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Music and Sound Art, 1972-2004 (continued)
Workbooks, 1972-2004
Subotnick's workbooks date chiefly from the 1980s. Since his fully electronic pieces do not use acoustic instruments (and consequently do not require a score), his workbooks contain notes about the genesis of a piece and information about patches, synthesizers, and other electronics necessary to perform it. Also present are sketches of musical ideas for acoustic and electro-acoustic works, lecture notes, and budget information.
Arranged alphabetically by title and chronologically therein.
BOX/FOLDER 2/2 2 Butterflies
see also Ascent into Air/Double Life of Amphibians/2 Butterflies and Before the Butterfly
After the Butterfly
BOX/FOLDER 1/1 circa 1980
Includes: Notes on A Sky of Cloudless Sulphur ; lectures
BOX/FOLDER 1/2-3 Undated
All My Hummingbirds Have Alibis
BOX/FOLDER 1/4 circa 1991
BOX/FOLDER 1/5 Undated
Ascent into Air
BOX/FOLDER 1/6-7 1980
Title on cover: IRCAM
Includes: Photocopy of workbook
BOX/FOLDER 1/8-9 1980 January-April
BOX/FOLDER 2/1 1980 September-October
BOX/FOLDER 2/3 1982 February
Note: For U. S. version
BOX/FOLDER 2/4 1984 April?
BOX/FOLDER 2/5 to 3/2 Undated
BOX/FOLDER 2/2 Ascent into Air; Double Life of Amphibians; 2 Butterflies, 1981 July
BOX/FOLDER 3/3 Axolotl, 1980 November
see also Double Life of Amphibians; Last Dream of the Beast; Axolotl
Laid in: Letter from Joan Tower
Before the Butterfly
BOX/FOLDER 21/1 1974-1975
Title on cover: 2 Butterflies for Amplified Orchestra
Laid in: Performance instructions; sketches; electronics schematics
BOX/FOLDER 3/4 1975 September-1976 February
BOX/FOLDER 3/5 A Desert Flowers; Jacob's Room, 1987 February-August
Includes: Early notes on children's music software
BOX/FOLDER 3/6 A Desert Flowers [?]; Last Dream of the Beast, 1989
Includes: Notes about Presser?, Peter Menin
Double Life of Amphibians
see also Ascent into Air/Double Life of Amphibians/2 Butterflies
BOX/FOLDER 4/1 1981 March
Early notes
BOX/FOLDER 4/2 1984
Laid in: Letter from Subotnick to Gene Moon at Theodore Presser, Co.
BOX/FOLDER 4/4 1984 February-August
BOX/FOLDER 4/5 1985
Includes: Miscellaneous notes
BOX/FOLDER 4/6-8 Undated
BOX/FOLDER 5/1 Double Life of Amphibians; Ascent into Air, undated
Note: Contains Subotnick's changes to the pieces
BOX/FOLDER 3/7 Double Life of Amphibians; Last Dream of the Beast; Axolotl, 1981 January-May
BOX/FOLDER 4/3 Double Life of Amphibians; Parallel Lines, 1984
Laid in: Financial memos for Double Life of Amphibians performance; mailgram
BOX/FOLDER 5/2 1974 June
BOX/FOLDER 5/3 1975 February
The First Dream of Light; A Sky Full of Sulphur
BOX/FOLDER 5/4 1979
BOX/FOLDER 5/5 Undated
BOX/FOLDER 5/6 A Fluttering of Wings, undated
Four Butterflies
BOX/FOLDER 6/1 1972 June 7
BOX/FOLDER 6/2 Undated
BOX/FOLDER 6/3 Game Room; Immortals, 1972
see also Place [?]; The Game Room; Passages of the Beast
BOX/FOLDER 6/4 Game Room; Improvisation, undated
Note: For Minnesota-Walker performance
BOX/FOLDER 6/5 Gestures, 1999
BOX/FOLDER 6/6 1986 May 25
BOX/FOLDER 6/7-8 Undated
BOX/FOLDER 6/3 Immortals
see also Game Room; Immortals
BOX/FOLDER 6/4 Improvisation
see also Game Room; Improvisation
Intimate Immensity
BOX/FOLDER 6/9 1993?
BOX/FOLDER 7/1 Undated
Includes: Miscellaneous notes
Jacob's Room
see also A Desert Flowers; Jacob's Room
BOX/FOLDER 7/2 circa 1989-1991
BOX/FOLDER 7/4 Undated , Philadelphia workbook
BOX/FOLDER 7/3 Jacob's Room; Voyager, 1991 September 25
The Key to Songs
BOX/FOLDER 7/5 circa 1981-1983
BOX/FOLDER 7/6-7 Undated
BOX/FOLDER 21/2 The Key to Songs; Return, undated
Last Dream of the Beast
see A Desert Flowers [?]; Last Dream of the Beast
BOX/FOLDER 8/1 Life History; ghost pieces log, 1976
BOX/FOLDER 8/2 Messiah, 1999
Passages of the Beast
see Place [?]; The Game Room; Passages of the Beast
BOX/FOLDER 22/1 1976
BOX/FOLDER 8/3, 22/2 1978 August
BOX/FOLDER 8/4 1986 December
BOX/FOLDER 22/3 Place [?]; The Game Room; Passages of the Beast, circa 1976-1978
Performance instructions; sketches
BOX/FOLDER 8/5 Release, 2003
see also The Key to Songs; Return
BOX/FOLDER 8/6 to 9/1 1985-1986
BOX/FOLDER 9/2-3 Undated
BOX/FOLDER 9/4 2002-2003
BOX/FOLDER 9/6 Undated
BOX/FOLDER 9/5 Sidewinder; Wispers [?]; Until Spring, revised, 2004
A Sky of Cloudless Sulphur
see also The First Dream of Light; A Sky Full of Sulphur
BOX/FOLDER 9/7 1978
Includes: Program notes and Urbana lecture notes
BOX/FOLDER 9/8 1979
Until Spring
see also Sidewinder; Wispers [?]; Until Spring
BOX/FOLDER 24/1 1975
BOX/FOLDER 23/1 1976
see Jacob's Room; Voyager
BOX/FOLDER 10/1 Unidentified, undated
Scores, 1980-2003
Subotnick's scores consist mostly of printed editions for his acoustic and electro-acoustic works. Also contained here are some of his sketches for Serenade no. 3 and A Sky of Cloudless Sulphur , which is fully electronic and Subotnick's last piece composed for the LP medium.
Arranged alphabetically by title.
BOX/FOLDER 20/1 4 Butterflies, undated
Excerpt of photocopied printed score
BOX/FOLDER 25/1 After the Butterfly, undated
Printed full score
BOX/FOLDER 20/2 All My Hummingbirds Have Alibis, 1991
Printed full score
BOX/FOLDER 24/2 Ascent into Air, 1982
Ozalid of full score with annotations
BOX/FOLDER 24/3 Before the Butterfly, 1978
Printed full score
BOX/FOLDER 20/3 A Desert Flowers, 1989
Printed full score
BOX/FOLDER 24/4 The Fluttering of Wings, 1981
Printed full score
BOX/FOLDER 25/2 Game Room, circa 1980
BOX/FOLDER 20/4 Jacob's Room, undated
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