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Photographs, 1895-1999 (continued)
Professional and Career, 1928-1999 (continued)
BOX 132-133, 141, 202, 354-355, 358, 431 Professional Events, 1934-1998
Photographs of events involving Hawkins, Dlugoszewski, and the dance company, including awards, benefit functions, lectures, rehearsals, and tours. Includes portraits used for professional purposes. Names of photographers are included when known.
Arranged alphabetically by subject.
BOX-FOLDER 132/10 Art gallery, 1962
BOX-FOLDER 132/11 Dance Magazine, 1979
BOX-FOLDER 132/12 National Medal of Arts, 1994
Photography by The White House
BOX-FOLDER 132/13 United Nations ambassador Vernon A. Walters, 1987
Photography by Jonathan Atkin
BOX-FOLDER 431/19 Samuel H. Scripps: American Dance Festival, 1988
BOX-FOLDER 132/14 Western Michigan University, 1983
BOX-FOLDER 132/15-16 Unidentified, undated
Photography by Johan Elbers, Mary Hillard, unknown
BOX-FOLDER 132/17-18 Bennington College, 1938-1941 and undated
Photography by Barbara Morgan, Herta Moselsio, unknown
BOX-FOLDER 354/21 Canada, 1967
BOX-FOLDER 202/4 Carnegie Hall, undated
BOX-FOLDER 354/42-43 Dlugoszewski with Hawkins, 1992-1994
Photography Peter Kaplan, unknown
BOX-FOLDER 354/44-46 Dlugoszewski with Hawkins and company members, 1991 and undated
BOX-FOLDER 354/47 Dlugoszewski with Hawkins and Sally Banes, 1982
BOX-FOLDER 354/48 Dlugoszewski with Hawkins and Lillian Kiesler, undated
BOX-FOLDER 133/13, 354/26-31 Dlugoszewski portraits, 1964, 1975, 1985, 1993-1998
Photography by Gene Bagnato, K. Coble, Daniel Kramer, Beatriz Schiller, Ronald Unternahrer
BOX-FOLDER 133/22 Dlugoszewski publicity composite, undated
Photography by Daniel Kramer, Robert Lightfoot III
BOX-FOLDER 133/15 Dlugoszewski with ladder harp, undated
Photography by Peter Kaplan
BOX-FOLDER 133/16-19, 141/13-14, 354/32-33 Dlugoszewski with percussion, 1986 and undated
Photography by Michael Avedon, Peter Kaplan, Dan Kramer, William L. Stonecipher
BOX-FOLDER 354/34 Dlugoszewski with piano, 1957
BOX-FOLDER 133/14 Dlugoszewski with Ralph Dorazio, undated
Photography by Daniel Kramer
BOX-FOLDER 133/20-21, 354/35-41, 354/49, 431/12 Dlugoszewski with timbre piano, 1980 and undated
Photography by Regina Cherry, A. John Geraci, Laura Levine, Robert M. Lightfoot III, David Lubarsky, unknown
BOX-FOLDER 132/19-20 East Harlem Dance Project, circa 1994-1995
BOX-FOLDER 132/21 Event, Philadelphia Dance Alliance, 1986
Photography by Neil Benson
BOX-FOLDER 132/22 Event, unidentified, undated
BOX-FOLDER 354/52 Greece, undated
BOX-FOLDER 132/4-6, 141/11, 354/24-25, 431/10-11 Hawkins portraits, 1934, 1964, 1980s?, 1992-1993, and undated
Photography by William Galen, Len Prince, unknown
BOX-FOLDER 132/7 Hawkins with Martha Graham, undated
BOX-FOLDER 132/8 Hawkins with May O'Donnell, undated
BOX-FOLDER 135/22 Hawkins with Vija Vetra and Dlugoszewski, Jacob's Pillow, 1964
BOX-FOLDER 132/9 Hawkins with unidentified people, undated
BOX-FOLDER 132/23 Film benefit, 1994
BOX-FOLDER 132/24, 354/23 Japan, 1980s-1990s?
BOX-FOLDER 132/25 Lecture in Michigan, undated
Photography by Joe Kirkish
BOX-FOLDER 132/26 Rehearsal, 1937
Photography by Eric Schaal
BOX-FOLDER 132/28 Rehearsal, undated
Photography by M. V. Patton?
