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Jerry Valburn collection on Duke Ellington, 1924-1989

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Printed Music, 1924-1975 (continued)
Stormy Weather, undated (continued)
Cover only
New York: Mills Music, Inc.
BOX/FOLDER 5/20 Sophisticated Lady, 1933
By Duke Ellington; lyrics by Irving Mills and Mitchell Parish
Piano-vocal score
New York: Gotham Music Service, Inc.
BOX/FOLDER 6/13 Supplement a l'album "hot": nouveaux succes pour piano de Duke Ellington, 1933
Score for piano
Paris: Editions Salabert/New York: Gotham Music Services, Inc.
BOX/FOLDER 5/21 Yam Brown, 1926
By Duke Ellington and Jo Trent
Photocopy of piano-vocal score
New York: Frazer-Kent, Inc.
BOX 1-4 Photographs, 1924-1972
This series consists of photographs of Duke Ellington and musicians who collaborated or performed with him professionally. The items date from about 1924 through the 1970s, with the majority from the 1940s to the 1960s. A small number of photos depict Duke Ellington alone in candid shots, publicity portraits, and while composing or conducting. In other photos, he poses with jazz musicians and band leaders Charles Mingus, Sy Oliver, Max Roach, Artie Shaw, and Chick Webb, as well as entertainers Danny Kaye and Louis Nye. The majority of the photos depict the Duke Ellington Orchestra rehearsing and performing on domestic and international tours. Sidemen depicted include Jimmy Blanton, Harry Carney, Sonny Greer, Billy Strayhorn, Juan Tizol, and Cootie Williams. This series also contains individual shots of soloists who performed with the band, including Harold Ashby, Kay Davis, Ella Fitzgerald, Norris Turney, and Ben Webster, among others.
Arranged alphabetically by subject, and by person or group depicted therein.
Duke Ellington
BOX/FOLDER 1/10 Candid images, 1940, 1972, and undated
Note: Most photographs taken in Japan
BOX/FOLDER 1/1, 4/1-3, 15/1 Candid images at the piano, 1940-1970
BOX/FOLDER 1/3 Composing, 1963
BOX/FOLDER 1/9 Person to Person series visit to Delaware, 1957
Note: Hosted by Edward R. Murrow
BOX/FOLDER 1/4-8, 4/4-6 Publicity portraits, 1939-1960
Note: Includes autographs
BOX/FOLDER 1/2 Publicity portraits at the piano, 1930-1970
BOX/FOLDER 1/3 Speaking engagements, 1950-1970
Duke Ellington with Others
BOX/FOLDER 3/9 Ellis, Evie, undated
BOX/FOLDER 3/10 Miscellaneous, 1931-1935, 1945, 1952, and undated
Includes: Tommy Dorsey; Danny Kaye; Louis Nye; Sy Oliver; The Chick Webb Orchestra
BOX/FOLDER 3/9 Performing with others, undated
BOX/FOLDER 3/10 Roach, Max and Charles Mingus, 1960
BOX/FOLDER 3/11 The Washingtonians, circa 1924
Note: At the Kentucky Club in New York. Musicians include Sonny Greer, Charlie Irvis, Toby Hardwick, Elmer Snowden, and Bubber Miley
BOX/FOLDER 3/10 Webb, Chick, and Artie Shaw, 1937
Duke Ellington Orchestra
BOX/FOLDER 1/13 Brass section and ensembles, 1940-1960
BOX/FOLDER 3/1 Film publicity, 1929, 1934, 1941-1943, 1949, and undated
Contents: Black and Tan Fantasy; Cabin in the Sky; Flamingo; Murder at the Vanities; Symphony in Swing; unknown scene
BOX/FOLDER 1/11-12, 4/7-8 Full orchestra, 1924-1970 and undated
BOX/FOLDER 2/1, 4/9 Mixed ensembles, 1939-1970
BOX/FOLDER 2/2-3 Reed section and ensembles, 1940-1970
BOX/FOLDER 3/2 Recording sessions, 1960
BOX/FOLDER 3/3-8 Tours, 1963-1966, 1972
Contents: Department of State Tour to Japan; Spanish Trail Motel; University of Wisconsin; William Penn College in Oskaloosa, Iowa
BOX/FOLDER 2/4 Blanton, Jimmy, circa 1940
BOX/FOLDER 2/4, 2/7, 4/11 Carney, Harry, circa 1945, 1960, and undated
BOX/FOLDER 2/4, 2/7 Gonsalves, Paul, 1960-1970
BOX/FOLDER 2/4 Greer, Sonny, 1939, 1945, and undated
BOX/FOLDER 2/4, 2/7, 4/11 Hodges, Johnny, 1939-1940, 1946, 1960, and undated
BOX/FOLDER 2/5 Jones, Elvin, 1966 January 30
BOX/FOLDER 2/5 Liston, Melba, undated
BOX/FOLDER 2/5, 2/8 Nance, Ray, 1939, 1940, 1960, and undated
BOX/FOLDER 4/10 Nanton, Joe "Tricky Sam", 1940
BOX/FOLDER 4/10 Raglin, Alvin "Junior", 1940
BOX/FOLDER 4/10, 2/8 Stewart, Rex, 1940 November 7 and undated
