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BOX 3, 41, 70-71, 235-264, Mapcase Folder 1 DF Biographical Materials, 1970-2020
Norman's biographical materials provide information about her life outside of the concert hall. She was an active philanthropist and supported numerous organizations, particularly those located in the New York City area. This series contains correspondence with these entities and details about their fundraising events in which Norman participated. It also contains drafts of Norman’s interviews (most of which were conducted via email or fax) and annotated scripts of speeches she gave as an honoree at university graduations, award ceremonies, philanthropic benefits, or events honoring other artists.
Norman received dozens of awards throughout her lifetime. While this series represents many of them, it is not comprehensive. It includes more than half of the honorary doctorate diplomas she received from major universities, as well as a medal for her Grammy nomination (later won) for Bartók’s Bluebeard’s Castle with Pierre Boulez and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra in 1991. It is recommended that researchers also check the Correspondence series, which may contain letters or emails from awarding institutions.
Personal Papers comprise a small amount of paperwork and correspondence regarding rental negotiations, insurance, utilities work, and renovations for Norman’s residences in London and New York. Some notebooks from the 1980s contain calendars, notes, and reminders for her assistants, including Doreen Davis, Mark Loftin, Rachel Waltham, and Elaine Spinelli, among others. Others contain ideas for upcoming recital programs. One of these is partially filled with notes for the 1990 Spirituals in Concert event with Kathleen Battle and another with notes for Sacred Ellington. Most of the notebooks from the 1990s belonged to Kevin Bothwell, Elizabeth Froemke, and Elizabeth Schott Sho, Norman’s business manager and assistants. Their notebooks contain telephone logs for L’Orchidee, Inc., to-do lists, and calendars of Norman’s daily events and performances. The notes are in Norman’s hand and are largely undated. They contain information about scheduling performances, ideas for program repertoire, and lists of daily reminders.
The Philanthropy and Personal Papers file units are arranged alphabetically and chronologically therein. The Speaking Engagements and Interviews, Awards, and Notebooks and Notes file units are arranged chronologically.
BOX-FOLDER 235/1 AHEAD, Inc., 1998
BOX-FOLDER 235/2-4 Balm in Gilead, 1994-1999
BOX-FOLDER 235/5 Blair High School (CA) visit, 2006
BOX-FOLDER 235/6 Boards and committees, 1987-2006
BOX-FOLDER 235/7 Boys and Girls Choirs of Harlem, 1999-2000
see also Turnbull, Walter
BOX-FOLDER 235/8 Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, 1993
BOX-FOLDER 235/9 Center for Gender Equality, 1998
BOX-FOLDER 235/10 Children's Defense Fund 35th Anniversary gala host, 2008
BOX-FOLDER 235/11-12 City Meals-on-Wheels, 1994-2004
BOX-FOLDER 236/1 Dance Theatre of Harlem, 1998-2004
BOX-FOLDER 236/2 Diamond, Wendy. "A Musical Feast" (fundraiser), 1995
BOX-FOLDER 236/3 Donations, 1978-2001
BOX-FOLDER 236/4 Elton John AIDS Foundation, 1997-2001
BOX-FOLDER 236/5 Fresh Air Fund, 1997
BOX-FOLDER 236/6 Gay Men's Health Crisis (GMHC), 2005
BOX-FOLDER 236/7 Girl Scouts, 1995-2001
BOX-FOLDER 236/8 Green, Duncan. Guatemala. Burden of Paradise, 1992
Introduction by Norman
BOX-FOLDER 236/9 Hale House, 1997-1998
BOX-FOLDER 236/10 Harlem School for the Arts, 1996-1999
BOX-FOLDER 236/11 H.E.L.P. U.S.A. Mentor Heroes book, 1998
BOX-FOLDER 236/12 Howard University, 1998-2007
BOX-FOLDER 236/13 Jessye Norman School for the Arts, circa 2004-2007
see also Rachel Longstreet Foundation
BOX-FOLDER 236/14 Lupus Foundation, 1997-2000
BOX-FOLDER 236/15 Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, 1996
BOX-FOLDER 236/16 Mentoring U.S.A., 1997-1998
BOX-FOLDER 237/1 Miscellany, 1991-2007
BOX-FOLDER 237/2 Momentum AIDS Project, 1998
BOX-FOLDER 237/3 Moors Tenors National Sponsoring Committee, 1998
BOX-FOLDER 237/4-6 Ms. Foundation, 1990-1998
BOX-FOLDER 237/7 National Multiple Sclerosis Society, 1992
