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Biographical Materials, 1910-1973, (bulk 1955-1961) (continued)
Julius Korngold, 1910-1945 (continued)
BOX-FOLDER 92/5 Die romanische Oper der Gegenwart, 1922
Published by Rikola Verlag
Note: Ernst Korngold's copy
BOX-FOLDER 92/6 Writings, 1941-1943
Miscellaneous notes
BOX-FOLDER 92/7 Writings, undated
Correspondence, notes
Luise "Luzi" Korngold, 1918-1979
Luzi's materials are the most extensive of the Biographical Materials Series. They consist of personal documents, including her passport, naturalization papers, and Austrian driver's license. Luzi wrote a biography of Erich for Große Österreicher , an encyclopedic compilation of famous Austrians, and a biography of Frederic Chopin, entitled Lieber Meister Chopin , published in 1960, both of which are included in this subseries. The bulk of Luzi's biographical materials are correspondence concerning the book's publication written to and received from her publishers and reproductions of clippings of publicity and reviews of the book. These letters are primarily in German. There are also reproductions of publicity clippings and reviews of the book. A gifted cartoonist, Luzi created short, satirical works in this series, including a fake driver's license for Helene Thimig and a short book about Max Reinhardt and Korngold that are included in the collection. The last items in Luzi's biographical materials are Ein Frauenschicksal im Kriege , a book written by her cousin once removed, Maria Sonnenthal Scherer, about her experiences as a nurse, and two books inscribed to her by writer Franz Werfel. Werfel was another European exile who immigrated to the United States after the Anschluss with his wife, Alma Mahler-Werfel and, along with the Korngolds, became part of the Austrian artist community in Los Angeles.
Arranged alphabetically by format.
BOX-FOLDER 93/1 Personal Documents, 1930s
Austrian driver's license; United States identity affidavit; note to Luzi from Erich, Max Reinhardt; Helene Thimig-Reinhardt; passport
BOX-FOLDER 93/2 Personal Documents, 1943
Naturalization certificate
BOX-FOLDER 93/3 Personal Documents, circa mid-1960s-1970s
Toluca Lake house listing (posthumous)
Publication Correspondence
BOX-FOLDER 93/4 1945-1946
Note: Mostly from Franz J. Horch
BOX-FOLDER 93/5 1947
BOX-FOLDER 93/6 1948
BOX-FOLDER 93/7 1949
BOX-FOLDER 93/8 1950s
Note: Mostly from Amalthea-Verlag
BOX-FOLDER 93/9 1960
Note: Correspondents include Heinrich Studer and Amalthea-Verlag
BOX-FOLDER 93/10 1960
Note: Correspondence from Luzi Korngold
BOX-FOLDER 93/11 1961
Laid in: Zubin Mehta's card
BOX-FOLDER 93/12 1961
Note: Correspondence from Luzi Korngold
BOX-FOLDER 93/13 Undated
Note: Correspondence from Luzi Korngold
BOX-FOLDER 93/14 Publication Expenses, 1959-1960
Cashed checks for Lieber Meister Chopin
BOX-FOLDER 93/15 Publicity for "Erich Korngold" entry in Große Österreicher , 1960
BOX-FOLDER 93/16 Publicity for Lieber Meister Chopin , circa 1960
Clippings and press releases
BOX-FOLDER 93/17 Satirical writings, 1933, undated
Illustrated books, cartoons, typescripts
Note: Includes Max und Ernst; Hans Richter der Erotiker; Er und Sie; Seelenwanderung; driver's license for Helene Thimig
BOX-FOLDER 93/18 "Erich Wolfgang Korngold," Grosse Österricher , 1959
BOX-FOLDER 94/1 Lieber Meister Chopin , 1960
Published by Amalthea-Verlag
Note: Inscribed by Luzi in 1959
BOX-FOLDER 94/2 Notes, undated
Note: In Luzi's and an unidentified hand
Writings by Others
BOX-FOLDER 94/3 Ein Frauenschicksal im Kriege, 1918
By Maria Sonnenthal Scherer (Luzi's grandfather's niece)
Note: Published by Berlag Ullstein & Co.
