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Paul F. Stiga collection of stage and costume design, 1821-2017

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BOX 1-8, 14-41, 43-67, 70-144, 149-217 Design Renderings, 1825-2014 (bulk 1921-1981)
This series consists of approximately 2,600 original costume and set designs that represent more than 1,300 productions on stage and screen. The materials date from about 1825 through 2014, but the bulk of the renderings were created between 1921 and 1981. The majority of these are for plays, revues, operettas, operas, and ballets, as well as television shows and films. The collection holds works from productions in the United States, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, and the United Kingdom. Renderings were created using pencil, pen, watercolor, fabric, and other media. Not all the renderings were used in fully realized productions. Most of the works are matted and include a handwritten index card by Paul Stiga listing additional information on the production and the rendering's provenance when known.
For the most part, Stiga collected just one or two works each from the 900 or so designers represented in his collection. However, there are larger quantities of renderings from noted Broadway designers Raoul Pène Du Bois, Robert Edmond Jones, Florence Klotz, Jo Mielziner, Motley, and Lee Simonson. The collection also features the work of individuals better known for artistic contributions outside the realm of stage design, such as fashion designers Christian Dior, Halston, Norman Hartnell, Bob Mackie, Paul Poiret, and Yves Saint Laurent; painters Natan Isaevich Al'tman, Elaine De Kooning, Alexandre Exter, Félix Labisse, and André Lohte; and, filmmakers Sergei Eisenstein, Derek Jarman, and Franco Zeffirelli.
The collection's expansive scope allows for the study of specific stage works over time. There are renderings from eight different productions of William Shakespeare's Macbeth performed between 1884 and 1980, nine different productions of Mozart's The Magic Flute (1922-2003), and 13 productions of operas from Wagner's Der Ring des Nibelungen cycle (1870-2001). Ballets and dance performances represented in the collection include several choreographed by George Balanchine, Léonide Massine, or Antony Tudor. Stiga collected designs from at least 219 motion pictures and 18 television programs. Major designers for the screen include Cedric Gibbons, Edith Head, Walter Plunkett, and Van Nest Polognase. For motion pictures, Stiga organized material under the production or art designer's name, but the sketch artist who drew the rendering is identified when known.
A note on description: For the most part, production titles appear in the container list as they have been identified by Stiga. As a result, sometimes the title is in English such as The Barber of Seville and sometimes it appears in it's original language, Il barbiere di Siviglia. English translations are only provided for non-English works performed outside their original language. For renderings larger than 22 inches by 28 inches, specific dimensions are included. An underlined, hyperlinked name indicates that additional information can be found in the Designer Files.
Arranged alphabetically by designer and then by production title.
Abbey, Eleanor
BOX-FOLDER 43/1 Dangerous Exile (motion picture), 1958
Ackerman, P. Dodd
BOX-FOLDER 70/1 The Red Cat (play), 1934
Acme Scenic Studio
BOX-FOLDER 70/2, 149/1 Set designs for unidentified productions, undated
BOX-FOLDER 14/1 Music Box Revue (revue), 1922
Adron, Ralph
BOX-FOLDER 70/3, 149/2 The Nutcracker (choreographic work : Cranko), 1967
Aghayan, Ray
BOX-FOLDER 149/3 Costume designs for unidentified productions, undated
Aizenberg, Ninah
BOX-FOLDER 43/2 Costume design for unidentified production, circa 1923
Akimov, Nikolaĭ Pavlovich
BOX-FOLDER 149/4 Costume design for unidentified production, 1966
Albert, Alfred
BOX-FOLDER 14/2 Électre (opera), 1875
Aldredge, Theoni V.
BOX-FOLDER 149/5 Dreamgirls (musical), 1981
BOX-FOLDER 70/4 The Flowering Peach (play), undated
Aldredge, Theoni V.; Krenz, Frank; Panova, Alina
BOX-FOLDER 149/6 Chess (musical), 1986
Aldredge, Theoni V.; Panova, Alina
BOX-FOLDER 43/3 Chess (musical), 1986
Allio, René
BOX-FOLDER 70/5 Victimes du devoir, 1953
Alswang, Ralph
BOX-FOLDER 14/3 Home of the Brave (play), 1945
Alʹtman, Natan Isaevich
BOX-FOLDER 70/6 Hamlet (play), 1954
BOX-FOLDER 193/1 La samaritaine (play), 1897
18 1/2" H x 30" W
BOX-FOLDER 43/4 Set design for unidentified production, undated
Amend, Karl O.
BOX-FOLDER 71/1 Earl Carroll's Vanities (revue), 1955
Anderson, Carl S.
