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Charles Louis Seeger, 1900-1983 (bulk 1925-1979) (continued)
Music, 1909-1957 (continued)
BOX-FOLDER 1/24 Seven songs, 1911
Text by Hartley Coleridge
Six printed scores; photocopy of score
  • Asleep
  • Endymion (photocopy)
  • The pride of youth
  • Till I wake
  • Song to--
  • When soft winds and sunny skies
  • When we two parted
BOX-FOLDER 2/1 "She is not fair to outward view": for voice and piano, 1909
Holograph score
BOX-FOLDER 2/2-3 Sketchbooks, undated
Two sketchbooks
BOX-FOLDER 2/4 Sketchbook, 1973-1979
BOX-FOLDER 2/5 Slow dance, 1922
Alternate title: Prelude and dance
Holograph score and sketches; photocopy of printed score as Danza Lenta from Soundings no. 10
BOX-FOLDER 2/6 Some day (Alguna vez): for violin and piano, 1912
Text by Cristobal de Castillejo, translated by H. W. Longfellow
Holograph score
BOX-FOLDER 2/7 Sonata for clarinet, undated
Holograph fragment
BOX-FOLDER 2/8 Sonata for violin, undated
Holograph score
BOX-FOLDER 2/9 Sonata for violin, undated
Photocopy manuscript score; photostat of manuscript part
Note: Includes list of differences between score and part, dated 1978
BOX-FOLDER 2/10 Sonata for violin. Second movement, undated
Copyist score
BOX-FOLDER 2/11 Sonata for violin and piano, undated
Holograph violin part
BOX-FOLDER 2/12 Song to-- (seven songs), undated
Text by John Hall Wheelock
Holograph scores (2)
Note: Includes versions in D sharp minor and E flat;
part of Seven songs
BOX-FOLDER 2/13 "Think not of it": for voice and piano, 1912
Text by John Keats
Two holograph scores
BOX-FOLDER 2/14 Three songs for medium voice, microphone, and orchestra, 1937-1938
Holograph full score
  • John Riley
  • Wayfaring stranger
  • John Henry
BOX-FOLDER 3/1 Three songs for medium voice, microphone, and orchestra, 1937
Holograph vocal score
BOX-FOLDER 3/2-3 Three songs for medium voice, microphone, and orchestra, undated
Holograph parts
BOX-FOLDER 3/4 To C.W.: for voice and piano, 1908-1909
Holograph score
BOX-FOLDER 3/5 To Helen: for voice and piano, 1907 April 21, 1954
Text by Edgar Allen Poe
Two holograph scores; photocopy of score
Note: Photocopied score dedicated to Mar, includes sketch of Christmas card
BOX-FOLDER 3/6 Two complaints and a grumble: for piano, 1931 March
Holograph score
Note: "To Blanche to practice and become adept in modern music"
BOX-FOLDER 3/7 Two Mexican danzas: for piano, undated
Holograph score
Note: Arranged by Seeger for Joel Andrews
Note: Note to Joel on score dated September 1957
BOX-FOLDER 3/8 Valgovind's boat song: for voice and piano, 1906
Text translated by Lawrence Hope
Two manuscript scores
BOX-FOLDER 3/9 When as in silk my Julia goes: for voice and piano, undated
Holograph score
BOX-FOLDER 3/10 Windy nights: for voice and piano, 1900
Text by Robert Louis Stevenson
Printed score
BOX-FOLDER 3/11 Unattributed chorale transcriptions, undated
Two manuscript scores
Note: Unknown hand
BOX 4, 19, 21, 46-58 Correspondence, 1922-1979
Articles, correspondence, and notes.
Arranged alphabetically by correspondent or organization name.
