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Rose Marie Grentzer and Harold Spivacke Fund collection, 1615-1994

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BOX A1, C1 Music Manuscripts, 1880-1943 (bulk 1880-1920)
This series consists of holograph and copyist manuscripts, the majority of which is music for Fats Waller's musical Early to Bed (1943), piano works, libretti, and numerous unidentified sketches and lead sheets. The series also contains music from other musicals, including Victor Herbert’s My Golden Girl (1920) and Oui Madame (1920), as well as Hugo Felix’s Sweetheart Shop (1920). In addition, there are scores for early versions of Samuel Barber's Canzone, Op. 38a, manuscript scores for Franz Liszt's "Zum Grabe and Von der Wiege bis zum Grabe," and a holograph transcription of Samuel Francis Smith's hymn "America." Irving Berlin, Ferde Grofé, and Andy Razaf are among the other composers whose works are represented in this series.
Arranged alphabetically by composer and title therein.
Barber, Samuel
BOX OVS 1 Antony and Cleopatra
Photocopy of copyist score with holograph annotations; 3 volumes
LCCN: 2016561844
BOX-FOLDER C1/2 Antony and Cleopatra. Act 2
Typescript libretto with autograph amendations
Includes: Andrew Chiappe's "Notes on libretto of Antony and Cleopatra"
LCCN: 2016561843
BOX OVS 1 For Manfredi
Holograph manuscript score for solo flute
LCCN: 2016561842
BOX-FOLDER C1/1 Vanessa
Libretto by Gian Carlo Menotti
Typescript libretto with autograph annotations; printed libretto
LCCN: 2016561841
Beethoven, Ludwig von
Arranged by Franz Liszt
LCCN: 2008561483 Archduke Trio, op. 97. Andante cantabile
Arranger's holograph manuscript score for piano
Berlin, Irving
BOX-FOLDER A1/9 My House Was on Fire
Manuscript song fragment in an unidentified hand
LCCN: 00528031
German, Edward
Arranged by Victor Herbert
BOX-FOLDER A1/8 Who’ll Buy My Lavender?
Holograph manuscript orchestral parts
LCCN: 99479530
Grofé, Ferde
LCCN: 2004560078 Hollywood Suite
Holograph manuscript score for piano
Herbert, Victor
BOX-FOLDER A1/11 The Century Girl
LCCN: 2005561476
BOX-FOLDER A2/6 The Love Boat
Note: From Ziegfeld Follies of 1920
LCCN: 2008560916
My Golden Girl
LCCN: 2013570262 Entr'acte
BOX-FOLDER A2/10 Fifty-Fifty
LCCN: 2008561645
BOX-FOLDER A2/8 Finale, 1st Scene
LCCN: 2008561644
BOX-FOLDER A2/9 I Want You
Saxophone solo
LCCN: 2008561643
BOX-FOLDER A2/2 Just a Hobby, That's All
LCCN: 2008561678
BOX-FOLDER A2/5 That Matrimonial Glide
LCCN: 2008561684
BOX-FOLDER A2/7 New Opening Chorus, 1st Act
LCCN: 2008560917
BOX-FOLDER A2/12 Opening, 2nd Scene
LCCN: 2008561610
BOX-FOLDER A2/13 Think it Over
LCCN: 2008561611
BOX-FOLDER A2/11 Variety (Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell)
LCCN: 2008560918
BOX-FOLDER A2/14 What Shall We Do if the Moon Goes Out
LCCN: 2008561612
Oui Madame
BOX-FOLDER A2/15 Every Hour Away from You Is Sixty Minutes Lost
LCCN: 2008561613
BOX-FOLDER A2/16 If That's Not Love What Do You Call It
LCCN: 2008561630
BOX-FOLDER A2/17 Over the Garden Wall
Note: Signed by Herbert
Note: Includes miscellaneous sketches on page 4
LCCN: 2008561631
BOX-FOLDER A2/18 When You Know Me Better
LCCN: 2008561632
BOX-FOLDER A1/7 Sunset
Holograph manuscript orchestral parts
LCCN: 99479529
Hugo, Felix
Sweetheart Shop
BOX-FOLDER A2/21 Didn't You? no. 12
LCCN: 2008561634
BOX-FOLDER A2/26 I'd Like to Teach You the A.B.C., no. 14
LCCN: 2008561639
BOX-FOLDER A2/22 Is There Any Little Thing? No. 3
LCCN: 2008561635
BOX-FOLDER A2/4 I Want to Be a Bride
Manuscript piano-vocal score
LCCN: 2008561640
BOX-FOLDER A2/1 I Want to Be a Bride
Note: For celeste
LCCN: 2008561683
BOX-FOLDER A2/3 I Want to Be a Bride, no.6
Manuscript piano-vocal score
LCCN: 2008561641
BOX-FOLDER A2/20 The Long Lane of Love, no. 6
LCCN: 2008561642
BOX-FOLDER A2/19 My Caravan, no. 12
Note: Duet
LCCN: 2008561633
BOX-FOLDER A2/23 Plum Blossom
LCCN: 2008561636
BOX-FOLDER A2/25 Ring those June Bells
LCCN: 2008561638
BOX-FOLDER A2/24 The World Is a Caroussel [sic]
LCCN: 2008561637
Liszt, Franz
LCCN: 2018570866 Cantico del sol di San Francisco d’Assisi
Holograph sketches; copyist manuscript full score with holograph annotations
LCCN: 967049168 Von der Wiege bis zum Grabe
Copyist manuscript score for piano with holograph annotations
LCCN: 96704848 Von der Wiege bis zum Grabe. Kampf um's Dasein
Sketch; trumpet part
LCCN: 96704910 Der Kampf ums Leben
Manuscript piano score with holograph annotations
LCCN: 96704916 Zum Grabe
Holograph manuscript piano score
Rachmaninoff, Sergei
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