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American Ballet Theatre archive, 1940-2014

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Photographs, 1940-2009 (continued)
Individuals (continued)
BOX-FOLDER 22/62 Richardson, Desmond
Photographer: Jack Mitchell
BOX-FOLDER 22/63 Riggins, Lloyd
Photographer: Rigmor Mydtskov
BOX-FOLDER 22/64 Robbins, Jerome
Photographer: Jack Mitchell
BOX-FOLDER 22/65 Roberts, Keith
Photographer: Roy Round
BOX-FOLDER 22/66-67 Romanoff, Dimitri
Photographer: Jack Mitchell
BOX-FOLDER 22/68 Rose, Amy
Photographer: Gilles Larrain
BOX-FOLDER 22/69 Rowe, Paul
Photographer: Lisa Kohler
BOX-FOLDER 22/71-72 Ruzimatov, Faruk
Photographer: Martha Swope
Note: Russian and European publications spell the first name Farukh
BOX-FOLDER 23/1 Samaritani, Pierluigi
Photographer: Martha Swope
Note: Also known as Pier Luigi Samaritani
BOX-FOLDER 23/2 Saveliev, Gennadi
Photographer: Rosalie O'Connor
BOX-FOLDER 23/3 Scheepers, Martin
BOX-FOLDER 23/4 Selling, Caj
Photographer: Jack Mitchell
Note: Known as Caj Lottman in Israel
BOX-FOLDER 23/5 Selya, John
Photographer: MIRA
BOX-FOLDER 23/6-7 Serrano, Lupe
Photographer: Jack Mitchell, and unknown
BOX-FOLDER 23/8 Shelkanova, Ekaterina
BOX-FOLDER 23/9-10 Smith, Oliver
Photographer: Maurice Seymour, Martha Swope
BOX-FOLDER 23/11 Smuin, Michael
BOX-FOLDER 23/12 Snyder, Johanna
Photographer: Herbert Migdoll
BOX-FOLDER 23/13 Somes, Michael
Photographer: Alan Cunliffe
BOX-FOLDER 23/14 Spisto, Louis
Photographer: Rosalie O'Connor
BOX-FOLDER 23/15-17 Stiefel, Ethan
Photographer: Paul Kolnik, Barry Wetcher, and unknown
BOX-FOLDER 23/18-20 Stretton, Ross
Photographer: Gregory Heisler, Martha Swope, and unknown
BOX-FOLDER 23/21-22 Tallchief, Maria, circa 1962, and undated
Photographer: Jack Mitchell, and unknown
Note: One photo includes press release for 1962 performance
BOX-FOLDER 23/23-24 Taras, John
BOX-FOLDER 23/25 Tatlock, Anne M.
Photographer: Bachrach
BOX-FOLDER 23/26 Taylor, Paul
BOX-FOLDER 23/27-28 Tcherkassky, Marianna
Photographer: Kenn Duncan
BOX-FOLDER 23/29 Tetley, Glen
Photographer: Anthony Crickmay, and unknown
BOX-FOLDER 23/30-34 Tharp, Twyla
Photographer: Richard Avedon, Kenn Duncan / Speliotis Photography, Greg Gorman, and unknown
BOX-FOLDER 23/35 Thompson, Basil
Photographer: Jack Mitchell
BOX-FOLDER 23/36-38 Tippet, Clark
Photographer: Kenn Duncan, Gregory Heisler, Martha Swope
BOX-FOLDER 23/39 Torres, Ricardo
Photographer: Rosalie O'Connor
BOX-FOLDER 23/40-41 Tudor, Anthony
Photographer: Louis Peres, and unknown
BOX-FOLDER 23/42 Tupine, Oleg
Photographer: Constantine
BOX-FOLDER 23/43-45 Tuttle, Ashley
Photographer: Rosalie O'Connor, Roy Round, Marty Sohl
BOX-FOLDER 29/9-12 Unidentified individuals, 1940s?, 1999-2001
Photographers: Maurice Seymour, Rosalie O'Connor
BOX-FOLDER 23/46-47 Van Hamel, Martine
Photographer: Kenn Duncan, and unknown
BOX-FOLDER 23/48 Vasiliev, Vladimir
Photographer: Martha Swope
BOX-FOLDER 23/59 Verdy, Violette
Photographer: Maurice Seymour
BOX-FOLDER 23/50 Volk, Shannon
BOX-FOLDER 23/51 Wallace, Robert
Photographer: Martha Swope
BOX-FOLDER 23/52 Walton, Tony
Photographer: Roddy McDowall
BOX-FOLDER 23/53 Washington, Shelly
Photographer: Jack Mitchell
BOX-FOLDER 23/54 Wasserstein, Wendy
BOX-FOLDER 23/55 Weber, Andrew Lloyd
BOX-FOLDER 23/56 Weber, Diana
BOX-FOLDER 23/57-58 Weir, Natalie
Photographer: Ellen Smith, and unknown
BOX-FOLDER 23/59 Welch, Stanton
Photographer: Branco Gaica
BOX-FOLDER 23/60 Wiles, Michelle
BOX-FOLDER 23/61-62 Yeager, Cheryl
Photgrapher: Kenn Duncan, Martha Swope
BOX-FOLDER 23/63 Youskevitch, Igor
Photographer: Maurice Seymour
BOX-FOLDER 23/64 Zipprodt, Patricia
Photographer: Terri Hyland
BOX-FOLDER 23/65 Unidentified Individuals
BOX 24-26 Miscellany
418 images
BOX-FOLDER 25/11-24 Contact Sheets
BOX-FOLDER 29/18 Gala: 20th Anniversary, 1960
BOX-FOLDER 24/36-55, 29/19 Gala: 35th Anniversary, 1975
Note: Includes photos of performances, curtain calls, and people
BOX-FOLDER 25/1-6 Gala, 1979
BOX-FOLDER 29/20 Gala: 40th Anniversary, 1980
BOX-FOLDER 25/7-8 Gala, 2009
BOX-FOLDER 24/9 Gala Benefit for Los Angeles Music Center, 1972
BOX-FOLDER 24/20-31, 29/13-16 Groups and company shots
Includes: Antony Tudor, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Agnes de Mille, Jane Hermann, Bruce Marks, Jerome Robbins, Demitri Romanoff, and many others
Note: Locations include studio rehearsals, touring sites, award ceremonies, visits to Washington and to the New York City mayor's office, and meetings, among others
Note: Includes shots of filming The Turning Point
BOX-FOLDER 29/21-32 Magazine Covers, 1947, 1958, 1965-1966, 1977-1995, 2002-2005
Note: Prints of Dance Magazine covers featuring Amerivan Ballet Theatre
BOX-FOLDER 25/25-33 Negatives
BOX-FOLDER 24/1-19 Pairs in unidentified works or locations
Includes: Alicia Alonso, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Leslie Browne, Lucia Chase and Oliver Smith, Cynthia Gregory, Nora Kaye, Susan Jaffe, Ruth Ann Koesun, Robert LaFosse, Toni Lander, Kevin McKenzie, Toni Morrison, Lupe Serrano, Martine van Hamel, and many others
BOX-FOLDER 26/1-68 Paul B. Goode photographs
Note: Rehearsals and studio groupings, among others; most with subjects identified
Note: Photos arranged by their original order
BOX-FOLDER 25/10 Premiere of Don Quixote, 1978
Note: President Jimmy Carter, Lee Radziwill, and others at John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts
BOX-FOLDER 24/56 Special Event, Family Day, undated
BOX-FOLDER 24/32-35 Unidentified rehearsals
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