BOX-FOLDER 132/27 Rehearsal, Jacob's Pillow, undated
BOX-FOLDER 354/50 Rehearsal, New York City, 1994
Photography by Lillian Schwabe
BOX-FOLDER 132/31-34 Studio, 1950s? and undated
BOX-FOLDER 141/12 Studio, 1988
Photography by James R. Morse
BOX-FOLDER 132/29-30 Studio shots, Hawkins, 1937 and undated
Photography by Barbara Morgan, unknown
BOX-FOLDER 354/51-52 Teaching, 1998 and undated
BOX-FOLDER 132/35 Theatre spaces, undated
BOX-FOLDER 133/4 Arkansas?, 1966
BOX-FOLDER 133/1 Boston, 1963
BOX-FOLDER 133/8 Bowling Green, 1989
Photography by Engstrom
BOX-FOLDER 355/1, 431/17 Colorado, undated
Photography by King's Photography, Denver
BOX-FOLDER 133/9 Cornell, undated
Photography by Dale Vivirito
BOX-FOLDER 133/7 Italy, 1979
Photography by Engstrom
BOX-FOLDER 133/3 Kalamazoo, 1964
BOX-FOLDER 133/2 Michigan, 1964?
Photography by Joe Kirkish
BOX-FOLDER 133/6 Oakland, Michigan, 1972
BOX-FOLDER 133/5 Unidentified location, 1966-1968
BOX-FOLDER 133/10-11 Unidentified location, undated
BOX-FOLDER 133/12 Workshop, undated
BOX 133-134, 141, 431 Choreography by Others, 1928-1999
Photographs of performances by other choreographers, including the choreographic works of Dlugoszewski for the company. Names of photographers are included when known.
Arranged alphabetically by choreographer.
BOX-FOLDER 133/23 Bettis, Valerie. Desperate Heart, 1944
Photography by Barbara Morgan
BOX-FOLDER 133/24 Christensen, Lew. Filling Station, circa 1938
Photography by George Platt Lynes
BOX-FOLDER 354/20 Dlugoszewski, Lucia. Taking Time to Be Vulnerable, 1999
Photography Stephan Krasnianski
BOX-FOLDER 133/25 Dollar, William. Promenade, 1936-1938?
BOX-FOLDER 141/14 Dudley, Jane. Cante Flamenco, 1944?
Photography by Barbara Morgan
Graham, Martha
BOX-FOLDER 133/26-30, 431/6 American Document, 1938-1940 and undated
Photography by Barbara Morgan, Samuel H. Woolf, unknown
BOX-FOLDER 133/31-32 Appalachian Spring, 1944 undated
Photography by Arnold Eagle, Barbara Morgan, Samuel H. Woolf
BOX-FOLDER 133/33 Celebration, circa 1940
Photography by Romaine
BOX-FOLDER 133/34-36, 431/7 Deaths and Entrances, circa 1944 and undated
Photography by Arnold Eagle, Barbara Morgan, unknown
BOX-FOLDER 133/37 to 134/1 Every Soul Is a Circus, circa 1939 and undated
Photography by Morgan or Cuesta?, Samuel H. Woolf, unknown
BOX-FOLDER 431/8 Eye of Anguish, undated
Photography by Philippe Halsman
BOX-FOLDER 134/2 Frontier, circa 1935-1936
BOX-FOLDER 134/3-6 Letter to the World, 1940s and undated
Photography by Barbara Morgan, Remy, unknown
BOX-FOLDER 134/7 Opening Dance, 1937
Photography by Barbara Morgan
BOX-FOLDER 134/8, 431/9 El Penitente, undated
BOX-FOLDER 134/9-12 Punch and the Judy, circa 1941-1942 and undated
Photography by Andre Kertesz, Barbara Morgan, Remy, Eric Schaal
BOX-FOLDER 134/13 Resonances?, circa 1928
Photography by Soichi Sunami, White Studio, NY
BOX-FOLDER 134/14 Satyric Festival Song, circa 1932
Photography by Barbara Morgan
BOX-FOLDER 134/15 Transitions Suite, circa 1934
Photography by Ben Pinchot
BOX-FOLDER 134/16 Unidentified, undated
BOX-FOLDER 134/17 Loring, Eugene. Yankee Clipper, circa 1937
Photography by Dwight Godwin
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