BOX-FOLDER 150/1 The Last Angry Man (motion picture), 1959
Anderson, Milo
BOX-FOLDER 71/2 Canyon Passage (motion picture), 1946
Note: Rendering drawn by sketch artist identified by the single name of Thorne
Anderson, Percy
BOX-FOLDER 14/4 Catherine (musical), 1923
BOX-FOLDER 43/5 Chu Chin Chow (musical), 1916
BOX-FOLDER 1/1 The Czarina (play), 1922
BOX-FOLDER 14/4 Decameron Nights (operetta), 1922
BOX-FOLDER 1/1 Monsieur Beaucaire (operetta), 1919
Includes: Photograph
BOX-FOLDER 14/4 Sappho and Phaon (play), 1907
BOX-FOLDER 1/1 Costume design for unidentified production, undated
Anderson, Roland; Pereira, Hal
BOX-FOLDER 14/5 Joker is Wild (motion picture), 1957
Andreu Estrany, Mariano
BOX-FOLDER 43/6 All's Well that Ends Well (play), 1955
BOX-FOLDER 43/6 Don Juan (choreographic work), 1936
Anisfeld, Boris Israelevich
BOX-FOLDER 150/2 The Blue Bird (opera), 1919
BOX-FOLDER 1/2 Legend of Aziade (choreographic work : Mordkin), 1926
BOX-FOLDER 14/6, 71/3 The Love for Three Oranges (opera), 1921
BOX-FOLDER 150/2 Mefistofele (opera), 1920
BOX-FOLDER 14/6 Le roi de Lahore (opera), 1924
BOX-FOLDER 71/3 Sadko (choreographic work : Fokine), 1911
BOX-FOLDER 14/6, 43/7 Snegurochka (opera), 1921
BOX-FOLDER 150/2 Turandot (opera), 1926
Annals, Michael
BOX-FOLDER 14/7 Mr. Johnson, 1960
BOX-FOLDER 43/8 Die schweigsame Frau (opera), undated
BOX-FOLDER 150/3 Shadowplay (choreographic work : Tudor), 1967
Annenkov, I︠U︡riĭ (Georges)
BOX-FOLDER 207/1 Jesus la Caille (play), 1952
32" H x 23 3/4" W
BOX-FOLDER 14/8 Puccini (motion picture), 1952
BOX-FOLDER 1/3 Costume design for unidentified production, undated
Anni, Anna
BOX-FOLDER 43/9 Alcana (opera), 1960
BOX-FOLDER 14/9 L'Orfeo (opera), 1967
Ansell, Richard
BOX-FOLDER 71/4 Elektra (opera), 1971
Aravantinos, Panos
BOX-FOLDER 14/10 Aida (opera), 1919
BOX-FOLDER 1/4 Set design for unidentified production, undated
Arguelaguer, Pere Clapera
BOX-FOLDER 150/4 La casa de las tres muchachas (operetta), 1963
Includes: Photograph
BOX-FOLDER 150/4 La viuda alegre (The Merry Widow) (operetta), 1963
Armbruster, Mathias
BOX-FOLDER 71/5-6 Set designs for unidentified productions, undated
Ambruster, Otto
BOX-FOLDER 71/6-7 Set designs for unidentified productions, undated
Armistead, Horace
BOX-FOLDER 150/5 Far Harbour (opera), 1948
BOX-FOLDER 207/2 The Nutcracker (choreographic work : Balanchine after Ivanov), 1954
21 1/8" H x 31 3/4" W
BOX-FOLDER 150/5 The Rake's Progress (opera), 1953
Armstrong, Betty Coe
BOX-FOLDER 14/11 The Day the Money Stopped (play), 1958
Armstrong, John
BOX-FOLDER 43/10 Façade (choreographic work : Ashton), 1931
BOX-FOLDER 72/1 Hobson's Choice (motion picture), 1954
BOX-FOLDER 72/1 The Private Life of Henry VIII (motion picture), 1933
Armstrong, Will Steven
BOX-FOLDER 72/2 Carnival! (musical), 1961
BOX-FOLDER 151/1 King Lear (play), 1963
Arnoux, Guy
BOX-FOLDER 14/12 Costume designs for unidentified productions, undated
Aronson, Boris
BOX-FOLDER 72/3 Angels on Earth (play), 1929
BOX-FOLDER 72/3 Clash by Night (play), 1941
BOX-FOLDER 43/11 Do, Re, Mi (musical), 1960
BOX-FOLDER 72/3 The Gentle People (play), 1939
BOX-FOLDER 72/3 Love Life (musical), 1948
BOX-FOLDER 72/4 A Memory of Two Mondays (play), 1955
BOX-FOLDER 151/2 Mourning Becomes Electra (opera), 1967
BOX-FOLDER 151/2 Pictures at an Exhibition (choreographic work : Nijinska), 1944
BOX-FOLDER 72/4 Snow Maiden (choreographic work : Nijinska), 1942
BOX-FOLDER 72/4 Tog un Nacht (play), 1929
BOX-FOLDER 193/2 A View from the Bridge (play), 1955
20" H x 29 1/8" W
Includes: Production program
Atlantic Scenic Company
BOX-FOLDER 43/12 Set design for unidentified production, undated
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