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MacColl/Seeger, 1846-2009 (bulk 1930-1995) (continued)
Writings, 1846-1999 (continued)
Books, 1954-1998 (continued)
BOX-FOLDER 137/5 Shuttle and Cage, 1954 and undated
Includes: Two copies of published volume
Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger
BOX-FOLDER 137/6 Crime and Punishment/Rogues and Vagabonds songbooks, undated
BOX-FOLDER 137/7 Miscellaneous proposed projects, undated
BOX-FOLDER 137/8 Peggy Seeger and Ewan MacColl Songbook, undated
BOX-FOLDER 137/9 The Singing Island: A Collection of English and Scots Folksongs, 1960
Published volume and lyric sheets
BOX-FOLDER 138/1 Songs of Work and Leisure - Correspondence and notes, 1969
BOX-FOLDER 138/2 Songs of Work and Leisure - Songs, 1969
Till Doomsday in the Afternoon: The Folklore of a Family of Scots Travellers: The Stewarts of Blairgowrie
BOX-FOLDER 251/3 Published volume, 1988
BOX-FOLDER 138/3 Correspondence, notes, notated music, and lyric sheets, 1988
BOX 252/2 Song cards, undated
MAPCASE FOLDER 8 Song analysis charts, 1988
BOX-FOLDER 138/4-5 Manuscript, undated
BOX-FOLDER 251/4 Travellers Songs from England and Scotland, 1973-1977
Published volume
BOX-FOLDER 138/6 Travellers Songs from England and Scotland, 1973-1977
BOX 252/2 Travellers Songs from England and Scotland, 1973-1977
Song cards
Peggy Seeger
The Essential Ewan MacColl Songbook
BOX-FOLDER 138/7 Correspondence and notes, 1998-2002
BOX-FOLDER 138/8 Miscellaneous papers, 1996-2001
BOX-FOLDER 139/1-3 Draft - Music and Introduction, undated
BOX-FOLDER 139/4 Music, undated
BOX-FOLDER 139/5 to 140//2 Submitted copy, 1998
BOX-FOLDER 140/3-4 Fowke, Edith. Traditional Singers and Songs from Ontario. Transcriptions by Peggy Seeger, 1965
BOX 252/3 Fowke, Edith. Traditional Singers and Songs from Ontario. Transcriptions by Peggy Seeger, undated
DF BOX 140-145, 260 Broadcasts, 1846-1906, 1930s-1999
Materials consist of actuality transcripts, articles, correspondence, interview transcripts, lyric sheets, music sequences and scripts, notated music, photographs, research reports, reviews, and scripts.
Principle file format: .jpg
Arranged alphabetically by broadcast medium and then alphabetically by program title.
BOX 140-145 Radio, 1930s-1999
BOX-FOLDER 140/5 All Bells in Paradise, 1958
Compiled by A.L. Lloyd
Note: Ewan MacColl in cast
The Ballad Story
BOX-FOLDER 140/6 No. 3: "Traditional and Border Ballads," 1957
BOX-FOLDER 140/7 No. 7: "Ballads from Many Lands," 1957
Note: Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger in cast
BOX-FOLDER 140/8 No. 8: "Your Own Ballads," 1957
Note: Ewan MacColl in cast
Ballads and Blues
BOX-FOLDER 140/9 "Bad Lads and Hard Cases," 1953
BOX-FOLDER 140/10 "The Big, Brutal City," undated
BOX-FOLDER 140/11 "Johnny Has Gone for a Soldier," 1953
BOX-FOLDER 140/12 "The Singing Sailormen," 1953
BOX-FOLDER 140/13 "Song of the Iron Road," 1952
BOX-FOLDER 140/14 Clippings, 1953
Includes: Ewan MacColl. "Ballads and Blues," in Radio Times
BOX-FOLDER 140/15 Come All Ye Good People: a Programme of Ballads, 1952
Compiled by Ewan MacColl; produced by R. D. Smith
BOX-FOLDER 140/16 The Death of Hector: a Version Based on Homer's "Iliad", 1958
By Rene Hague; music by Matyas Seiber; produced by Douglas Cleverdon
BOX-FOLDER 140/17 Folk Song Forum. No. 1: "What Is a Folk Song?'," 1955
Discussed and illustrated by Ewan MacColl, Sean O'Boyle and Peter Kennedy; produced by Sam Hanna Bell
BOX-FOLDER 140/18 News of a Hundred Years Ago, 1937
Compiled by Ewan MacColl and Margaret Lambert
BOX-FOLDER 141/1 Not Known in Denmark Street: an Appraisal of Some Song Writers of the Current Folk Song Revival in Britain, 1962
By Charles Parker, with Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger
BOX-FOLDER 141/2-3; 266/2 Parsley, Sage, and Politics, 1984-1985
Interviews conducted by Mary Orr and Michael O'Rourke
Transcripts of interviews with Ewan MacColl, Portland and London
Includes: Poster in Box 266 Folder 2
BOX-FOLDER 141/4 Personal Choice: Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger presenting recordings from the BBC Archives of Recorded Folk Music, 1973
BOX-FOLDER 141/5 Popular Poetry of the Elizabethan Era: Broadside Ballads, undated
By Ewan MacColl
Radio Ballads
Background material
1999 Topic records CD release
BOX-FOLDER 141/6 Musical Traditions reviews, 1999
BOX-FOLDER 141/7 Press cuttings, 1999
BOX-FOLDER 249/11 Topic re-releases, 1993-2000
BOX-FOLDER 141/8 Articles, correspondence, reviews, notes, 1958-1964, 1981
BOX-FOLDER 141/9 Correspondence - MacColl-Parker, 1969-1985
Includes: Correspondence with others concerning controversy over Radio Ballads roles
BOX-FOLDER 141/10 MacColl, Ewan, "The Radio Ballads" articles, undated
Parker, Charles
BOX-FOLDER 141/11 Charles Parker Archives Trust Annual Reports, 1986-1990
Includes: Information on Radio Ballads
BOX-FOLDER 249/12 Correspondence, 1972-1981
Includes: Charles Parker photograph
Includes: Charles Parker-Ewan MacColl conversation transcript
BOX-FOLDER 141/12 Fisher, Trevor. "Charles Parker: Aspects of a Pioneer," 1986
BOX-FOLDER 141/13 Obituaries, 1980-1982
BOX-FOLDER 141/14 Radio Ballad articles, 1963, 1975
"The Ballad of John Axon"
BOX-FOLDER 141/15 Scripts, 1957
BOX-FOLDER 141/16 Scripts - Prix d'Italia Prize entry, 1958
BOX-FOLDER 141/17 Argo DA139 insert, undated
BOX-FOLDER 141/18 Reviews, 1958
"Big Hewer"
BOX-FOLDER 142/1 Actuality transcripts, undated
BOX-FOLDER 142/2 Film scripts, 1974
BOX-FOLDER 263/1 Music sequences, undated
BOX-FOLDER 142/3 Music scripts, undated
BOX-FOLDER 142/4 Music transcriptions, undated
BOX-FOLDER 142/5 Scripts, [1961]
BOX-FOLDER 142/6 Reviews, 1961-1962
"The Body Blow"
BOX-FOLDER 142/7 Actuality transcripts, undated
BOX-FOLDER 142/8 Scripts, 1961
BOX-FOLDER 142/9 Reviews, 1962
BOX-FOLDER 142/10 "Day Trip to Golgotha" - idea for a radio ballad, undated
"The Fight Game"
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