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MacColl/Seeger, 1846-2009 (bulk 1930-1995) (continued)
Biographical Materials, 1915-2012 (continued)
BOX-FOLDER 212/12 Sandyford Cottage documents, 1981
BOX-FOLDER 212/13 Scripts of the Theatre Workshop contract, 1984
BOX-FOLDER 212/14 Women Who Do and Women Who Don't memorandum of agreement, 1983
Diaries (appointment books)
BOX-FOLDER 212/15-16 Ewan MacColl - appointments, 1986-1988
BOX-FOLDER 212/17 to 213/2 Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger - appointments, 1983-1988
BOX-FOLDER 213/3-5 Peggy Seeger - appointments, 1990, 1992-1993
BOX-FOLDER 213/6 The Artist: Maker or Tool? symposium, 1986
BOX-FOLDER 213/7 MAPCASE FOLDER 16 Ewan MacColl's 70th birthday celebration, 1985
BOX-FOLDER 213/8 Ewan MacColl: the Red Megaphone, November 1990
Created by Philip Donnellan and Dave Rogers
BOX-FOLDER 213/9 Ewan MacColl Society Present A Folk Song Weekend, 2003
BOX-FOLDER 250/3 Journeyman - Script, 1990
Journeyman: a theatrical celebration
BOX-FOLDER 213/10 Additional materials and song sheets, 1990
BOX-FOLDER 213/11 Cast and personnel lists, 1990
BOX-FOLDER 213/12 Film production, 1990
BOX-FOLDER 213/13 Proposal by the English Folk Song and Dance Society, circa 1989-1990
BOX-FOLDER 214/1 Script, 1990 December
BOX-FOLDER 214/2-3 Script draft, 1990
BOX-FOLDER 214/4 Venue information, 1990?
BOX-FOLDER 214/5 The Joy of Living: a tribute to the life and work of Ewan MacColl, 1997
BOX-FOLDER 214/6 Tentative May 1990 memorial - invitation list, 1989
BOX-FOLDER 214/7 Wales Anti-Apartheid Freedom Concert, undated
BOX-FOLDER 214/8 Littlewood, Joan - correspondence, 1975-1985 and undated
MacColl, Ewan
BOX-FOLDER 214/9 Birth and death certificates, 1929, 1989
BOX-FOLDER 214/11 Department of Health and Social Security documents, 1961, 1976-1979, and undated
BOX-FOLDER 214/12 Divorce papers with Jean Newlove, 1976
BOX-FOLDER 214/13 "Ewan MacColl on Hamish" - Tocher: Tales, Songs, Traditions, no. 43, 1991
BOX-FOLDER 214/14 A Bird Book for the Pocket, 1935
By Edmund Sandars
Annotated by Ewan MacColl
BOX-FOLDER 214/15 Commemorative plaques - correspondence, 1989-1990
BOX-FOLDER 215/1 A Flower Book for the Pocket, 1941
By Macgregor Skene
Annotated by Ewan MacColl
BOX-FOLDER 215/2 Kinder Scout mass trespass anniversaries, 1972, 1992
Photographs and newspaper clipping
BOX-FOLDER 215/3 Peak and Northern Footpaths Society materials, 1972-1973
BOX-FOLDER 215/4 Pillar Rock and Neighbourhood, 1935
By H. M. Kelly
BOX-FOLDER 215/5 Letters to Ewan MacColl from his children, 1979-1989 and undated
Correspondents include: Calum MacColl, Kitty MacColl, and Neill MacColl
BOX-FOLDER 215/6 Love letters to Peggy Seeger, circa 1958
BOX-FOLDER 215/7 Medical report, 1984
BOX-FOLDER 215/8 National Union of Mineworkers membership card, 1987
BOX-FOLDER 215/9 Passports, 1975, 1985
BOX-FOLDER 215/10 "Shantyman's Jack" - review of Shanties from the Seven Seas by Stan Hugill, undated
By Ewan MacColl
BOX-FOLDER 215/11 MacColl, Hamish - photographs, 1968-1972, 1986, and undated
Includes: Ewan MacColl
BOX-FOLDER 215/12 MacColl, Hamish - untitled song, undated
MacColl, Kirsty
BOX-FOLDER 215/13 Interviews and articles, 1981, 1991-2004
