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Paul Löwenberg collection of music by the Johann Strauss and Joseph Lanner families, 1825-1929

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Music, 1825-1898 (continued)
Strauss, Josef, 1853-1870 (continued)
BOX-FOLDER 73/13 Wallonen Marsch, op. 41
BOX-FOLDER 73/14 Victor Marsch, op. 138
BOX-FOLDER 73/15 Amazonen Quadrille, op. 118
BOX-FOLDER 73/16 Bachanten Quadrille, op. 8
BOX-FOLDER 73/17 Bivouac Quadrille, op. 58
BOX-FOLDER 73/18 Blaubart Quadrille, op. 206
BOX-FOLDER 73/19 Caprice Quadrille, op. 65
BOX-FOLDER 73/20 Colosseum Quadrille, op. 175
BOX-FOLDER 73/21 Crispino Quadrille, op. 224
BOX-FOLDER 73/22 Csikos Quadrille, op. 37
BOX-FOLDER 74/1 Debardeurs Quadrille, op. 97
BOX-FOLDER 74/2 Dioskuren Quadrille, op. 32
BOX-FOLDER 74/3 Faust Quadrille, op. 112
BOX-FOLDER 74/4 Flick und Flock, op. 187
BOX-FOLDER 74/5 Folichon, op. 115
BOX-FOLDER 74/6 Genovefa Quadrille, op. 246
BOX-FOLDER 74/12 Les Géorgiennes, op. 168
BOX-FOLDER 74/7 Die Grossherzogin von Gerolstein, op. 223
BOX-FOLDER 74/8 Herold Quadrille, op. 157
BOX-FOLDER 74/9 Kadi Quadrille, op. 25
BOX-FOLDER 74/10 Kakadu Quadrille, op. 276
BOX-FOLDER 74/11 Lanciers Quadrille, op. 64
BOX-FOLDER 74/13 Musen Quadrille, op. 46
BOX-FOLDER 74/14 Parade Quadrille, op. 45
BOX-FOLDER 74/15 Pariser Quadrille, op. 209
BOX-FOLDER 74/16 Périchole Quadrille, op. 256
BOX-FOLDER 74/17 Policinello Quadrille, op. 21
BOX-FOLDER 74/18 Quadrille, op. 103
BOX-FOLDER 74/19 Rendezvous Quadrille, op. 11
BOX-FOLDER 74/20 Schäfer Quadrille, op. 196
BOX-FOLDER 74/21 Sofien Quadrille, op. 137
BOX-FOLDER 74/22 Stegreif Quadrille, op. 80
BOX-FOLDER 74/23 Sturm Qaudrille, op. 3
BOX-FOLDER 74/24 Theater Quadrille, op. 213
BOX-FOLDER 74/25 Toto, op. 265
BOX-FOLDER 74/26 Touristen Quadrille, op. 130
BOX-FOLDER 74/27 Turner Quadrille, op. 92
BOX-FOLDER 74/28 Turnier Quadrille, op. 169
BOX-FOLDER 74/29 Erinnerung an Josef Strauss Walzer, op. 53
By Philipp Fahrbach
BOX-FOLDER 74/30 Das Musikalische Österreich
BOX-FOLDER 74/31 Ständchen
BOX 75-77 Miscellany, 1894-1929
Four manuscript volumes created by Löwenberg and a water-color portrait of Johann Strauss Jr. painted by A. Pietzner comprise this series. The volumes span from 1917 to 1929 and the painting was completed in 1894.
The four volumes, written in German, document Löwenberg's research into nineteenth-century Viennese music and dance styles. They record his efforts to accumulate a complete collection of published, first edition scores for piano by the six Strauss and Lanner family composers. The first set of volumes, Lanner-Strauss Statistik Vol. I & II, record a complete list of all works written by Johann Strauss Sr., Johann Strauss Jr., Josef Strauss, Eduard Strauss, Joseph Lanner, and Eduard Lanner. They also include the statistics documenting Löwenberg's collection of these works. Works are listed alphabetically, by opus number, and by genre. Clippings of photographs, letters, receipts, contracts, legal documents, theater bills, posters, obituaries, and concert programs and announcements are also included. A highlight of the second volume are the career histories of the four Strauss family composers. The first volume in this set was first displayed in Vienna during the Johann Strauss Jr. Memorial Exhibition as part of the centennial celebration in 1925.
The second set of volumes, Musik v. Tanz der Lanner-Strauss Zeit I & II, contain an overview of Viennese song, music, and dance from 1825 to 1900, a period marked by the beginning of Joseph Lanner's career through the conclusion of Eduard Strauss's career. Completed over twelve years, Löwnberg's record examines all elements of Viennese music and dance styles including information on prominent performers, musical associations, folk singer societies, places of musical education and their instructors, music critics, and prominent musical tours completed at the time. The only element not examined is that of religious music.
Materials from boxes 75-77 are available on microfilm, Music-744, reel 16. To promote preservation of the originals, researchers are required to consult the microfilm edition.
Arranged alphabetically by subject.
BOX 75 Lanner-Strauss Statistik 1 und 2, 1925
BOX 76-77 Musik v. Tanz der Lanner-Strauss Zeit 1 und 2, 1917-1929
SSF Portrait of Johann Strauss Jr., 1894
By A. Pietzner
Framed water-color, signed by the composer and artist; 81.9 x 62.1 cm.

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