BOX-FOLDER 46/1 "A" miscellaneous, 1944-1978
BOX-FOLDER 46/2 Adomián, Lan, 1965-1980
Includes: Photograph
BOX-FOLDER 46/3 American Academy of Arts and Sciences, 1973-1977
Includes: Fellow certificate
BOX-FOLDER 46/4 American Council of Learned Societies, 1945-1947
BOX-FOLDER 46/5 American Folklore Society, 1971-1978
BOX-FOLDER 46/6 American Historical Association, 1939
BOX-FOLDER 46/7 American Musicological Society, 1969-1978
BOX-FOLDER 46/8 American Society for Eastern Arts, 1967-1970
BOX-FOLDER 46/9 Arma, Paul, 1949 May 31
BOX-FOLDER 46/10 Asch, Moe, 1956
BOX-FOLDER 46/11 Azevedo, Luiz Heitor Corrêa de, 1946-1978
Includes: Photographs and materials in French and Portuguese
BOX-FOLDER 46/12-13 "B" miscellaneous, 1943-1979 and undated
Includes: B. A. Botkin
Note: Includes materials in German
BOX-FOLDER 46/14 Bayard, Samuel P., 1943-1952
BOX-FOLDER 46/15 Beach, Lucy, 1970-1971 and undated
BOX-FOLDER 46/16 Beckwith, Robert, 1971-1973
BOX-FOLDER 46/17 Béhague, Gerard, 1975
Note: Includes Hutchinson, William. "Systematic musicology reconsidered"
BOX-FOLDER 46/18 Bengtsson, Ingmar, 1966-1967 and undated
Note: Includes melographs
  • Bengtsson. "Studies with the aid of computers of 'music as performed'"
  • Bengtsson. "Taktstrecken och punkteringspunkterna i vårt öra: notiser om några omusikaliska företeelser i den s.k. musikläran"
  • Tove, et al. "Direct-recording frequency and amplitude meter for analysis of musical and other sonic wave forms"
BOX-FOLDER 47/1 Berrien, William, 1957-1959
BOX-FOLDER 47/2 Bond, Downie (Mrs. J. S.), 1960, 1973-1975
BOX-FOLDER 47/3 Boyden, David, 1959-1977
Note: Includes article "Scordatura" and talk on the history of UC Berkeley music department
BOX-FOLDER 47/4 Bronson, Bertrand, 1951-1963, 1977
BOX-FOLDER 47/5 Brooks, Van Wyck, 1956-1965
BOX-FOLDER 47/6 Brown University, 1969-1975
Note: Correspondents include: Fred Lieberman, Ann Pescatello, and Bonnie Wade
BOX-FOLDER 47/7 Buechner, Alan, 1959-1964
BOX-FOLDER 47/8 Bukofzer, Manfred, 1943-1951
BOX-FOLDER 47/9 Butcher, Vada Easter, 1965, 1970
BOX-FOLDER 47/10 Byrd, Joseph Hunter, 1978 and undated
Note: Includes Byrd. "An experimental examination of musical communication"
BOX-FOLDER 47/11 "C" miscellaneous, 1927, 1945-1978
BOX-FOLDER 47/12 Cage, John, 1974, 1977
BOX-FOLDER 47/13 Cantril, Hadley, 1936
BOX-FOLDER 47/14 Cardullo, Karen, 1978
BOX-FOLDER 47/15 Carter, Sue DeVale, 1977-1978
BOX-FOLDER 47/16 Caitlin, Amy, 1978
BOX-FOLDER 47/17 Cazden, Norman, 1975-1976
BOX-FOLDER 47/18 Chao, V., 1939, 1944
BOX-FOLDER 47/19 Chase, Gilbert, 1964-1976
BOX-FOLDER 47/20 Christensen, Dieter, 1977-1978
BOX-FOLDER 47/21 Christiansen, R. H., 1957-1967
BOX-FOLDER 47/22 Clarke, Henry Leland, 1972-1977
  • "Songs from six decades"
  • "The Composers' Collective"
  • "The habitat of homing melody"
BOX-FOLDER 47/23 Cohen, Dalia, 1960-1976 and undated
Note: Includes melograph of unknown title
BOX-FOLDER 47/24 College Music Society, 1975, 1977
BOX-FOLDER 47/25 Composers' Collective, 1938
BOX-FOLDER 47/26 Conant, Isabel Pope, 1951-1972
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