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Gertrude Clarke Whittall Foundation collection on Nicolò Paganini, 1810-1967

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BOX 21, 23-26, 28-29 Publications, 1830-1967
This series contains books and magazine articles about Paganini that were published between 1830 and 1967, although most date from 1892 to 1938. These materials were published in multiple languages, including English, German, French, Italian, and Norwegian. While biographies constitute the majority of these publications, they also contain a script for Count Alfred Hessenstein's play Paganini, Emil Kross's guide to performing Paganini's 24 Cappricio, and Harold Spivacke's article Paganiniana, which provides an overview of the history of the Library of Congress collection and its contents. Other publications focus on Paganini's stage presence, physical behaviors, and virtuosity. Pietro Berri, Siegfried Eberhardt, François-Joseph Fetis, Georg Harrys, Julius Kapp, Adolfo Artur Kuhnert, Renée de Saussine, and Jules Siber are among the other significant authors in this series.
Arranged alphabetically by author and title therein.
Aarvig, C. A.
BOX/FOLDER 21/12 Paganini - Legenden: Hemmeligheden ved hans Mesterskab: en Analogi, 1935
Catalog no. 574e
Copenhagen: Wilhelm Hanson
Bennati, D. M.
BOX/FOLDER 21/11 Notice physiologique sur Paganini, undated
Catalog no. 574d
Berri, Pietro
BOX/FOLDER 21/16 "La condanna di Paganini," 1963 March-April
Rapallo Magazine, No. 32
BOX/FOLDER 29/4 In memoria di Zdeněk Výborný, 1963
Genova: Istituto Grafico Silvio Basile
BOX/FOLDER 21/17 Luci ed ombre nella vita di Niccolo Paganini, 1963 December
Milan: Istituto Propaganda Internazionale
BOX/FOLDER 21/18 Niccolò Paganini, undated
Torino: Unione Tipografico
BOX/FOLDER 21/19 Niccolo Paganini Socio Corrispondente Dell' "Economica", 1957
Chiavari: Atti della Societa Economica
BOX/FOLDER 29/5 Paganini e il gioco, 1966
Genova: Istituto Grafico Silvio Basile
BOX/FOLDER 21/20 Paganini e la Russia, 1960
Milan: Sigurta Farmaceutici
BOX/FOLDER 21/21 Paganiniana, circa 1959
Quaderni Ligustici No. 90
BOX/FOLDER 21/22 Paganiniana: il dramma di Antonia Bianchi, 1967
Milan: Publicazioni Rotariane
Bonaventura, Arnaldo
BOX/FOLDER 23/7 Niccolò Paganini, 1923
Catalog no. 560
Roma: A. F. Formíggini
Codignola, Arturo
BOX/FOLDER 25/5 Paganini intimo, 1935
Cover only
Catalog no. 574a
Genova: Edito a Cura del Municipio
Conestabile, Giancarlo
BOX/FOLDER 23/2 Vita di Niccolò Paganini, 1851
Catalog no. 552
Perugia: Vincenzo Bartelli
Day, Lillian
BOX/FOLDER 24/3 Paganini of Genoa, 1929
23 x 15.8 cm
Catalog no. 564
New York: The Macaulay Company
Eberhardt, Siegfried
BOX/FOLDER 21/8 Paganinis Geigenhaltung; die Entdeckung des Gesetzes virtuoser Sicherheit, 1921
Catalog no. 559
Berlin: A. Fürstner
Ehrlich, A. Beruhmte Geiger
BOX/FOLDER 25/3 Nicolo Paganini, 1893
Page 149
Catalog no. 571
Leipzig: A. H. Payne
Fetis, F. J.
BOX/FOLDER 23/3 Biographical Notice of Nicolo Paganini, 1851
Catalog no. 553
London: Schott
Harrys, Georg
BOX/FOLDER 21/13 "Paganini, I sin resvagn och Kammare, I sällskapskretsar och concerter," 1833
In Swedish
Catalog no. 1001
Res-Journal. Stockholm: Johan Hörber
Hessenstein, Count Alfred
BOX/FOLDER 21/15 Paganini, undated
Play script
MBC misc. 41
Hubbard, Elbert
BOX/FOLDER 24/4 Little Journeys to the Homes of American Statesmen,Book No. 225, undated
Illuminated by hand
Catalog no. 565
East Aurora, New York: Roycrofters
BOX/FOLDER 21/10 Nicola Paganini, 1901
Catalog no. 572
East Aurora, New York: Roycrofters
Istel, Edgar
BOX/FOLDER 21/7 Nicolo Paganini, 1919
Catalog no. 557
Leipzig: Breitkopf & Härtel
Kapp, Julius
BOX/FOLDER 24/1 Paganini: Eine Biographie, 1928
Catalog no. 562
Stuttgart: Deutsche Verlags-Anstalt
Kross, Emil
BOX/FOLDER 28/32 "Ueber das Studium der 24 Capricen Paganini's," 1897
12 pages
Catalog no. 1005
London: Schott
Kuhnert, Adolfo Artur
BOX/FOLDER 24/2 Paganini, 1929
Catalog no. 563
Leipzig: Philipp Reclam
de Laphaléque, G. Imbert
BOX/FOLDER 23/1 Notice sur ce célèbre violiniste Nicolo Paganini, 1830
Catalog no. 549
Paris: E. Guyot, Editeur
Martens, Frederick H.
BOX/FOLDER 21/9 Little Biographies: Paganini, 1922
Catalog no. 574a?
New York: Breitkopf Publications
Niggli, A.
BOX/FOLDER 25/2 Nicolo Paganini, 1882
Catalog no. 568
Polko, Elisa
BOX/FOLDER 25/1 Nicolo Paganini, 1876
Catalog no. 567
Milano: Fratelli Freves
Prod'homme, Jaques-Gabriel
BOX/FOLDER 23/5 Les musiciens célèbres: Paganini, 1908
Catalog no. 556
Paris: Henri Laurens
Pulver, Jeffrey
BOX/FOLDER 25/4 The Romantic Virtuoso. London: H. Joseph, 1936
Catalog no. 573
London: Herbert Johnson Limited
Salvaneschi, Nino
BOX/FOLDER 26/1 Un violina 23 donne e il Diavolo, 1938
Catalog no. 574g
Milano: Corbaccio
de Saussine, Renée
BOX/FOLDER 25/6 Paganini le magicien, 1938
Catalog no. 574f
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