BOX-FOLDER 94/4 Between Heaven and Earth, 1944
By Franz Werfel
Note: Inscribed to Luzi Korngold in 1945
BOX-FOLDER 94/5 Das Lied von Bernadette, 1941
By Franz Werfel
Note: Inscribed to Luzi Korngold in 1942
Max Reinhardt, 1930, 1973
Max Reinhardt's biographical materials comprise a guide for an exhibition at UCLA celebrating his centennary and books about his productions in Europe through 1930.
Arranged alphabetically by title.
BOX-FOLDER 98/1 Max Reinhardt 1873/1973 Centennial Exhibition, UCLA, 1973
Exhibition guide
BOX-FOLDER 98/2 Die Spielpläne Max Reinhardts, 1930
BOX-FOLDER 99/4 Max Reinhardt. 25 Jahre Deutsches Theater, 1930
BOX 71, 83, 95-102 Programs and Publicity Materials, 1888-2008, (bulk 1955-1988)
This series contains programs for performances of Korngold's popular works, namely Die tote Stadt, programs, lobby cards, advertisements for film screenings and premieres for which he composed the score, and programs from posthumous performances of his works collected by his family. The exception are the first advertisement and program in the series, which are from plays featuring Adolf von Sonnenthal, Luzi's grandfather, a prominent stage actor in Vienna in the mid to late nineteenth century.
Arranged chronologically.
BOX-FOLDER 99/5 1888
Advertisement for Adolf von Sonnenthal performance in Iphigenie auf Tauris
BOX-FOLDER 95/1 1906
Program from Adolf von Sonnenthal performance at Sonnenthal-Jubiläums Theater, Vienna
BOX-FOLDER 95/2 1910s
Programs from Berlin performances of Sinfonietta , op. 5; all-Korngold orchestra concert in Vienna
BOX-FOLDER 102/1 1912-1983
Scrapbook of clippings
BOX-FOLDER 95/3, 98/3 1920s
Advertisements, clippings, and programs
BOX-FOLDER 99/6 1937
The Prince and the Pauper lobby card
BOX-FOLDER 95/4 1938
Clippings and programs
BOX-FOLDER 95/5 1938
Clippings about Helen Jepson and her performance in Korngold's Liebesbriefchen
BOX-FOLDER 97/1 1938
Clippings, most about Korngold's score for The Adventures of Robin Hood
BOX-FOLDER 95/6 1938
Programs from Max Reinhardt's workshops "Stage, Screen, and Radio in Hollywood," Sister Beatrice , and "Shakespeare's Women, Clowns and Songs"
BOX-FOLDER 95/7 1938
Warner Bros.' press release for The Adventures of Robin Hood
BOX-FOLDER 95/8, 99/7 1939
Clippings; programs; invitation to The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex world premiere
BOX-FOLDER 97/3 1939
Clippings; magazines
BOX-FOLDER 95/9 1939
Programs for Max Reinhardt's theater workshops for At Your Service and Faust
BOX-FOLDER 95/10 1939
Clippings and correspondence about The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex
BOX-FOLDER 71/5 1939
Juarez magazine advertisement
BOX-FOLDER 71/6 1939 April 25
Souvenir program for Juarez , Beverly Hills Theatre, California
BOX-FOLDER 71/7 1939 September 27
The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex world premiere
BOX-FOLDER 95/11 1940
Film review clippings; miscellany
BOX-FOLDER 95/12 1940
BOX-FOLDER 97/4 1940
Program for all-Korngold Los Angeles MAILAMM concert
BOX-FOLDER 97/5 1940
Two copies of The Hollywood Reporter with article on Sea Hawk
BOX-FOLDER 99/8 1940
The Sea Hawk lobby card
BOX-FOLDER 95/13 1941
Two clippings
BOX-FOLDER 95/14 1942
Clippings and program from Hunter College performance of "Marietta's Lied"
BOX-FOLDER 97/6 1942
Two clippings
BOX-FOLDER 95/15 1942
Film Music Notes newsletters
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