BOX/FOLDER 4/10 Strayhorn, Billy, undated
BOX/FOLDER 4/10 Tizol, Juan, undated
BOX/FOLDER 4/10, 2/8 Williams, Cootie, circa 1940, 1970, and undated
BOX/FOLDER 4/10, 2/8 Woodes, Jimmy, 1960
BOX/FOLDER 2/7 Anderson, Cat, 1960
BOX/FOLDER 2/7 Ashby, Harold, 1970
BOX/FOLDER 2/6 Bailey, Ozzie, 1950-1960
BOX/FOLDER 2/7 Braud, Wellman, circa 1930
BOX/FOLDER 2/6 Davis, Kay, 1940
BOX/FOLDER 2/6 Fitgerald, Ella, 1966 January 30
BOX/FOLDER 2/7 Hamilton, Jimmy, 1960
BOX/FOLDER 2/6 Hibbler, Al, circa 1945
BOX/FOLDER 2/8 Jackson, Quentin, 1960
BOX/FOLDER 2/9 Miscellaneous, undated
BOX/FOLDER 2/8 Sanders, John, 1960
BOX/FOLDER 2/8 Terry, Clark, 1960
BOX/FOLDER 2/8 Turney, Norris, 1970
BOX/FOLDER 2/8 Webster, Ben, 1940 November 7
BOX 7 Programs, 1930-1973
This series consists of programs for performances of Duke Ellington and his orchestra as well as events honoring Ellington. In addition to programs for concerts across the United States, many of these materials document performances on international tours across Canada, Central America, the Middle East, South Asia, and Western Europe. This series also contains programs for events at which Ellington was an honoree. These events include, among others, Ellington's induction into the American Academy of Arts and Letters and the National Institute of Arts and Letters in 1970, Duke Ellington Day in New York City in 1967, and the ceremonies at which he received honorary Doctor of Music degrees from Yale University in 1967 and Assumption College in 1970.
Arranged in two file units and alphabetically by location therein.
BOX/FOLDER 7/6 Argentina, 1968-1971
Buenos Aires and Mendoza
BOX/FOLDER 7/6 Brazil, 1968
San Paulo
BOX/FOLDER 7/8 Canada, 1947
BOX/FOLDER 7/1 Ceylon (Sri Lanka), 1963
Colombo and Perideniya
BOX/FOLDER 7/3 England, 1933, 1958, 1967-1969, and undated
London and Manchester
BOX/FOLDER 7/2 France, undated
BOX/FOLDER 7/2 Germany, circa 1970
BOX/FOLDER 7/1 India, 1963
BOX/FOLDER 7/5 Italy, 1950
BOX/FOLDER 7/6 Mexico, 1968-1971
Mexico City and Puebla
BOX/FOLDER 7/6 Panama, circa 1970
BOX/FOLDER 7/6 Peru, 1971
BOX/FOLDER 7/6 El Salvador, 1971
BOX/FOLDER 7/5 Sweden, 1950
BOX/FOLDER 7/7 Syria, 1963
BOX/FOLDER 7/9-19 United States, 1930-1947, 1957-1973, and undated
Includes: Phoenix; Los Angeles; San Francisco; Washington, DC; Miami; Chicago; Boston; New York City; Cleveland; Portland; Philadelphia; and Milwaukee
Events Honoring Duke Ellington
BOX/FOLDER 7/20 American Academy of Arts and Letters and the National Institute of Arts and Letters induction, 1970 May 26
BOX/FOLDER 7/20 Buenos Aires, Ambassador of Jazz, 1968 September 10
BOX/FOLDER 7/20 Hampton, Virginia, Hampton Institute Centennial Medallion, 1969 June 13
BOX/FOLDER 7/20 The MacDowell Colony, Handel Medallion, undated
BOX/FOLDER 7/21 Miscellaneous, undated
BOX/FOLDER 7/20 New York City, Duke Ellington Day, 1969 May 20
BOX/FOLDER 7/20 New York City, Odyssey House, Duke Ellington Day, 1969
BOX/FOLDER 7/20 Worcester, Massachusetts, Assumption College, Doctor of Music honorary degree, 1970 June 6
BOX/FOLDER 7/20 Yale University, Doctor of Music honorary degree, 1967 June 12
BOX 8-9 Promotional Material, 1930s-1970s
This series consists of materials related to Ellington's performances and other professional engagements from the 1930s through the 1970s. Most events documented in this series took place between 1958 and 1972. Items include the press kit titled Duke Ellington and His Famous Orchestra, press releases, and record and sheet music catalogs. In addition, the series contains booklets from his band's international tours across Europe, Japan, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Russia, as well as tours within the United States.
Arranged alphabetically by material type.
BOX/FOLDER 8/1-3, 15/2 Engagement, 1930-1970
BOX/FOLDER 14/13 Press kit, Duke Ellington and His Famous Orchestra, undated
BOX/FOLDER 14/14 Press releases, 1944-1967, and undated
BOX/FOLDER 8/4-5 Record and sheet music catalogs, undated
Tour Booklets
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