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Morton Subotnick papers, 1956-2004

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BOX 10-13, 15, 26R MAPCASE FOLDER 1 Performance Files, 1956-2001
This series contains clippings, financial papers, correspondence, and program notes related to specific performances. This includes technical information such as patch diagrams, program notes, and other relevant performance instructions, including those for Game Room , a work where the audience must interact with the technology, as well as reviews and publicity. There are additional reviews and programs in the Subject Files series.
Travel papers from the Hungers performance in Austria and Joan La Barbara's travel papers from Berlin are restricted until 2062.
Arranged alphabetically by title.
BOX/FOLDER 10/2-4 After the Butterfly, 1979-1981 and undated
Performance instructions; program notes; programs; publicity; reviews
BOX/FOLDER 15/11 All My Hummingbirds Have Alibis, undated
BOX/FOLDER 10/5 And the Butterflies Begin to Sing, 1988
Audio/MIDI setup; programs; reviews
BOX/FOLDER 10/6 Angel Dance, 1984
BOX/FOLDER 10/7-9 Ascent into Air, 1982-1984
Performance instructions; photographs; program notes; programs; reviews
BOX/FOLDER 10/10 Axolotl, 1981-1985
BOX/FOLDER 10/11-13 Before the Butterfly, 1976-1979
Programs; reviews
BOX/FOLDER 10/14 Butterfly, 1978
Note: For Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater
BOX/FOLDER 10/15 Danton's Death, 1965
BOX/FOLDER 10/16 A Desert Flowers, 1989
Programs; reviews
BOX/FOLDER 10/17 The Double Life of Amphibians, 1984-1985
BOX/FOLDER 10/18 The Double Life of Amphibians, 1984 and undated
Budget; program notes; performance information; technical requirements
BOX/FOLDER 11/1 The First Dream of Light, 1982-1983
Program notes; reviews
BOX/FOLDER 11/2-4 Fluttering of Wings, circa 1979-1988
Correspondence; equipment list; program notes; programs; reviews
BOX/FOLDER 11/5 Four Butterflies, 1973-1977
Notes; programs; publicity; reviews
BOX/FOLDER 11/6 Four Butterflies. Butterfly no. 1, 1972-1984
Programs; reviews; notes
BOX/FOLDER 11/7 Game Room, 1980 and undated
see also Ritual Game Room
Planning notes; publicity; reviews; scoresheets; performance instructions
BOX/FOLDER 11/8 Game Room, undated
Electronics and synthesizer schematics
BOX/FOLDER 11/9 Hungers, 1985-1986
Workbook containing budget information
BOX/FOLDER 11/10 Hungers (after Los Angeles), 1988
BOX/FOLDER 11/11 Hungers (Austria), 1988 and undated
Contracts; correspondence; personnel information; rehearsal schedules
BOX/FOLDER 11/12, 26R/1 Hungers (Austria), 1988 (Restricted)
Financial papers
Note: Materials restricted until 2062.
BOX/FOLDER 11/13 In Two Worlds, 1987-1988, undated
Reviews; program notes; tour information
BOX/FOLDER 11/14 Interrogating Slam, 1991
BOX/FOLDER 11/15 Jacob's Room, 1993 and undated
BOX/FOLDER 11/16 The Key to Songs, 1985-1994
Programs; reviews
BOX/FOLDER 11/17 King Lear, undated
BOX/FOLDER 11/18-19 Last Dream of the Beast, 1979-1985
Program notes; programs; publicity
BOX/FOLDER 12/1-2 Liquid Strata, 1977-1983
Programs; program notes; publicity
BOX/FOLDER 12/3 Mandolin, 1964-1965, undated
Alternate title: Theatre Piece on Sonnet 47 of Petrarch
Performance directions; programs; reviews
BOX/FOLDER 12/4 Misfortunes of the Immortals, 1969
Press release
MAPCASE FOLDER 1 Olympic Arts Festival, 1983
Lighting design and stage plan, Japan America Theatre
BOX/FOLDER 12/5 Parallel Lines, 1979-1985
Programs; program notes; publicity; reviews
BOX/FOLDER 12/6 Passages of the Beast, 1979-1983
Programs; program notes; reviews
BOX/FOLDER 12/7 Place, 1979
BOX/FOLDER 12/8 Play!, 1964-1981
Programs; publicity; reviews
BOX/FOLDER 12/9 Preludes, 1967-1977
Programs; reviews
BOX/FOLDER 12/10 Return, 1985-1986
Press; reviews
BOX/FOLDER 12/11 Ritual Game Room, 1971 and undated
see also Game Room
Correspondence; performance instructions; photographs
BOX/FOLDER 12/12 Serenade no. 1, 1960-1964, undated
BOX/FOLDER 12/13 Serenade no. 2, circa 1962-1964
Programs; reviews
BOX/FOLDER 12/14 Serenade no. 3, 1965-1972
Programs; publicity; reviews
BOX/FOLDER 12/15 Sidewinder, circa 1972-1973
Liner notes (?); programs; program notes; review
BOX/FOLDER 12/16 Silver Apples of the Moon, undated
BOX/FOLDER 12/17-18 A Sky of Cloudless Sulphur, 1980 and undated
Research materials; sketches; 1980 performance information; programs; radio station playlists
BOX/FOLDER 12/19, 25/5 A Sky of Cloudless Sulphur/After the Butterfly. Nonesuch, 1979
Album notes; reviews
BOX/FOLDER 12/20 Solo, 1974
BOX/FOLDER 12/21 Sonata for piano, four hands, 1959-1966
Programs; publicity; reviews
BOX/FOLDER 12/22 Suite for clarinet and piano, 1956
Alternate title: Four Pieces for clarinet and piano
Programs; reviews
BOX/FOLDER 12/23 Tarot, 1966
BOX/FOLDER 13/1 Ten, undated
BOX/FOLDER 13/2 Time Out with Lola, 1991
BOX/FOLDER 13/3 Touch, 1970-2001
Programs; publicity; album and performance reviews
BOX/FOLDER 13/4 Trans, 1978
Correspondence; receipts
BOX/FOLDER 13/5 Trembling, 1984-1985
Reviews; programs; performance instructions
BOX/FOLDER 13/6 Two Butterflies, 1975
Electronics modifications schematics; tech rider; program; reviews
BOX/FOLDER 13/7-8 Two Life Histories, 1976-1984
Performance instructions; programs; program notes; publicity; reviews
BOX/FOLDER 13/9 Until Spring, circa 1977
Program; program notes
BOX/FOLDER 13/10 The Wild Beasts, 1978-1983
Liner notes; programs; reviews
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