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Seeger, Peggy, 1960-2010 (bulk 1989-2010) (continued)
BOX 16-17, 20-21, 104-117 MAPCASE-DRAWER 6/7 Creative Activity, 1960-2010
Materials related to Peggy Seeger's professional activities as a singer, songwriter, teacher, and social activist.
Arranged in nine file units: Albums, Songbook Proofs, Performances/Events, Program Books, Publicity, Repertoire, Song Evolutions, Songwriting, and Songwriting Workshops.
Correspondence, drafts of cover art, song lists, and liner notes.
Arranged alphabetically by folder title
BOX-FOLDER 104/1, 20/4 Discographies, 2009 and undated
BOX-FOLDER 104/2 Peggy poems, 2010
Solo work
BOX-FOLDER 104/3 Home Trio, undated
Note: Albums: Bring Me Home, Heading for Home, and Love Call Me Home
BOX-FOLDER 104/4 Love Will Linger On, 1999-2000
BOX-FOLDER 104/5 Period Pieces, undated
BOX-FOLDER 104/6 Timely series, 2004 and undated
Work with others
BOX-FOLDER 104/7 Ewan MacColl: The Long Harvest, undated
Note: Liner notes
BOX-FOLDER 104/8 With Ewan MacColl: Blood and Roses, undated
Note: Liner notes
BOX-FOLDER 104/9 With Irene Pyper Scott, 1993, 2000, and undated
Songbook Proofs
Correspondence, proof sheets, music proofs, and illustrations
Arranged alphabetically by book title
BOX-FOLDER 104/10 Ewan MacColl Songbook, undated
Note: Verso of document contains undated annotated "Notes re Castenea inventory"
Peggy Seeger Songbook
BOX-FOLDER 105/1 Correspondence, 1995-1998
BOX-FOLDER 105/2 Jacky Fleming illustrations, undated
BOX-FOLDER 105/3 Photo details, 1996-1997 and undated
BOX-FOLDER 16/5-10 Proofs - music, undated
BOX-FOLDER 105/4-7, 106/1 Proofs - text, undated
BOX-FOLDER 106/2 Miscellaneous, 1993-1994
May contain any of the following materials: contracts, correspondence, publicity, set lists, and background material
Arranged alphabetically by event title
BOX-FOLDER 107/1 Song and set lists, 1992-1993 and undated
BOX-FOLDER 107/2 American folklore and the legacy of Benjamin A. Botkin, Lincoln, Nebraska, 2001 February 1-3
BOX-FOLDER 107/3 Asheville, North Carolina, 2003 March 23
BOX-FOLDER 107/4 Artlantische tage, Landstuhl, Germany, 2002
BOX-FOLDER 107/5 Banjo Camp North, Groton, Massachusetts, 2002 May
MAPCASE-DRAWER 6/7 Banjo Camp North, Groton, Massachusetts, 2002 May
Panoramic photograph
Note: Group includes Peggy Seeger and MIke Seeger
BOX-FOLDER 107/6 The Beaucatcher, 2002 February
BOX-FOLDER 107/7 Canary coalition - Air aid concert, Cullowhee, North Carolina, 2002 April 21
BOX-FOLDER 107/8 Carl Sandburg Home National Historic Site, 2003 May 26
BOX-FOLDER 107/9 Dartmouth College residency, Hanover, New Hampshire, 2003 April 7-12
BOX-FOLDER 107/10 Festival for Chiapas, University of North Carolina - Asheville, 2003 July 12
BOX-FOLDER 107/11 Festival of peace, Knoxville, Tennessee, 2002 May 25
BOX-FOLDER 107/12 Folk Alliance, Nashville, 2003 February 6-9
BOX-FOLDER 107/13 Folklore Society of Greater Washington, 2002 October 13
BOX-FOLDER 107/14 Grove Arcade, Asheville, North Carolina, 2002 September 21
BOX-FOLDER 107/15 Irish tour, 2004 October 19-30
BOX-FOLDER 107/16 Justice and injustice in 1950s America, John Jay College, 2010 April 12
BOX-FOLDER 107/17 Living lore: the legacy of Benjamin A. Botkin, Library of Congress, Washington DC, 2001 November 15
BOX-FOLDER 107/18 Mike and Peggy tentative programs, undated
BOX-FOLDER 108/7 Miscellaneous, 2002 and undated
