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BOX 318-331, 370-371, 373-374, 407-408 Concert Music and Arrangements, 1902-1967
Manuscript scores and parts chiefly comprise this series of music for ensembles ranging from orchestra, band, big band, jazz orchestra, and choir to smaller chamber groups including solo instruments with piano, and vocal duets, trios, and quartets. Some of the songs may be from shows but were arranged to be recorded or performed in concert by themselves. The arrangers and orchestrators are noted when they could be identified. Of particular note are the eight works by Israeli composer Shalom Aharoni, the many arrangements by Sigmund Romberg, and the seven songs arranged for Ed McMahon that appeared on his 1967 album And Me…I'm Ed McMahon.
Arranged alphabetically by composer and title therein.
Addinsell, Richard
BOX-FOLDER 318/1 Invocation, 1946
Full score for orchestra; score for trumpet and saxophones
BOX-FOLDER 318/1 Invocation, 1946
Orchestrated by Leonard Isaacs
Full score for orchestra
BOX-FOLDER 318/2 Invocation, 1946
Piano-conductor score; parts
BOX-FOLDER 318/3 Warsaw Concerto, 1946
Edited by Percy Grainger
Score for two pianos
Aharnoi, Shalom
BOX-FOLDER 318/4 Before the Sabbath Candles, undated
Lyrics by Ester Isaacson
Lead sheet
BOX-FOLDER 318/5 Concerto in B-flat, undated
Violin part
BOX-FOLDER 318/6 A Dream, undated
Score for piano
BOX-FOLDER 318/7 A Prayer and Israeli Dance, undated
Violin and piano score; parts
BOX-FOLDER 370/10 Prelude and Fugue, undated
Full score
BOX-FOLDER 318/8 Prelude and Fugue, undated
Score for piano
Laid in: Correspondence
BOX-FOLDER 318/9 Quintet in A-flat, 1952
Full scores; parts
Laid in: Psalm 117 text
BOX-FOLDER 318/10 to 319/1 Shirat D'vora, 1937
Vocal score; parts
BOX-FOLDER 319/2 Song of Deborah, undated
Antonini, Alfredo
BOX-FOLDER 407/6 Study in Baroque, undated
Full score
Ayer, Nat
BOX-FOLDER 370/11 If You Were the Only Girl in Town, undated
Orchestrated by Charles N. Grant
Full score
Bagley, Edwin Eugene
BOX-FOLDER 319/3 National Emblem March, undated
Arranged by Sigmund Romberg
String parts
Barkley, Lynn
BOX-FOLDER 407/7 Jesting, undated
Benson, Larry
BOX-FOLDER 407/8 Mix Up, undated
Score for trumpets, guitar, piano, bass, drums
Berlin, Irving
BOX-FOLDER 319/4 Let's Take an Old Fashioned Walk, undated
Arranged by Sigmund Romberg
Piano-conductor score; parts
Bizet, Georges
BOX-FOLDER 319/5 Open Thy Heart (Spanish Serenade), undated
Arranged by Sigmund Romberg
String parts
Braham, Arthur
BOX-FOLDER 319/6 I Like to 'ave a Little Bit On, undated
Score for piano; parts
Bresler, Jerome
BOX-FOLDER 319/7 Serenade for Trumpet, undated
Score for trumpet and piano
Brisman, Heskel
BOX-FOLDER 407/9 Dramatic Force no. 1, undated
Score for piano
BOX-FOLDER 407/10 Dramatic Force no. 12, undated
Score for piano
BOX-FOLDER 407/11 Theme Bittersweet, undated
Score for piano
BOX-FOLDER 407/12 Whimsical Baroque, undated
Score for piano
Brunelli, Louis
BOX-FOLDER 409/8 Peter Blue Plus, undated
Full score
Bucci, Mark
BOX-FOLDER 371/1 American Folk Songs, undated
Score for soprano, mezzo-soprano, baritone, guitar, and piano
BOX-FOLDER 319/8 Summer Afternoon, 1952
Piano-vocal score; script
BOX-FOLDER 371/2 The Thirteen Clocks, undated
Piano-vocal scores; vocal scores; lead sheets
Cacavas, John
BOX-FOLDER 407/13 Celestial Mirror, undated
Full score
BOX-FOLDER 410/1 Discover America (Doubled version), undated
Full score
BOX-FOLDER 410/2 Discover America (March version no. 2), 1966
Full score
BOX-FOLDER 409/9 Discover America no. 1, undated
Lyrics by Charles Wood
Full socre
BOX-FOLDER 407/14 Electric Night, undated
Full score
BOX-FOLDER 410/3 The Nation's Honor, undated
Full score
BOX-FOLDER 319/14 Pretty Miss Alyce, undated
Lyrics by Charles Wood; arranged for Ed McMahon
Score; piano-conductor score; vocal score
BOX-FOLDER 407/15 Study in Abstraction, undated
Full score
BOX-FOLDER 410/4 Time and Motion Study no. 2, undated
Full score
BOX 320 Vista, undated
Scores; parts; lyric sheet
Caldara, Antonio
BOX-FOLDER 371/3 Alma del core, undated
Score for flute, oboe, cembalo, voice, and strings
BOX-FOLDER 319/9 Alma del core, undated
BOX-FOLDER 319/10 Selve amiche, undated
Carr, Leon
BOX-FOLDER 407/16 Concerto, undated
Full score
Carr, Michael
BOX-FOLDER 319/11 Dinner for One Please, James, 1935
Piano-vocal score; parts
Caryll, Ivan
BOX-FOLDER 319/12 Experience (in D), 1906
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