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Federal Theatre Project collection, 1932-1943

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Administrative Records, 1935-1942 (continued)
BOX 31, 786-927 Card File, 1935-1940
Eighty-one file sets of approximately 169,000 cards in three sizes: 3 x 5 inches, 4 x 6 inches, and 5 x 8 inches. The cards are of different colors, and in some cases, have colored metal tabs. The card sets include: training material for actors; National Service Bureau addresses and mailing lists; book adaptations for the stage; resources about American Indians; classical and foreign plays; Damroth's Day Book; dramatizations submitted; Early American plays; Federal Theatre Project productions and references; folk song recordings; high school plays; historical and frontier plays; labor plays; miracle and morality plays; "Living Newspapers" clipping indexes; National and Regional Service Bureaus; the National Service Bureau Music Library; music for Federal Theatre Project productions and for reference; royalty and non-royalty plays; indexes for photographic prints and negatives; the Play Bureau and the Play Policy Board; playreading files; indexes of plays, books, magazines, and playscripts; play and research reports; plays loaned; the Playwrights Laboratory Theatre; requisitions; staff reports; the Talent Bureau actors and productions; possible theater rentals; index for Theatre Arts Monthly; Hallie Flanagan lectures and articles; resources for minstrelsy and New York history; and research on Idaho, Iowa, Oklahoma, and children's theater.
Mostly arranged alphabetically within the separate categories by personal name, subject, or title.
BOX 786 Actors' training material
Address file and mailing list for National Service Bureau play lists and playscripts
BOX 809-813 A - E
BOX 813-816 F - J
BOX 816-819 K - O
BOX 819-820 P - R
BOX 821-823 S - T
BOX 823-825 U - Z
BOX 786 American Design index
BOX 786 American Indian resources bibliography
BOX 835 Blank forms
BOX 786-787 Book adaptations for the stage (bibliography)
BOX 787 Children's Theater research
BOX 835-836 Classical and foreign plays by country
BOX 787 Coffin List
BOX 836 Damroth's Day Book card file
BOX 787-788 Damroth's Day Book index
BOX 788 Dramatizations submitted
BOX 788 Early American Plays
BOX 825 Early American Plays index
BOX 788 Early Americana and American Plays
BOX 836-837 Essay Contest
BOX 826 Federal Theatre Project productions by region
BOX 826-828 Federal Theatre Project productions by state
BOX 828 Federal Theatre Project productions by state (with project number)
BOX 837-839 Federal Theatre Project productions by title (set 1)
BOX 839-840 Federal Theatre Project productions by title (set 2)
BOX 788-789 Federal Theatre Project productions by title (set 3)
BOX 840 Federal Theatre Project productions in California
BOX 789-790 Federal Theatre Project references
BOX 790-791 Folk song recordings
BOX 840-842 Foreign plays (set 1)
BOX 791-792 Foreign plays (set 2)
BOX 792 Hallie Flanagan lectures and articles
BOX 792 High school plays
BOX 842 Historical and Frontier plays
BOX 792-793 History of New York resources
BOX 793 Idaho research
BOX 793 Iowa reasearch
BOX 842 Labor plays
BOX 793-794 Living Newspaper picture clippings index
BOX 794-799 Living Newspaper text clippings index
BOX 799 Mailing lists including a "who's who" file
BOX 799-800 Minstrelsy resources bibliography
BOX 800 Miracle and Morality Plays
BOX 800 Miscellaneous
BOX 800 Music
BOX 800 Music in St. Louis, Missouri
BOX 842-845 Music Library - Songs by Publisher
BOX 845-851 Music Library - Songs by type
BOX 851-857 Music Library - Songs for Federal Theatre Project productions by state
BOX 800-801 National Service Bureau Research Department resources
BOX 801 National Service Bureau subject file
BOX 857 Non-Royalty plays
BOX 857-858 Non-Royalty, Recommended plays
BOX 858-859 Non-Royalty, Rejected plays
BOX 801 Oklahoma research
BOX 801-802 Photographic negatives index
BOX 859 Photographic prints index - Community Drama
Play, book, and magazine file
BOX 859-861 A
BOX 861-863 B
BOX 863-865 C
BOX 865-867 D
BOX 867-868 E
BOX 868-869 F
BOX 869-871 G
BOX 871-873 H
BOX 873-874 I
BOX 874 J
BOX 874-875 K
BOX 875-877 L
BOX 877-879 M
BOX 879-880 N
BOX 880-881 O
BOX 881-883 P
BOX 883-884 Q
BOX 884-885 R
BOX 885-888 S
BOX 888-890 T
BOX 890-891 U
BOX 891 V
BOX 891-893 W
BOX 893 X - Z
BOX 802 Play Bureau Library subject headings
BOX 828-829 Play Policy Board permissions
BOX 802 Play reports
BOX-FOLDER 31/7 Play reports
BOX 894-895 Playreading active file
Playreading inactive file (by title)
BOX 895-897 A - F
BOX 897-899 G - M
BOX 899-900 N - R
BOX 901-902 S - Z
BOX 902-903 Other
BOX 803 Plays by type
Plays loaned (by title)
BOX 903-905 A - G
BOX 905-907 H - L
BOX 907-909 M - R
BOX 909-911 S - Z
BOX 803 Plays read
BOX 911-913 Plays read by region
BOX 913-916 Playscripts and books index
BOX 829-830 Playwrights Laboratory Theatre file
BOX-FOLDER 31/8-9 Production prints/negatives index
BOX 916-917 Regional Service Bureau, Los Angeles, Calif.
BOX 830 Requisitions
BOX 803-804 Research reports
BOX 804 Resources
BOX 917 Royalty Recommended plays
BOX 917 Royalty Rejected plays
BOX 917-921 Songs in Federal Theatre Project productions
BOX 804 Staff reports
BOX 804-806 Subject bibliography
BOX 806-807 Talent Bureau actor assignment cards (set 1)
BOX 830 Talent Bureau actor assignment cards (set 2)
BOX 807, 921-922 Talent Bureau actor assignment cards by production
BOX 831-832, 922-927 Talent Bureau actor files
BOX 832-833 Talent Bureau production cards
BOX 807-808 Theatre Arts Monthly index
BOX 833-834 Theatre Arts Monthly master cards
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