BOX-FOLDER 107/19 Mother's Day special, Alexandria, Virginia, 2009 May 9
BOX-FOLDER 107/20 Musicians against nuclear arms, GLC Festival Hall, 1985
Note: With Ewan MacColl
BOX-FOLDER 107/21 Nelson, 2010 February 27
BOX-FOLDER 107/22 New Jersey folk festival, Rutgers University, 2002 April 27
BOX-FOLDER 107/23 Oak Ridge Environmental Peace Action (OREPA), Oak Ridge, Tennessee, 2002 August
BOX-FOLDER 107/24 Old Songs Festival, New York, 2009 June 26-27
BOX-FOLDER 107/25 Patsy McKeever for Congress, 2004 September 16
BOX-FOLDER 107/26 Peggy Seeger 70th birthday concert, London, 2005 May 29
BOX-FOLDER 107/27 Pete Seeger 90th (A Concert to Benefit Clearwater), New York City, 2009 May 3
BOX-FOLDER 107/28 Ralph Rinzler Memorial Concert, Smithsonian Folklife Festival, Washington, DC, 2000 July 1
BOX-FOLDER 107/29 Rolling Thunder, Asheville, North Carolina, 2003 May 3
BOX-FOLDER 107/30 Shawano's Folk Festival, Shawano, Wisconsin, 2004 August 13-15
BOX-FOLDER 108/1 Swarthmore Folk, Pennsylvania, 2009 June 4-7
BOX-FOLDER 108/2 Thank You Asheville Concert, 2006 April 22
BOX-FOLDER 108/3 Tribute to Leni Sitnik, Asheville, North Carolina, 2001 December 2
BOX-FOLDER 108/4 Tsunami Relief Concert, Asheville, North Carolina, undated
BOX-FOLDER 108/5 Tsunami Relief Concert, Montreal, Quebec, 2005 February 26
BOX-FOLDER 108/6 The Woods Music and Dance Society, Lake Rosseau, Ontario, 2009 August 19-24
Note: Includes holograph music
Program Books
Notebooks detailing performance locations and dates
Arranged chronologically
BOX-FOLDER 109/1-3 MacColl/Seeger program books, 1-9, 1960-1994
BOX-FOLDER 109/4 MacColl/Seeger program books, foreign, 1970-1982, 1991-1993
BOX-FOLDER 109/5-7 Seeger date and tour books, 1986-1993 May
BOX-FOLDER 109/8 Seeger/Scott song lists, undated
Clippings, itineraries, and press releases
BOX-FOLDER 110/1 "First time ever," 1993-1994, 2001-2003
BOX-FOLDER 110/2 No Spring Chickens tour, 1992-1994
BOX-FOLDER 110/3 Miscellaneous, 1991-2002
BOX-FOLDER 110/4 Reviews, 1993-2004 and undated
Note: Reviews of albums, performances, and songbooks
Lyric sheets
Arranged alphabetically by song title
BOX-FOLDER 111/1-4 A-Z, undated
BOX-FOLDER 111/5 Peggy Seeger and Irene Scott, undated
BOX-FOLDER 111/6-7 Folk songs A-Y, undated
Note: E, K, Q, U, V, and X missing
Song Evolutions
Annotated drafts of lyrics and manuscript music
Arranged alphabetically by song title
BOX-FOLDER 112/1 Song evolutions information, 2009
BOX-FOLDER 112/2 Are we to part like this, John?, 1993 and undated
BOX-FOLDER 112/3 Autumn wedding, undated
BOX-FOLDER 112/4 Ballad of Jimmy Massey, 2004-2005 and undated
Note: Includes Jimmy Massey oral history transcript
BOX-FOLDER 112/5 Belfast mother, 1985 and undated
Note: Includes holograph music and letter from Melanie McFadyean
BOX-FOLDER 112/6 Birds of a feather, undated
Note: Song also known as Laid back with you
BOX-FOLDER 112/7 Body language, undated
BOX-FOLDER 112/8 B. R. A., undated
BOX-FOLDER 112/9 Brains were small, undated
By Mark Graham
Note: Changes made by Peggy Seeger/Irene Scott
BOX-FOLDER 112/10 Bread and wine, 1990 and undated
BOX-FOLDER 112/11 B-side, undated
BOX-FOLDER 112/12 Buffalo holler, undated
BOX-FOLDER 112/13 The caveman, undated
BOX-FOLDER 112/14 Che Guevara, undated
BOX-FOLDER 112/15 Crazy, undated
BOX-FOLDER 112/16 Da dee da da, undated
Note: Includes holograph music
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