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Concert Music and Arrangements, 1902-1967 (continued)
BOX-FOLDER 325/13 Pigeon Talk, 1946
Lead sheet
BOX-FOLDER 326/1 Broadway Panorama, undated
Arranged by Cecil Milner
Piano-conductor score
Marini, Pir
BOX-FOLDER 410/16 The Later Show, undated
Full score
Massenet, Jules
BOX-FOLDER 371/14 Elegy, from Charlie Spivak's Series of Trumpet Solos, undated
BOX-FOLDER 325/14 Elegy, from Charlie Spivak's Series of Trumpet Solos, undated
Score for trumpet and piano; parts
BOX-FOLDER 325/15 Herodias, Two Arias for Salome, undated
Arranged by Sigmund Romberg
Piano-vocal score; parts
Meyer, John
BOX-FOLDER 326/2 The Better Half, 1936
Full score; parts
Moross, Jerome
BOX 327 The Last Judgement, undated
Moss, Katie
BOX-FOLDER 326/3 The Floral Dance, 1911
Piano-vocal score; parts
Mussorgsky, Modest Petrovich
BOX-FOLDER 326/4 Gopak, undated
Arranged by Sergei Rachmaninoff
Score for violin and piano
O'Hara, Geoffrey
BOX-FOLDER 326/5 Hats Off! The Flag Goes By, undated
Scored by Edgar Russell Carver
Full score for band
Orr, Bill
BOX-FOLDER 326/6 Impressions, undated
Rainger, Ralph
BOX-FOLDER 326/7 Newspaper Suite, undated
Score for piano
Ray, Lilian
BOX-FOLDER 326/8 The Sunshine of Your Smile, undated
Arranged by Charles Grant
Rice, Gitz
BOX-FOLDER 326/9 By My Fireside, 1924
Piano-vocal scores; parts
Rittman, Trude
BOX-FOLDER 326/10 The Cherry Tree Legend, 1956
Score; piano-vocal score; parts
Laid in: Postcard
Rodgers, Richard and Lorenz Hart
BOX-FOLDER 328/1 The Most Beautiful Girl in the World, 1935
Score for big band
BOX-FOLDER 328/2 My Funny Valentine, 1967
Arranged for Ed McMahon
Score; piano-conductor score
Romberg, Sigmund
BOX-FOLDER 328/3 American Humoresque, undated
String parts
BOX-FOLDER 328/4 Czech Medley, undated
String parts
BOX-FOLDER 328/5 Dance, My Darlings, undated
Lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II; arranged by W. C. Lindemann
Full score
BOX-FOLDER 328/6 I'm in Love with You, undated
String parts
BOX-FOLDER 328/7 Irving Berlin Selection, undated
String parts
BOX-FOLDER 328/8 Prelude for Two Orchestras, undated
String parts
BOX-FOLDER 328/9 Rachmaninoff Selection, undated
String parts
BOX-FOLDER 328/10 Romberg Medley No. 9, undated
Piano-conductor score
BOX-FOLDER 328/11 Romberg Piano Selection No. 3, undated
String parts
BOX-FOLDER 328/12 Romberg Piano Solo, undated
String parts
Rubens, Paul A.
BOX-FOLDER 328/13 I Want to Be Your Wife, undated
Arranged by Howard Williams
Scarlatti, Alessandro
BOX-FOLDER 373/6 Gia il sole, undated
Score for two oboes, cembalo, voice, and strings
BOX-FOLDER 328/14 Gia il sole, undated
BOX-FOLDER 373/7 Rugiadose odorose, undated
Score for two flutes, cembalo, voice, and strings
BOX-FOLDER 328/15 Rugiadose odorose, undated
BOX-FOLDER 328/16 Se tu della mia morte, undated
BOX-FOLDER 328/17 Son tutta duolo, undated
Schmidt, Harvey and Tom Jones
BOX-FOLDER 328/18 Try to Remember, 1967
Arranged by John Cacavas for Ed McMahon
Score; piano-conductor score
Schubert, Franz Anton
BOX-FOLDER 328/19 L'abeille (The Bee), 1937
Lyrics by Edward Heyman; arranged by Albert Sirmay
Score for violin, voice, and piano; score for violin and piano; parts
Seitz, Ernest and Eugene Lockhart
BOX-FOLDER 328/20 The World Is Watiting for the Sunrise, undated
Score for saxophone and piano; parts
Shaw, Vincent
BOX-FOLDER 328/21 God Bring You Safely to Our Arms Again, undated
Full score
BOX-FOLDER 329/1 God Bring You Safely to Our Arms Again, undated
Shields, Ivine, Laurine, and Hattiebell
BOX-FOLDER 329/2 Lindy, undated
Orchestrated by Don Wilson
Shire, David
BOX-FOLDER 407/24 Library Theme, undated
Short score
BOX-FOLDER 413/3 Nocturne, undated
Orchestrated by Chuck Cassey
Full score
Smith, Vere
BOX-FOLDER 329/3 Fairyland, undated
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