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Roger L. Stevens papers, 1863-2002

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Office Files, 1937-2000 (continued)
BOX-FOLDER 226/10 Presidential inaugurations, 1961-1981
BOX-FOLDER 227/1 Publicity, 1958-1960
BOX-FOLDER 227/2 Real estate license documents, 1958-1991
BOX-FOLDER 227/3 Roger L. and Christine G. Stevens Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust, 1986, 1990-1992
BOX-FOLDER 227/4-5 Roger L. Stevens Family Fund, 1979-2000
BOX-FOLDER 227/6-7 Roger Stevens Foundation, Inc., 1956-1982
Rolace, Inc.
BOX-FOLDER 227/8 Accounts receivable and financial records, 1967-1972
BOX-FOLDER 227/9 Allstate Associates - Palace Theater, 1966-1972
BOX-FOLDER 227/10 to 229/5 Bank statements, 1965-1972
BOX-FOLDER 229/6 Check stubs, 1965-1967
BOX-FOLDER 229/7 Financial statements, 1967-1972
BOX-FOLDER 229/8-9 Ledgers, 1965-1971
BOX-FOLDER 230/1-3 Office expenses and invoices, 1966-1972
BOX-FOLDER 230/4 Petty cash expenditures, 1967-1969
BOX-FOLDER 230/5 Salary lists, 1967-1972
BOX-FOLDER 230/6-7 Tax records, 1966-1972
BOX-FOLDER 231/1-4 Telephone bills and statements, 1966-1972
BOX-FOLDER 231/5 Speaking engagements and remarks, 1957-1989
BOX-FOLDER 231/6 Technical Services, Inc., 1957-1959
Telephone Logs
BOX-FOLDER 231/7-8 1954, 1956-1957
BOX-FOLDER 232/1-9 1958-1961
BOX-FOLDER 233/1-6 1961-1964
BOX-FOLDER 234/1-9 1965-1974
BOX-FOLDER 235/1-9 1974-1978
BOX-FOLDER 236/1-8 1979-1984
BOX-FOLDER 237/1-8 1985-1990
BOX-FOLDER 238/1-5 1990-1995 and undated
BOX-FOLDER 238/6 Telephone numbers, circa 1990 and undated
BOX-FOLDER 238/7 Thorley House of Flowers, Inc., 1955-1968
BOX-FOLDER 238/8-9 Tiffany and Company, 1961-1967
BOX-FOLDER 239/1-2 Air travel correspondence and statements - Rolace, Inc., 1966-1969
BOX-FOLDER 239/3 The Connaught Hotel (London), 1955-1977
BOX-FOLDER 239/4-5 Correspondence, ephemera, financial records, and itineraries, 1937-1987 and undated
BOX-FOLDER 239/6 Europe trips, 1964-1985
BOX-FOLDER 239/7 Hotels, 1988-1993
BOX-FOLDER 240/1-2 Travel Magic, Inc., 1986, 1990-1994
BOX-FOLDER 240/3 United States. Department of State, 1963-1970
BOX-FOLDER 240/4 Miscellaneous writings, 1971 and undated
BOX-FOLDER 240/5 "What an Intelligent Executive Ought to Know About the Real Estate Market," undated
BOX-FOLDER 240/6 "What I Look for in a Real Estate Deal," undated
BOX 241-258, 398-399, 406-408, 413-415, 423-424, 426-427, 433-435 Personal Papers, 1863-2002 (bulk 1926-1990)
This series documents the early life, family history, and personal activities of Roger L. Stevens and his wife, Christine Gesell Stevens. Material types include biographical information, family correspondence, memorabilia, passports, photographs, school records, and wills and estate planning documents.

Organized as two subseries.
BOX 241-252, 398-399, 406-408, 413-415, 423-424, 426-427, 433-435 Roger L. Stevens, 1863-2002 (bulk 1926-1990)
Biographical information in this subseries summarizes Stevens's extensive career and includes an unpublished biography by John Ehle. Stevens's birth certificate, passports, and documentation of his brief service in the United States Navy are found here, as are materials on personal club memberships, and leases and correspondence connected to the Stevenses' residences in Ann Arbor, New York City, and Washington, D. C. Also found here are several items of memorabilia given to Stevens. A folder on paintings records the Stevenses' ownership of a Rouen Cathedral painting by Claude Monet as well as other works of art they owned. The Stevenses' financial records are organized within Office Files. Several folders contain cards and letters sent to Stevens while he was convalescing after his triple bypass heart surgery in 1981. Carbon copies of Stevens's responses are attached to the correspondence. Material on Stevens's memorial service includes the invitation, attendee lists, guest books, and planning documents.

Stevens's correspondence with his family includes letters from his older brother Larry, Larry's wife Sally, his younger brother Harlow, his daughter Christabel, and his wife Christine. For letters from Stevens to Christine, see the Christine G. Stevens subseries. Family papers also hold business papers and correspondence from his parents Stanley G. and Florence O. Stevens. Stanley's papers document real estate and other business activities while Florence's papers consist of personal correspondence, financial records, and school records. Roger Stevens's school records are also found in the subseries documenting his time at Choate School and the University of Michigan. Material types include assignments, correspondence, ephemera, and report cards.

