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Writings, 1957-2013 (continued)
Scripts, 1957-2009 (continued)
Single Works, 1957-2009 (continued)
The Crack-Up Hotel (play)
See also 202 and 204
BOX-FOLDER 15/6-6 First draft, undated
BOX-FOLDER 15/7 Notebook, undated
Crime Concert (play)
BOX-FOLDER 15/8 First draft, undated
9 pages
"Cuckoo Eggs"
Note: Scene from The Good Doctor
BOX-FOLDER 15/9 Draft, undated
The Curse of Kulyenchikov (play)
Note: Earlier title for Fools
BOX-FOLDER 15/10-11 Third draft, 1980 July
BOX-FOLDER 16/1 Fourth draft, 1980 September
The Dinner Party (play)
BOX-FOLDER 16/2-3 First draft, undated
BOX-FOLDER 16/4 Corrected pages, 1999 January 19-20
BOX-FOLDER 16/5 Fourth draft, 1999 January 27
BOX-FOLDER 16/6-8 Seventh draft, 1999 September
BOX-FOLDER 16/9 Revised seventh draft, 1999 September
BOX-FOLDER 16/10 Run-thru notes, 1999 November
BOX-FOLDER 17/1-3 Mark Taper Forum final draft, 2000 January 19
BOX-FOLDER 17/4 Kennedy Center final draft, 2000 June
BOX-FOLDER 17/5 Corrected draft, 2000 August-September
BOX-FOLDER 17/6 Revised draft, 2000 September 20
BOX-FOLDER 17/7-9 Final revised script, 2000 October 12
BOX-FOLDER 18/1 New York script, 2000 October 16
BOX-FOLDER 18/2 Pages, circa 2000
Doesn't Anybody Stay Together Anymore (motion picture)
BOX-FOLDER 18/3 First draft, undated
10 pages
The Dream Fight (play)
BOX-FOLDER 18/4 Draft pages, undated
Manuscript and typescript; [7] pages
The Drumbeater (television program)
Note: Written with Billy Friedberg
BOX-FOLDER 18/5 Draft, 1957 June 15
Dying for Laughs (motion picture)
BOX-FOLDER 18/6 First draft, undated
Eugene Morris Jerome (play)
BOX-FOLDER 18/7 Draft pages, 2007 Spring
Manuscript and typescript
An Evening with Louis and Lillian (play)
BOX-FOLDER 18/8 Draft, undated
5 pages
Everybody Wants Josie (motion picture)
Note: Adapted from Proposals
BOX-FOLDER 18/9 First draft, 1998 December
8 pages
Everyone's Afraid of Nick (play)
BOX-FOLDER 18/10 First draft, undated
3 pages
Everything I Touch (play)
BOX-FOLDER 18/11 Draft pages, undated
Manuscript; [3] pages
Excuse Me, Excuse Me, Coming Through (play)
Note: Sequel to Broadway Bound
BOX-FOLDER 18/12 Draft pages, undated
Manuscript; 11 pages
A Foggy Day (musical)
BOX-FOLDER 18/13-16 First draft, 1987 July-August
BOX-FOLDER 19/1 George Gershwin lyrics, undated
Photocopies of typescript lyrics
Fools (play)
BOX-FOLDER 19/2 Fifth draft, rehearsal script, 1981 January 26
The Foreign Market (motion picture)
BOX-FOLDER 19/3 Synopsis, undated
"Forget It" and "Stuck"
BOX-FOLDER 19/4 Draft pages, 2009
Manuscript and typescript
Four Can Tango
BOX-FOLDER 19/5-6 First draft, 1999 August and undated
George Feiffer, Meet Annie Malone (play)
Note: Earlier version of Chapter Two
BOX-FOLDER 19/7 First draft, 1977 February 4
BOX-FOLDER 19/8-9 Notebooks, circa 1977
The Gingerbread Lady (play)
BOX-FOLDER 19/10 Revised Boston draft, 1970 November
BOX-FOLDER 19/11-12 Drafts, 1970 and undated
BOX-FOLDER 20/1 Notes and edits, circa 1970 and undated
BOX-FOLDER 20/2 Act I, Scene 1, undated
God's Favorite (play)
BOX-FOLDER 20/3-4 Revised drafts, 1974 Fall
The Good Doctor (play)
BOX-FOLDER 20/5 Draft, undated
Good Times, Bad Times (play)
BOX-FOLDER 20/6 Draft and synopsis, 1966 April and undated
Manuscript and typescript
The Goodbye Girl (motion picture)
BOX-FOLDER 20/7 Third draft, 1976 December
The Goodbye Girl (musical)
BOX-FOLDER 20/8-10 First draft, 1992 February and undated
BOX-FOLDER 21/1-3 Third draft, 1992 March
BOX-FOLDER 21/4 Notebook, 1992 June 23 and undated
BOX-FOLDER 21/5 Draft, 1993 January 26
Happy Endings (television program)
see also Big Joe and Kansas
BOX-FOLDER 21/6 Drafts, undated
"Hard Times: a look at the Depression Years"
BOX-FOLDER 21/7 Draft, undated
Harry's Bride (play)
BOX-FOLDER 21/8 Notebook, undated
He and She (play)
BOX-FOLDER 21/9 Draft pages, undated
The Heartbreak Kid (motion picture)
BOX-FOLDER 21/10 First draft, 1971 August
BOX-FOLDER 21/11 Edits, 1972 January
The Heartbreak Kid (musical)
BOX-FOLDER 22/1-3 First drafts, circa 1983
BOX-FOLDER 22/4 Lyrics, circa 1983
Manuscript and typescripts
Note: Folder consists entirely of lyrics by Carole Bayer Sager and Burt Bacharach
Heaven on Earth (motion picture)
BOX-FOLDER 22/5 First draft, 1989 Summer
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