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Jerry Marrion collection of performer promotional photographs, 1930s-1940s

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BOX 1-2 Photographs, 1930s-1940s
This series contains black and white publicity photographs of musicians and ensembles that performed at the Arkota Ballroom in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The Big Band era is well represented by musicians such as Duke Ellington, Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey, Lionel Hampton, Woody Herman, Anita O'Day, and Stan Kenton. Two of the photographs are signed by the musicians. Photographers credited include Bloom of Chicago, Bruno of Hollywood, Harry Johnson, James J. Kriegsmann, Lew Nathan, John E. Reed, Romaine, and Maurice Seymour. Many images indicate the performer's manager or management agency, including General Artists Corporation, MCA, William Morris Agency, Associated Booking Corp., Agency for the Performing Arts, Joe Glaser, Abe Turchen, and International Talent Associates.
Arranged alphabetically.
BOX/FOLDER 1/1 Adams, Lane
BOX/FOLDER 1/2 Armstrong, Louis
BOX/FOLDER 1/3 Assunto, Frank
BOX/FOLDER 1/4 Back, Will
BOX/FOLDER 1/5 Barron, Blue
BOX/FOLDER 1/6 The Barron Quartette
BOX/FOLDER 1/7 Beers, Bobby
BOX/FOLDER 1/8 Beneke, Tex
BOX/FOLDER 1/9 Beneke, Tex and Claire Chatwin
BOX/FOLDER 1/10 Beneke, Tex, with the Glenn Miller Orchestra
BOX/FOLDER 1/11 Bennett, Jeanne
BOX/FOLDER 1/12 Biggs, Howard
BOX/FOLDER 1/13 Bradley, Betty
BOX/FOLDER 1/14 Bride, "Mickey"
BOX/FOLDER 1/15 Brigode, Art
BOX/FOLDER 1/16 Bronson, Sonny
BOX/FOLDER 1/17 Brown, Les
BOX/FOLDER 1/18 Burke, Clyde
BOX/FOLDER 1/19 Busse, Henry
BOX/FOLDER 1/20 Candoli, Pete
BOX/FOLDER 1/21 Carle, Frankie
BOX/FOLDER 1/22 Carlyle, Russ
Note: Also spelled Carlisle
BOX/FOLDER 1/23 Carroll, Bob
BOX/FOLDER 1/24 Cato's Vagabonds
BOX/FOLDER 1/25 Chester, Bob
BOX/FOLDER 1/26 Claire, Dorothy
BOX/FOLDER 1/27 Clayton, Patty
BOX/FOLDER 1/28 Combs, Fuzzy
BOX/FOLDER 1/29 Connor, Ellen
BOX/FOLDER 1/30 Cool, Harry
BOX/FOLDER 1/31 Courtney, Del
BOX/FOLDER 1/32 Cromwell, Jeanne, with the Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra
BOX/FOLDER 1/33 Culver, Dick
BOX/FOLDER 1/34 Cummins, Walter
BOX/FOLDER 1/35 Deauville, Ronnie
BOX/FOLDER 1/36 Dee, Billy
BOX/FOLDER 1/37 Dell, Jimmy
BOX/FOLDER 1/38 Derwin, Hal
BOX/FOLDER 1/39 Donahue, Sam
BOX/FOLDER 1/40 Dorsey, Jimmy
BOX/FOLDER 1/41 Dorsey, Tommy
BOX/FOLDER 1/42 Dowling, Dud
BOX/FOLDER 1/43 Dunham, Sonny
BOX/FOLDER 1/44 Edwards, Lee
BOX/FOLDER 1/45 Ellington, Duke
BOX/FOLDER 1/46 Flanagan, Ralph
BOX/FOLDER 1/47 Flannigan, Bill
BOX/FOLDER 1/48 Foster, Chuck
BOX/FOLDER 1/49 France, W.
