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Concert Music and Arrangements, 1902-1967 (continued)
Cassey, Chuck
BOX-FOLDER 410/5 Mexican Jazz Waltz, undated
Score for jazz ensemble
BOX-FOLDER 410/6 Progress in Two Motions, undated
Score for jazz ensemble
BOX-FOLDER 410/7 Submission Possible, undated
Full score
Charles, Edward
BOX-FOLDER 410/8 Quietways, undated
Full score
Chase, Bruce
BOX-FOLDER 410/9 Design for Action, undated
Full score
Cines, Eugene
BOX-FOLDER 410/10 Monroe Depot. Deserted Platform, undated
Full score
BOX-FOLDER 411/2 Legend, Part 1, undated
Full score
BOX-FOLDER 411/1 Ocean Bed, undated
Full score
BOX-FOLDER 411/3 Patterns for Industry no. 3, undated
Full score
Clarke, Robert Coningsby
BOX-FOLDER 319/13 The Blind Ploughman, 1913
Piano-vocal score; parts
BOX-FOLDER 321/1 The Blind Ploughman, 1927
Parts (in F)
BOX-FOLDER 321/2 A Bowl of Roses, undated
Orchestrated by S. Deshon
Full score; parts
Chopin, Frederic
BOX-FOLDER 373/1 Nocturne in E-flat, undated
Arranged by Ferrante and Teicher
Score for brass, strings, guitar, and piano
Clutsam, George H.
BOX-FOLDER 321/3 Croon, Croon Underneath de Moon, undated
Coates, Eric
BOX-FOLDER 321/4 The Fairy Tales of Ireland, 1918
Full score; piano-vocal scores
Cooper, Margaret
BOX-FOLDER 321/5 Agatha Green, undated
Full score
Costantakos, Chris
BOX-FOLDER 407/17 Greek Impressions, 1968
Lead sheets
BOX-FOLDER 407/18 Melody for String Orchestra, 1969
Score for string orchestra
BOX-FOLDER 373/2 By the River Seine, undated
Full score for orchestra
Curb, Mike
BOX-FOLDER 373/3 Rainbow in the Rain, undated
Score for percussion, horn, and strings
BOX-FOLDER 321/6 Rainbow in the Rain, undated
Lead sheets; parts; lyric sheet
d'Hardelot, Guy
BOX-FOLDER 321/7 Because, 1903
Piano-vocal score; parts
BOX-FOLDER 321/8 The Dawn, undated
Debussy, Claude
BOX-FOLDER 321/9 The Girl with the Flaxen Hair, undated
Arranged by Sigmund Romberg
String parts
BOX-FOLDER 321/10 Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun, undated
Arranged by Sigmund Romberg
String parts
Denning, Frank
BOX-FOLDER 410/11 Blueprint, undated
Full score
BOX-FOLDER 410/12 Motomotion, undated
Full score
BOX-FOLDER 410/13 Portrait, undated
Full score
Dominguez, Alberto and Ray Charles and J. K. Russell
BOX-FOLDER 321/11 Frenesi, undated
Arranged by Finegan
Durante, Francesco
BOX-FOLDER 371/4 Danza danza, undated
Score for flute, oboe, cembalo, voice, and strings
BOX-FOLDER 321/12 Danza danza, undated
Duro, Stephen
BOX-FOLDER 407/20 Machinations, undated
Short score
BOX-FOLDER 407/21 S.O.S. for Jazz Orchestra, undated
Short score
BOX-FOLDER 407/22 Still Life, undated
Short score
Ellis, Vivian
BOX-FOLDER 321/13 The Happy Trumpeter, undated
Score for piano
Laid in: Correspondence
Falconieri, Andrea
BOX-FOLDER 321/14 O bellissimi capelli, undated
Fenstock, Belle
BOX-FOLDER 371/5 Zanzibar, undated
Arranged by Robert Russell Bennett
Full score for orchestra
BOX-FOLDER 321/15 Zanzibar, 1942
Piano-conductor score; parts
Ferrante, Arthur and Louis Teicher
BOX-FOLDER 322/1 Claire de lune, undated
Score for two pianos
BOX-FOLDER 322/2 Dance Suite for Two Prepared Pianos, undated
Scores for two pianos
BOX-FOLDER 322/3 A Kentucky Portrait, undated
Score for piano
BOX-FOLDER 322/4 Oriental Rhapsody, undated
Score for piano
Fink, Adolphus
BOX-FOLDER 322/5 Agitato, 1929
Full score
BOX-FOLDER 322/5 The Conquerors, undated
Piano-conductor score
BOX-FOLDER 322/5 Inundation, 1929
Full score; piano-conductor score
BOX-FOLDER 322/5 The Jester's Downfall, 1929
Full score; piano-conductor score
Foster, Stephen
BOX-FOLDER 322/6 Finale, undated
Piano-vocal score
Green, Johnny
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