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Performing arts COVID-19 response collection, 2020-2022

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BOX 1 DF Music, 2020-2022
Arrangement is alphabetical by creator or project name.
ARCO Collaborative
DF Alone Together, 2020
Violinist Jennifer Koh launched Alone Together , an online commissioning project, to support freelance composers during the financial hardship of the coronavirus pandemic. Twenty composers, most of whom had salaried positions or other forms of institutional support, agreed to donate a new, 30-second micro-work for solo violin, while also recommending a fellow freelance composer to write their own 30-second solo violin work on paid commission from the artist-driven nonprofit ARCO Collaborative. Koh premiered these donated and commissioned works from April 4 through June 13, 2020 on YouTube. Each recommending composer is listed below, followed by the commissioned composer.
Scores for solo violin; headshots; bios
Agócs, Kati and Vincent Calianno
Agócs, Kati. Thirst and Quenching
Calianno, Vincent. Ashlinner
Bhatia, Rafiq and Hanna Benn
Benn, Hanna. Exhalation
Bhatia, Rafiq. Descent
Castillo, Patrick and Sugar Vendil
Castillo, Patrick. Mina Cecilia's Constitutional
Vendil, Sugar. Simple Tasks II (Six-Day Deadline)
Chang, Ian with Darian Donovan Thomas. Art | Nat
Chueng, Anthony and Tomás Gueglio Saccone
Chueng, Anthony. Springs Eternal
Gueglio Saccone, Tomás. Nocturno Lamarque
Du Yun and Shayna Dunkelman
Dunkelman, Shayna. Afterglow
Du Yun. Windowsills
Gibson, Sarah, Thomas Kotcheff (piano duo Hocket ) and Tonia Ko
Gibson, Sarah. You are Still Here
Ko, Tonia. The Fragile Season
Kotcheff, Thomas. vacuum packed
Hearne, Ted and Nina Shekhar
Hearne, Ted. Distance Canon
Shekhar, Nina. Warm in My Veins
Iyer, Vijay and Morgan Guerin
Guerin, Morgan. Together, but Alone (In Quarantine)
Iyer, Vijay. For Violin Alone
León, Tania and Angelica Négron
León, Tania. Anima
Négron, Angelica. Cooper and Emma
Lewis, George and Lester St. Louis
Lewis, George. Un petit brouillard cérébral
St. Louis, Lester. Ultraviolet, efflorescent
Lu, Wan and Joungbum Lee
Lee, Joungbum. Hovering Green
Lu, Wan. Hover and Recede
Ludwig, David and Elizabeth Younan
Ludwig, David. All the Rage
Younan, Elizabeth. ...your heart dreams of spring
Mazzoli, Missy and Cassie Wieland
Mazzoli, Missy. Hail, Horrors, Hail
Wieland, Cassie. Shiner
Naqvi, Qasim and Caroline Davis
Davis, Caroline. heart rituals
Naqvi, Qasim. HAL
Norman, Andrew and Katherine Balch
Balch, Katherine. Cleaning
Norman, Andrew. Turns of Phrase
Reid, Ellen and Rajna Swaminathan
Reid, Ellen. Mood Brick Red
Swaminathan, Rajna. Kindling
Shyu, Jen and inti figgis-vizueta
figgis-vizueta, inti. Quiet City
Shyu, Jen. The River in My Mind
Swaminathan, Anjna and Layale Chaker
Chaker, Layale. Bond of the Beloved
Swaminathan, Anjna. A Beloved Within
Young, Nina C. and Adeliia Faizullina
Faizullina, Adeliia. Urman
Young, Nina C. There had been signs, surely
Balch, Katherine
DF waste knot, 2022
Text by Alexandra Kleeman. Written for Nina Guo and Ensemble Modern as part of the 10th International Composition Seminar, and premiered February 18, 2022 at Cresc... Festival in Frankfurt, Germany. Balch described the work as "a serenade to the lost or wasted time of this pandemic spell."
Score for percussion, piano, soprano, and four amplified dictaphones; sketches
Bernstein, Peter
DF What Comes Next, 2020
Peter Bernstein recorded the album What Comes Next at the height of the lockdown in June 2020. Two tracks from the album, "What Comes Next" and "Empty Streets," were composed in direct response to the quarantine.
Oral history; incomplete early video of "Empty Streets"
Bielawa, Lisa
BOX 1 Broadcast from Home, 2020
Composer Lisa Bielawa opened the Broadcast from Home project to people from around the world to share personal testimonies about their lives during the pandemic. Using parts of these testimonies as text, she composed instrumental tracks and created fifteen unique musical chapters about the global experience during the early days of COVID-19. The chapters were released on Bielawa's website along with word animation videos of the text.
Printed score draft with annotations; sketches; notes
DF Broadcast from Home, 2020
Anonymized testimonies; raw audio; text animations; mix and master files; video
DF Broadcast from Home, 2020
ProTools session data files and screenshots; newsletters
DF Broadcast from Home, 2020
Interviews; vocal phrase recordings; livestreams; project logos; word animations
DF Broadcast from Home, 2020
Oral history
Boyer, Peter
see also Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra: The Fanfare Project
DF Fanfare for Tomorrow, 2021
Originally written for the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra Fanfare Project, Boyer expanded his work for the United States Marine Band to perform at the 2021 inauguration of President Joseph Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. An orchestral version was premiered in summer of 2021.
Scores for band and orchestra
DF Fanfare for Tomorrow, 2021
Oral history; score for horn solo
Buehler, Markus J.
DF Viral Counterpoint of the Coronavirus Spike Protein (2019-nCoV), 2020
Viral Counterpoint of the Coronavirus Spike Protein (2019-nCoV) is a musical representation of the amino acid sequence and structure of the spike protein of the pathogen of COVID-19, 2019-nCoV (protein data bank identifier 6VSB) realized by Markus J. Buehler, an engineer and scientist at the Massachussets Institute of Technology. The work was first shared online in April 2020.
Scores; audio
DF Viral Counterpoint of the Coronavirus Spike Protein (2019-nCoV), 2020
Oral history
Cerrone, Christopher
DF A Body, Moving, 2021
Cerrone wrote the concerto A Body, Moving to be a celebration of the movement of air throughout the room in contrast with a time when COVID-19 has made people acutely aware of air's flow and ability to spread illness. This work was commissioned by the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra and premiered April 2021.
Score for orchestra; audio
DF Don't Look Down, 2020
Cerrone described Don't Look Down as an accidental musical diary of living through the pandemic. The first movement recalls the relentless energy prior to the pandemic; the second movement stops the energy and provides an uncertain and static soundscape; the third movement chronicles a construction project and a nostalgia for what would normally drive a person crazy. This piece was commissioned by Elizabeth and Justus Schlichting for Conor Hanick and Sandbox Percussion.
Score for prepared piano and percussion quartet; audio
Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra: The Fanfare Project, 2020-2021
During an earlier era of global disruption, the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra launched its first Fanfare Project, commissioning and premiering 18 fanfares in support of the Allied troops in World War II. Building on that legacy, the CSO commissioned new music from a diverse range of composers to inspire and uplift in the face of the challenges of the pandemic and an uncertain future.
Abels, Michael
DF Salute in Solo
Score for solo viola; sketches
DF Salute in Solo
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