BOX-FOLDER 215/14 Memorial program, January 2001
BOX-FOLDER 215/15 Obituaries, 2000
BOX-FOLDER 215/16 Photographs, circa 1970-1980
Includes: Ewan MacColl
BOX-FOLDER 215/17 MacColl, Kitty - school assignment, 1989
BOX-FOLDER 215/18 Miller, Betsy - birthday card for Ewan, undated
Seeger, Peggy
BOX-FOLDER 215/19 Department of Social Security notice, 1991
BOX-FOLDER 215/20 Drawing by Peggy, 1955
BOX-FOLDER 265/4 Institute of Advanced Motorists - Advanced Driving Certificate, 1989
BOX-FOLDER 215/21 Musicians Union membership card, 1994
BOX-FOLDER 215/22 Passport, 1973
BOX-FOLDER 215/23 ["Preface"], undated
By Peggy Seeger
Note: Introduction to unidentified work
BOX-FOLDER 215/24 Radcliffe College transcript, 1955
BOX-FOLDER 265/5 Seeger Family Surname History, [1989]
BOX-FOLDER 215/25 List of publications by Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger, undated
BOX 216 Photographs
see also Photographs
BOX-FOLDER 216/1 Carron Iron Works/Auchterardor, circa 1915
Note: Inscription on back reads, "where Will Miller worked"
BOX-FOLDER 216/2 Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger with children, circa 1960s -1980s
Black and white prints and negatives, color prints and negatives
Includes: Alice Dawson, Calum MacColl, Ewan MacColl, Kitty MacColl, Neill MacColl, and Peggy Seeger
BOX-FOLDER 216/3 Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger with children, undated
Black and white negatives, color prints and negatives
Includes: Ewan MacColl, Kirsty MacColl
BOX-FOLDER 216/4 Ewan MacColl, circa 1920-1965
Black and white and color prints
BOX-FOLDER 260/7 Ewan MacColl, undated
Black and white print
BOX-FOLDER 216/5 Ewan MacColl family (Miller family), circa 1900-1960
Black and white prints, cartes de visites
Includes: Hendry family, Nora Hendry, Jimmy Higgins, Tammy Logan, Maggie Logan, Ewan MacColl, Betsy Miller, Miller Family, William Miller, Takashi Ohta, and Charles Seeger
BOX-FOLDER 216/6 Peggy Seeger with female singers, undated
Black and white print
Includes: Mary Eagle, Irene Pyper-Scott
BOX-FOLDER 216/7 Peggy Seeger with "Jade" singing group, 1988-1989
Black and white prints and contact prints
BOX-FOLDER 265/3 Arbaugh, Hank - portrait of Peggy Seeger undated
Pencil drawing
BOX-FOLDER 216/8 Cudworth, Nick - portrait of Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger, 1989
Color print
Includes: Correspondence
BOX-FOLDER 265/3 Wilson, Sarah - Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger, 1981
Pen and ink drawing
BOX-FOLDER 266/12 Wragg, Arthur - "Peggy Alone," undated
BOX-FOLDER 216/9 [Preamble], undated
Note: Pre-concert announcement for an unidentified performance.
BOX-FOLDER 216/10 Radio and television appearances: MacColl family, undated
BOX 214; 261; 264; 269 Realia
BOX-FOLDER 214/10 Ewan MacColl casket plaque, 1989
BOX 261/5 Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger address stamp, undated
BOX 269 “A gift from Exeter Trades Council”, undated
BOX 262/42 MacColl/Seeger photograph undated
Printing plate
BOX 261/4 MacColl/Seeger book plate undated
Printing plate
BOX 264/4 Strap, undated
Nylon strap stitched with "Ewan MacColl"
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