Photographs consist of snapshots of Stevens in his youth and his family, formal portraits, and images of Stevens with others at both formal and casual events. This subseries contains photographs of Stevens with every United States president and first lady from John and Jacqueline Kennedy to Bill and Hillary Clinton. Others pictured with Stevens include figures from the political world such as Cecil D. Andrus, David K. E. Bruce, Hubert Humphrey, Philip M. Klutznick, Imelda Marcos, and Walter Mondale; prominent figures in the arts such as Frederick Brisson, Placido Domingo, Charlton Heston, Carlo Mazzoui-Clementi, Marianne Moore, Leontyne Price, Richard Rodgers, Rosalind Russell, and Isaac Stern; and, members of Washington, D. C. society such as Gwendolyn Cafritz and Catherine Filene Shouse.

Programs included in this subseries document productions Stevens attended. For programs of productions that were produced or otherwise financially backed by Stevens, refer to the Theatrical Production Files.

Arranged alphabetically by material type or subject matter.
BOX-FOLDER 241/1 Architectural Digest feature, 1985-1986
BOX-FOLDER 241/2 Biographical sketches, 1952-1998
BOX-FOLDER 241/3 Life magazine profile, 1957
BOX-FOLDER 241/4 Memoir correspondence and examples, 1979-1991
BOX-FOLDER 241/5 Who's Who publications, 1960-1999
BOX-FOLDER 241/6-7 "World Mover" by John Ehle, 1998
Includes: Unpublished biography
BOX-FOLDER 241/8 Birth certificate, driver's licenses, and miscellaneous records, 1910-1987
Clubs and memberships
BOX-FOLDER 242/1 The 1925 F Street Club, 1965-1991
BOX-FOLDER 242/2 Ann Arbor Golf and Outing Club, 1957-1961
BOX-FOLDER 242/3 Cosmos Club, 1988-1995
BOX-FOLDER 242/4 International Sportsmen's Club, 1956-1958
BOX-FOLDER 242/5 Lotos Club, 1969-1994
BOX-FOLDER 242/6 Miscellaneous clubs, 1922, 1958-1988
BOX-FOLDER 242/7 National Capital Democratic Club, 1956-1966
BOX-FOLDER 242/8 The Pilgrims of the United States, 1965-1992
BOX-FOLDER 242/9 Racquet and Tennis Club, 1952-1996
BOX-FOLDER 243/1-3 Convalescent correspondence, 1979-1981 and undated
BOX-FOLDER 243/4 Diary, 1922
BOX-FOLDER 243/5 Gough, Christabel Stevens, 1957-1977 and undated
Correspondence with Roger L. Stevens
BOX-FOLDER 243/6-7 Gough, Christabel Stevens, 1951-1994
Personal papers
BOX-FOLDER 243/8 Stevens, Christine, 1936-1956 and undated
Correspondence to Roger L. Stevens
Stevens, Florence O.
BOX-FOLDER 243/9 Correspondence with Roger L. Stevens, 1926-1955 and undated
BOX-FOLDER 413/3, 426/7 Diplomas, 1896, 1929, 1936
BOX-FOLDER 244/1-2 Personal papers, 1926-1957 and undated
Includes: Correspondence from Belle Kearney
BOX-FOLDER 244/3 Stevens, Harlow, 1936-1990
Correspondence with Roger L. Stevens
BOX-FOLDER 244/4 Miscellaneous family papers, 1958-1988
BOX-FOLDER 244/5 Stevens, Sally, 1958-1985
Correspondence with Roger L. Stevens
BOX-FOLDER 244/6 Stevens, Stanley G., 1925-1966
Correspondence with Roger L. Stevens
BOX-FOLDER 244/7-8 to 245/1-2, 426/7 Stevens, Stanley G., 1896-1966, 1983
Personal papers
BOX-FOLDER 245/3 Stevens, Stanley L. "Larry," 1928-1975
Correspondence with Roger L. Stevens
BOX-FOLDER 245/4 Health, 1960, 1969-1970, 1991, and undated
BOX-FOLDER 245/5 Ann Arbor, Michigan - 60 Underdown Road, 1950-1956
BOX-FOLDER 245/6 Miscellaneous homes, 1958, 1965-1971, and undated
BOX-FOLDER 245/7-8 New York City - 50 East 77th Street, 1952-1990
BOX-FOLDER 246/1 Washington, D. C. - 1686 34th Street NW, 1972-1992
BOX-FOLDER 246/2 Washington, D. C. - 3406 R Street NW, 1964, 1970-1971
BOX-FOLDER 246/3 Life insurance policies, 1940-1994
BOX 406 Ambassador for the Arts lapel rosette, undated
BOX 433 American Theatre Wing lapel pin, circa 1944
BOX-FOLDER 398/1 Artwork: "A seasonal portrait," 1962
Signed MV
BOX 414 Artwork: portrait of Lyndon B. Johnson, 1964
Note: Features metal plate engraved as follows: The President's Club, 1964 / Roger L. Stevens / Best Wishes Lyndon B. Johnson
BOX 408, 423 Artwork: portraits of Roger L. Stevens, undated
BOX 433 City Entertainment Corporation medallion, 1957
BOX 406 Empire State Building address book commemorative box, undated
BOX 406 Medal celebrating 1,300th anniversary of Bulgaria, circa 1985
BOX-FOLDER 246/4 National Theatre (Washington, D.C.) seat plate and number, undated
BOX 407 Novelty license plate: "Roger," undated
BOX-FOLDER 398/2 Theatrical broadside for Arch Street Theatre, 1863, 1989
Framed and inscribed by Ralph E. Becker
BOX 434 Watch, undated
BOX 435 Wooden bowl undated
Memorial service
BOX-FOLDER 246/5-6 Attendees, 1998
BOX-FOLDER 246/7 Guest books, 1998
BOX-FOLDER 246/8, 424/1 Invitation and planning, 1998
BOX-FOLDER 247/1, 398/3 Obituaries, 1998
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