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Rose Marie Grentzer and Harold Spivacke Fund collection, 1615-1994

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Music Manuscripts, 1880-1943 (bulk 1880-1920) (continued)
Symphonic Dances, op. 45 (continued)
LCCN: 2017564001 Symphonic Dances, op. 45
Holograph score for two pianos
Razaf, Andy and Fats Waller
BOX-FOLDER A3/3 I'm About to Fall
LCCN: 2017569448
Rodgers, Richard
BOX-FOLDER A1/1 Oklahoma! Selections
Piano-vocal score in the hand of Albert Sirmay; 8 volumes
LCCN: 96704820
Smith, Samuel Francis
LCCN: 2013563252 America: An Autographic Transcript of Our National Hymn
Published volume with holograph transcription and photographs
Waller, Fats
Lead sheet in F major; 32 measures
LCCN: 2017569444
Lead sheet in F major; 32 measures
Note: "I was told" in parentheses appears between staves 10 and 11
LCCN: 2017569445
BOX-FOLDER A3/1 Do it All Over Again
Holograph score for piano (incomplete)
Note: No title on score; title ascertained by researcher
LCCN: 2017569454
Early to Bed
LCCN: 2017569472
BOX-FOLDER A4/7 At the hi-de-ho-high; Where--
BOX-FOLDER A4/11 Early to Bed
BOX-FOLDER A4/9 Get Away, Young Man, Get Away
BOX-FOLDER A4/10 Long Time No Song; That Does It
BOX-FOLDER A4/2 Martinique
BOX-FOLDER A4/4 Me and My Old World Charm
BOX-FOLDER A4/8 New Latin Song; There's Yes in the Air in Martinique
BOX-FOLDER A4/5 Slightly Less than Wonderful; Horse in Blue
BOX-FOLDER A4/3 There's a Man in My Life
BOX-FOLDER A4/6 This is So Nice it Must Be Illegal
BOX-FOLDER A4/12 When the Nylons Bloom Again
BOX-FOLDER A3/2 Flowers-Water
Sketch in D major; 28 measures
LCCN: 2017569435
BOX-FOLDER A3/4 Gem no. 1, Fine
LCCN: 2017569450
BOX-FOLDER A3/4 Gem no. 1A, Fine
LCCN: 201756951
BOX-FOLDER A3/4 Gem no. 2
LCCN: 2017569452
BOX-FOLDER A4/13 Give it Everything You Got
Copyist's manuscript vocal and trumpet parts
LCCN: 2017569468
BOX-FOLDER A3/3 I'm Dreaming
Lead sheet
LCCN: 2017569436
BOX-FOLDER A3/4 I'm Dreaming 1-1A 2-2A
Full score
LCCN: 2017569453
BOX-FOLDER A3/3 Jessica Torch - Edit
Lead sheet
LCCN: 2017569438
BOX-FOLDER A4/13 Jingle Bells
Copyist's manuscript part for clarinet doubling alto saxophone
LCCN: 2017569465
BOX-FOLDER A4/14 Jitterbug Waltz
Parts for 3rd alto saxophone, 1st and 2nd tenor saxophone, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd trumpet, 1st and 2nd trombone, and bass
LCCN: 2017569470
BOX-FOLDER A3/3 Jump No. 1
Lead sheet
LCCN: 2017569442
BOX-FOLDER A3/6 Melody fragments
LCCN: 2017569456
BOX-FOLDER A3/9 Melody sketch
E-flat major; 12 measures
LCCN: 2017569459
BOX-FOLDER A3/10 Melody sketch
E-flat major; 16 measures
LCCN: 2017569460
BOX-FOLDER A4/1 Miscellaneous lead sheets, drafts, and sketches
Contents: 1st one-two; 3rd one-two; I'm getting nowhere; Make a little bet with me; That does it ("Nylons bloom" crossed out); Unititled ("That does it"); Take it from here; Long time no song ("Twilight" crossed out); Twilight
LCCN: 2017569471
BOX-FOLDER A3/3 No. 2 Torch - Jessica/Dreaming
Lead sheet
LCCN: 2017569437
BOX-FOLDER A3/3 Onion Time - Jump No. 1
Lead sheet
LCCN: 2017569443
BOX-FOLDER A3/5 P 4-40
Holograph sketch in pencil
LCCN: 2017569455
BOX-FOLDER A4/13 Russian Rhythm
Copyist's manuscript alto saxophone part
LCCN: 2017569466
BOX-FOLDER A3/3 Short Time
Lead sheet
LCCN: 2017569446
BOX-FOLDER A3/8 Sketch fragments
LCCN: 2017569458
BOX-FOLDER A3/7 Three sketches
LCCN: 2017569457
BOX-FOLDER A3/13 Untitled melody drafts
LCCN: 2017569463
BOX-FOLDER A3/11 Untitled melody drafts
Lead sheets without lyrics
LCCN: 2017569461
BOX-FOLDER A3/12 Untitled melody drafts
Lead sheets without lyrics
LCCN: 2017569462
BOX-FOLDER A3/3 Walk-a-Thon
Lead sheet
LCCN: 2017569449
Lead sheet
LCCN: 2017569447
BOX-FOLDER A4/13 Where Has My Mother Gone
Copyist's manuscript for piano
LCCN: 2017569469
BOX B1-B2 Printed Music, 1615-1954
The printed music series contains compositions by Bach, Blitzstein, Severi, and Stravinsky, most of which are annotated.
Arranged alphabetically by composer.
Bach, Johann Sebastian
BOX-FOLDER B2/3 Concerto in D minor, undated
Printed score for two violins and piano with annotations in the hand of Victor Herbert
LCCN: 00518906
Blitzstein, Marc
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