BOX/FOLDER 1/50 The Four Freshman
BOX/FOLDER 1/51 Garber, Jan
BOX/FOLDER 1/52 Gardner, Kenny
BOX/FOLDER 1/53 Gordon, Gray
BOX/FOLDER 1/54 Grass, Cliff
BOX/FOLDER 1/55 Grey, Sylvia
BOX/FOLDER 1/56 Hampton, Lionel and His Orchestra
BOX/FOLDER 1/57 Hanley, Pete
BOX/FOLDER 1/58 Harmonicats (Jerry Murad’s Harmonicats)
BOX/FOLDER 1/59 Harris, Bill
BOX/FOLDER 1/60 Hart, Gloria
BOX/FOLDER 1/61 Heller, Jackie
BOX/FOLDER 1/62 Herald, Lee
BOX/FOLDER 1/63 Herman, Woody
BOX/FOLDER 1/64 Hite, Les
BOX/FOLDER 1/65 Holmes, Marion
BOX/FOLDER 1/66 Hopkins, Claude
BOX/FOLDER 1/67 Howard, Eddy
BOX/FOLDER 1/68 Howard, Gene
BOX/FOLDER 1/69 Hudson, Marge
BOX/FOLDER 1/70 Hughes, Glen
BOX/FOLDER 1/71 Ingle, Red
BOX/FOLDER 1/72 Jackson, Chubby
BOX/FOLDER 1/73 James, Harry
BOX/FOLDER 1/74 Joy, Jimmy
BOX/FOLDER 1/75 Karroll, Charley
BOX/FOLDER 1/76 Kassel, Art
BOX/FOLDER 1/77 Kay, Herbie
BOX/FOLDER 1/78 Kenton, Stan
BOX/FOLDER 1/79 King, George
BOX/FOLDER 1/80 Kirk, Andy
BOX/FOLDER 2/58 La Salle, Jean
BOX/FOLDER 2/1 Leary, Ford
BOX/FOLDER 2/2 Lester, Frank
BOX/FOLDER 2/3 Link, Walter
BOX/FOLDER 2/4 Lombardo, Carmen
BOX/FOLDER 2/5 Lombardo, Guy
BOX/FOLDER 2/6 Lombardo, Guy and His Orchestra
BOX/FOLDER 2/7 Lombardo, Lebert
BOX/FOLDER 2/8 Lombardo, Victor
BOX/FOLDER 2/9 Long, Johnny
BOX/FOLDER 2/10 Manon
BOX/FOLDER 2/60 Masters, Frankie and Phyllis Myles (?)
BOX/FOLDER 2/11 McIntyre, Hal
BOX/FOLDER 2/12 McKinley, Ray
BOX/FOLDER 2/13 Meyer, Amby
BOX/FOLDER 2/14 Miller, Herb
BOX/FOLDER 2/15 Moffet, Barbara
BOX/FOLDER 2/16 Monroe, Vaughn
BOX/FOLDER 2/17 Moreno, Buddy
BOX/FOLDER 2/18 Morgan, Jack
BOX/FOLDER 2/19 Morgan, Russ
BOX/FOLDER 2/20 Morgan, Tommy
BOX/FOLDER 2/21 Myers, Harry
BOX/FOLDER 2/22 Nealy, Ken
BOX/FOLDER 2/23 Norman, Teddy
BOX/FOLDER 2/24 O'Day, Anita
BOX/FOLDER 2/25 Olsen, George
BOX/FOLDER 2/26 Pastor, Tony
BOX/FOLDER 2/27 Price, Ruth
BOX/FOLDER 2/28 Reed, Nancy
BOX/FOLDER 2/29 Richmond, June
BOX/FOLDER 2/30 Roberta
BOX/FOLDER 2/31 Rudisill, Ernie "Cecil"
BOX/FOLDER 2/32 Ryan, Tommy
BOX/FOLDER 2/33 Saunders, Jimmy
BOX/FOLDER 2/34 Sheeler, Therman
BOX/FOLDER 2/35 Sherman, Billy
BOX/FOLDER 2/36 Shirley, Jeanne
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