy, Violette
Photographer: Maurice Seymour
BOX-FOLDER 23/50 Volk, Shannon
BOX-FOLDER 23/51 Wallace, Robert
Photographer: Martha Swope
BOX-FOLDER 23/52 Walton, Tony
Photographer: Roddy McDowall
BOX-FOLDER 23/53 Washington, Shelly
Photographer: Jack Mitchell
BOX-FOLDER 23/54 Wasserstein, Wendy
BOX-FOLDER 23/55 Weber, Andrew Lloyd
BOX-FOLDER 23/56 Weber, Diana
BOX-FOLDER 23/57-58 Weir, Natalie
Photographer: Ellen Smith, and unknown
BOX-FOLDER 23/59 Welch, Stanton
Photographer: Branco Gaica
BOX-FOLDER 23/60 Wiles, Michelle
BOX-FOLDER 23/61-62 Yeager, Cheryl
Photgrapher: Kenn Duncan, Martha Swope
BOX-FOLDER 23/63 Youskevitch, Igor
Photographer: Maurice Seymour
BOX-FOLDER 23/64 Zipprodt, Patricia
Photographer: Terri Hyland
BOX-FOLDER 23/65 Unidentified Individuals
BOX 24-26 Miscellany
418 images
BOX-FOLDER 25/11-24 Contact Sheets
BOX-FOLDER 29/18 Gala: 20th Anniversary, 1960
BOX-FOLDER 24/36-55, 29/19 Gala: 35th Anniversary, 1975
Note: Includes photos of performances, curtain calls, and people
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