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Federal Theatre Project collection, 1932-1943

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1 - 111, MAP 10 Administrative Records, 1935-1942
112 Containers
1-10, MAP 10 Background File, 1935-1940
11 containers
Correspondence, memoranda, reports, inventories, reorganization plans, operations manuals, briefs, speeches, and administrative forms relating to the background, organization, policies, services, and procedures of the Federal Theatre Project (FTP). Included are chars and miscellany dealing with the administrative organization, weekly receipts, attendance records, and information for a House of Representatives committee.
Chiefly chronologically arranged.
Correspondence, memoranda
1 1935-37 (30 folders)
2 1937-38 (24 folders)
3 1937-39 (14 folders)
4 1937-38 (26 folders)
5 1938-39 (22 folders)
6 1939 (24 folders)
7-8 1939 (8 folders)
9 1940 and undated (26 folders)
10, MAP 10 Charts, 1936-39 and undated (4 folders)
Includes: Dies Committee; Weekly attendance; Source of receipts; Miscellany
11-13 Personnel File, 1936-1939
3 containers
Correspondence; lists of personnel; hiring, transferring, and assigning of employees; biographical information; grievances; employment tests; daily time reports; and first-aid and accident reports. (Much of the material is from the New York, NY, Federal Theatre Photographic Division.)
Chiefly chronologically arranged.
11 1936-37 (24 folders)
12 1937-38 (59 folders)
13 1938-39 and undated (47 folders)
14-22 Agency Publicity File, 1936-1939
9 containers
Correspondence, advertising, mailing lists, audience research, photographic coverage, and promotional material, followed by addressograph plates and newspaper-clippings collages.
Chiefly chronologically arranged.
14-16 Advertising, publicity, 1936-39 and undated (107 folders)
17-21 Addressograph plates
22 Newspaper clippings collages, 1938
23-27 Publications File, 1935-1939
5 containers
Federal Theatre periodicals, reports, bulletins, play lists, songs, ballads, and catalogs, many with date and publication number.
Chiefly chronologically arranged.
23 Nov. 1935-Dec. 1936 (35 folders)
24 Jan.-Dec. 1937 (20 folders)
25 Dec. 1937-Oct. 1938 (17 folders)
26 Nov. 1938-Apr. 1939 (12 folders)
27 Apr.-July 1939 and undated (15 folders)
28-36 Work Projects Administration (WPA) File, 1935-1942
9 containers
Administrative material including correspondence, speeches, reports, publications, publicity, and blank forms; activities and research studies of the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), Federal Art Project (FAP), Federal Music Project (FMP), Federal Writers' Project (FWP), Historical Records Survey (HRS); and WPA marionettes, radio, and theater research.
Chiefly alphabetically arranged by subject and chronologically therein.
28 Administrative correspondence
Blind project
General letter no. 240
General letter no. 278
Administrative forms
Administrative publications
The Dawn, New Jersey
Government Aid During the Depression, Index of Research Projects v. 1, 2 (2 folders)
Questions and Answers on the WPA
Subject Index of Research Bulletins and Monographs
Training Manual for Library Service Personnel Work, District of Columbia (3 folders)
Administrative publicity
Administrative reports
"Community Organization for Leisure"
An Exhibition of Selected Skills of the Unemployed
Federal Project One, Ohio
29 The Film Index (reviews)
"Interpreting the Art Project"
Inventory, an Appraisal of Results of the WPA
"Non-Construction Projects of the WPA"
Our Job With the WPA
Program of Federal Arts Projects, New York City
Report on Progress of the WPA Program
Administrative speeches
Harrington, Col. F. C. (2 folders)
Hopkins, Harry L. (2 folders)
Kerr, Florence S.
Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)correspondence
CCC activities
Playwriting contest
CCC publications
Alpine Echo, California
Tamalpais Foghorn, California
CCC publicity
CCC reports
CCC and FTP (3 folders)
30 Camp locations
Play needs
Federal Art Project (FAP) publicity
Exhibition, Phillips Gallery, Washington, D.C.
FAP reports
American Scene Design
Case histories
Federal Music Project (FMP) correspondence, receipts (2 folders)
FMP publications
The Baton, California
The Federal Music Project
FMP publicity
Take Your Choice
Miscellaneous releases, programs, catalogs (3 folders)
FMP reports
Music centers, New York, N.Y. (2 folders)
Federal Writers' Project (FWP) correspondence
American Guide series (2 folders)
FWP publications
A Bid for Liberty
The Harmony Society in Pennsylvania
Hoosier Tall Tales
Nebraska Folklore
Selective and Critical Bibliography of Horace Mann
Stories of New Jersey
The Story of Dunellen
FWP publicity
31 FWP reports
Alsberg, Henry G.--statement
Brief--answers to charges (2 folders)
FWP scripts
Radio scripts--"Portraits of the Empire Builders" (2 folders)
Suggested script for the FWP
Historical Records Survey publications
Corvallis to Crescent City, California, in 1874 Programs, 1752-1935
(5 folders)
32 (3 folders)
Historical Records Survey publications
Prompt books
1709-1935 (6 folders)
33 1744-1931 (2 folders)
Willamette Valley and Cascade Mountain Wagon Road Company (abstract)
WPA--marionettes (3 folders)
WPA--radio (4 folders)
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