BOX-FOLDER 237/8 National Music Foundation, 2000
BOX-FOLDER 237/9 Neighborhood Music School, 2006
BOX-FOLDER 237/10-11 New York Botanical Gardens, 1996-2000
BOX-FOLDER 238/1 New York Public Library Board of Trustees, 1997-2000
BOX-FOLDER 238/2 North Westminster Community School, 1993
BOX-FOLDER 238/3-4 Partnership for the Homeless, 1996-2008
BOX-FOLDER 238/5 Planned Parenthood, 1998-2004
BOX-FOLDER 238/6 Rainforest Foundation, 1999
BOX-FOLDER 238/7 Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative, 2003-2008
BOX-FOLDER 238/8 Thank you notes, 1998-2004
BOX-FOLDER 238/9 Toronto Mendelssohn Choir. Recipes of Note, 1994
BOX-FOLDER 238/10 UNESCO Legendary Women board, 1997
BOX-FOLDER 238/11 United Nations, 1995-1998
BOX-FOLDER 238/12 White House Project, 1998-2005
Interviews and Speeches
BOX-FOLDER 239/5 Anna Deavere Smith, "Twilight: Los Angeles, 1992", 1994
BOX-FOLDER 239/6 Backstage at Lincoln Center with Jane Glover, circa 1993 to 1994
BOX-FOLDER 239/1-4 Miscellaneous, 1970s, 1992-1997
BOX-FOLDER 239/7 Vanity Fair, 1988-1989
BOX-FOLDER 239/8 Unidentified, declined, 1989-2004
DF 530 Award, 1996
Digital ID: NormanJM_005
Presentation of award to Leah Wise
BOX-FOLDER 240/6 Black Alumni of Pratt 17th Annual Benefit Creative Spirit Award presentation, 2008 May
DF Cedar Crest College commencement, 2004
Digital ID: NormanJM_006
DF City Meals on Wheels, 1996
Digital ID: NormanJM_005
Norman's remarks at Women's Power Lunch
DF Harvard/Radcliffe alumni luncheon, 1997 June
Digital ID: NormanJM_005
BOX-FOLDER 241/1 Harvard University Department of Afro-American Studies 30th Anniversary Celebration, 2000 April 8
BOX-FOLDER 241/2 Howard University Charter Day, 2000 March 4
DF Israeli Consulate, 2002 January
Digital ID: NormanJM_006
DF John Jay Commencement, 2001 December
Digital ID: NormanJM_006
DF "Lena Horne: In Her Own Voice" tribute, 1996 November
Digital ID: NormanJM_005
BOX-FOLDER 241/3 Lupus Foundation gala benefit, 1998 November 16
DF Lupus Foundation, 2001
Digital ID: NormanJ_006
Norman's speech at 2001 gala
DF Lupus Foundation, 2004
Digital ID: NormanJ_004
Norman's speech at 2004 gala
BOX-FOLDER 239/9 to 240/5 Miscellaneous, 1990-2005
DF Ms. Foundation, 2002
Digital ID: NormanJM_006
Norman's gala remarks
DF Northside Center remarks, 2002
Digital ID: NormanJM_006
DF Partnership for the Homeless, 2002
Digital ID: NormanJM_006
BOX-FOLDER 241/4 Toni Morrison's 70th birthday, 2001 February 17
DF University of Massachusetts, Boston, 1996
Digital ID: NormanJM_005
Pre-commencement dinner speech; commencement speech (?)
BOX-FOLDER 241/5 Walnut Hill School, 1998 January 27
DF Wesleyan commencement, 1996 May
Digital ID: NormanJM_005
BOX-FOLDER 241/6 Unidentified or undated
Awards and Honors
BOX-FOLDER 241/7 American Academy in Rome Honor, 2009
BOX-FOLDER 241/8 American Academy of Arts and Sciences Award, 2007
BOX-FOLDER 3/3 ARD International Music Competition, Munich, 1968 September
BOX-FOLDER 70/5 Arkansas Traveler honor, 2003
BOX-FOLDER 241/9 Arnold Gingrich Encore Award, 1996
BOX-FOLDER 241/10 Arthur Ashe Institute Award for Leadership in Humanitarian Service, 2000
BOX-FOLDER 241/11 Barnard College Centennial Honor, 1989
BOX-FOLDER 241/12 Berkeley mayoral declaration, 1996
BOX-FOLDER 241/13 Black History Makers Award, 1997
BOX-FOLDER 241/14 Cathedral Peace Award, 1995
BOX-FOLDER 241/15 Chicago City Council resolution, 1997
BOX-FOLDER 241/16 Coolest Woman Dinner, undated
BOX-FOLDER 70/6-7 Detroit city council proclamation, 1979
BOX-FOLDER 241/17 Eleanor Roosevelt Val-Kill medal, 2000
BOX-FOLDER 242/1 Georgia Music Hall of Fame, 1999
BOX-FOLDER 242/2 Girl Scouts Humanitarian Award, 2000
BOX-FOLDER 242/3 Girl Scouts of Westchester-Putnam Leadership Award, 1988
BOX-FOLDER 242/4 Glenn Gould Prize Laureate, 2018
BOX 71 BOX-FOLDER 242/5-6 Grammy Award nominations, 1982, 1999
BOX-FOLDER 242/7 Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award, 2006
BOX-FOLDER 242/8 Hammond Award, Northside Center for Child Development, 2002
BOX-FOLDER 242/9 Harvard-Radcliffe College Alumnae Association Medal, 1997
BOX-FOLDER 242/10 Hollywood Bowl Hall of Fame, 2002
BOX-FOLDER 242/11 Honorary degree. Cedar Crest College, 2004
Honorary Doctorates
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